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Servant of the Seasons by Lee Benoit

Autumn (Servant of the Seasons 1) by Lee Benoit

In a futuristic world, I imagine it like a post apocalyptic world where people lost all their technology and are now living like in the nineteen century or before, Edor is a man running away from his previous life, who chooses to live in an abandoned farm.

The first winter is really awful but Edor manages to harvest a crop and he gives it to his neighboor to sell and bring back seeds and a beast. Months later, when Edor thinks his neighboor lost, he comes back with seeds and two slaves instead of the beast. Edor can only accept, but when the man goes, he put free the two men, expecting for them to run away.

Tywyll and Lys instead decide to stay with Edor, and they seem bent to make a better life for him, helping him with the harvest and the house. Tywyll and Lys share a bond, also sexual, and Edor sometime envies them, but he has no courage to intrude between the two men, even if Tywyll, and above all Lys, would like it.

Tywyll knows that Edor is like the crop, he needs time to grew and a lot of care to do it in the better way. The first Autumn of their life together is ending and the Winter is near and with it a lot of change in thier life.

Servant of the Seasons is a continuing series, I believe of four stories, following the seasons and with them, the life of Edor. Probably he will grew like the crop and at the end he will be ready to embrace his new life. The first story is setting the basis for all the series and so there are a lot of open points in the end. Plus, I don't know if this will be the trend also of the other enstallment, but this one is almost "chaste", with very few "hints" of sex... well, not that I'm saying that without sex the story is not worthy, only that the author is teasing me with some bratty attitude of Lys, and I'd like to "see" more.

All in all Lee Benoit has teased me enough to leave me eager for the next chapter.

Winter (Servant of the Seasons 2) by Lee Benoit

Lys and Tywyll, the two amichu who arrives to Meco's farm in the first chapter of the Servant of Seasons series, are starting to settle into a "normal" life under the lovely cure of Meco. And since the two live according to the seasons, Tywyll is bond to summer and Lys to winter, it's time for Lys to face his "seasonal" sleep. Meco and Tywyll are preparing the turf but at the same time Tywyll and Lys are trying to convince Meco to become part of their couple. 

Meco has never had the chance to be near another human, nor man or woman, with a love or sexual expectation. When he was an Edor, a construction worker in the city, all the men where sexually inhibited with chemicals, and so he never felt the urge to be with another man. But now, alone in the wilderness, and with two lovely men under his roof, he is beginning to wonder if he lost something, and if he can be part of their love. Probably his reluctance is given by the fact that Tywyll and Lys obviously are one for each other, two part of a same unit. 

In this second chapter I understand a bit more both Meco, than Tywyll and Lys's culture. A lot of unanswered question from the first story here find a meaning, and also Meco is a lot more easier to understand. Even if Tywyll and Lys have a great part in the story, I feel like Meco the real main characters. 

In  comparison to the first chapter, in Winter, other than comprehend better the characters and the setting, there is also a bit more of sex, but always like a supporting way for the men to bond and never like the true purpose of the book. This series is not an erotic series, it's a very complex fantasy tale, and I think that, when it will be complete, all the four part will be a very good long novel.

Spring (Servant of the Seasons 3) by Lee Benoit

As I imagined in the last book in this series, the distance between the pair of amichu, Tywyll and Lys, and Edor, if not physical is for sure emotional. Edor loves the couple, but it could be more a friendship feeling than the type you have for a lover. Edor feels that something is lacking in his life and more he is near to Tywyll and Lys, more he is aware of it. Then Cynar, the other Norvigi who lost his mate, step by step obtains a special place in Edor's heart. Edor can't be for Cynar what Tywyll and Lys are for each other, but Edor and Cynar can be lovers, if both men manage to overcome their natural distrust of feelings.

It's not a simple life for the strange little family: nature seems a friend, but everytime other humans enter their little compound, it seems that they bring only problem.

This third chapter in the series is more a transit book: like the first was for the second, with Edor who learned to trust and love Tywyll and Lys, this one I think is the transit one for the fourth, where probably Edor will trust and love Cynar, closing the circle. And so this one is also more sweet than erotic, and also the little sex in the book is more light than angst.

Till now Lee Benoit proved that my feeling in the story were right; I always felt like Edor was not a real part on the bond love of Tywyll and Lys, and it was obvious that his fated mate had still to arrive. In this book I believe that that mate arrived. In the next book I hope to read the realization of the bond love between Cynar and Edor, and to finally find a little of peace for Tywyll and Lys.

Summer (Servant of the Seasons 4) by Lee Benoit

The circle is close, the last season of this series is began and like most of the plants do in Summer, also the seeds Edor planted in the previous season, are blossoming in this one.

As to deny my previous statement that the series is not so sexy, Lee Benoit decides to start this last chapter with a very sweet but erotic sex scene. For the first time I also have a physical impression both of Edor than Cynar, and in this way the author also reinforces the concept that Edor and Cynar are a couple, like Tywyll and Lys. They can share their body with the other two men, but it's more like a pack thing, a way to prove that they are a family, but clearly a family made by two different sets of men.

Other than having a physical impression on Edor, in this Summer I also have also a clear description of Edor as leader of the community that little step by little step is growing around Edor's farm. He seems to have the strange skill to gather homeless and abandoned creatures, they arrive to him like draw by an hidden power: the river that flows beside the farm is the path and when someone in need of shelter is near, he is drawn to Edor... he is like some unwillingly leader, unwillingly since he didn't listen to an holy "call", unless you don't count the call of nature, the necessity to learn again to live accordingly to the nature rules instead of the human ones.

Even if apparently Edor is the alpha male of the pack, both being bigger in body, but also stronger, I believe that Cynar is clever and more aware of himself. Where Tywyll and Lys are almost a "classical" couple, where Lys is the smaller one, the one who needs to be protected and cherished, Cynar has a stronger wit, and at the end he takes Edor around on a leash, always doing what he wants. So apparently Edor is the leader, but really he is only a willing pawn of Cynar's wishes.


Amazon Kindle: Servant of the Seasons
Publisher: Torquere Press, Inc. (July 12, 2011)

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