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I'm moving to DreamWidth

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A Wish Upon a Star

"A wonderfully engaging love story, featuring two believable, likable middle-aged women."

"Loved this heartwarming unique story. Had some moments that made me laugh out loud too. The author nailed the autism arc spot on. I liked how Erica and Leslie figure out how to make it work and how Sienna responds to a new person in her life."

"I just really enjoyed this story, from the opening paragraph right to the very end."

Leslie Raymond spent the past two years wishing her life had taken a different turn. It’s time for a fresh start, a move across the country, and a new set of rules to help heal her heart—no straight women, no women with kids, and no commitment. But when she meets her new neighbors, the beautiful Erica and her special needs daughter, Siena, she struggles against the pull she immediately experiences.

Erica Cooper has learned to rely only on herself. She knows most people don’t stick around when the going gets tough. And when caring for child with autism, the going can get tough fast. She is content with the quiet and emotionally safe life she’s constructed, but when they are befriended by their kind, playful, and—damn it—really hot new neighbor, the walls protecting her heart threaten to crumble.

So much for good intentions and firm resolutions--neither stand a chance when the stars align for love.

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Not the Marrying Kind (Fair Oaks Book 2)

"The writing and characters pulled me in right away."

"The story was well written, and I felt more sorry for Sasha than I did Ash, but I did like their circle of friends."

A closeted small-town florist and a too-busy-for-a-relationship bakery owner mix up the perfect recipe for love in this delicious lesbian romance novel.

Small-town florist Ashley Gaines loves her little flower shop and putting together the perfect bouquets for weddings and other happy occasions. Her own love life, however, is far from blossoming. Ash has decided that staying in the closet is safer than risking her heart again.

Local bakery owner Sasha Peterson hasn’t had much luck mixing it up with romance either. Besides, she’s too busy whipping up delicious treats to have time for a relationship.
But when their town’s first lesbian wedding forces them to work together, Ashley and Sasha discover they have more in common than they imagined.

During food fights, cake tastings, and slow waltzes, they begin to see each other in a new light. Soon Ashley has to admit to herself that Sasha is tempting more than just her sweet tooth.

What else is on the menu in this delicious lesbian romance? Find out in this second book in the Fair Oaks series by award-winning author Jae. It’s featuring new main characters and can be read as a standalone.

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Horses Wild (Elodie Fontaine Mysteries)

"Again, this was another book that I loved reading from front to back. I’ll definitely want the rest of the series now. The characters are just like family to me."

When mysterious occurrences threaten to disrupt Horses Wild, a popular local riding barn, Elodie, Kelli, and Margo go undercover for The ORG to see if they can root out the problem. Margo and Kelli, who are experienced riders, hire on as working students for the barn’s owner, Macy Malloy, who is deeply involved in training a wild mustang for a national competition. Elodie, who has never ridden before, poses as the daughter of a rich family who pays handsomely for her private riding lessons.At first, the few small thefts and accidents seem to be random—maybe even coincidental—but things turn serious when Elodie is almost killed during her first riding lesson. Someone is deliberately trying to ruin not only Macy’s business, but her reputation as well. With the help of a local barn bunny named Terri, Elodie not only learns the most efficient way to clean stalls, but is able to get the lowdown on the employees and clients of the Horses Wild Ranch. Can she identify the perpetrator before someone else is hurt?Meanwhile, Elodie and Kelli’s affection for each other continues to grow and smolder almost to incandescence. With the two of them working together at Horses Wild, anything might happen.

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Ghost in the Piano (Elodie Fontaine Mysteries Book 2)

"I enjoyed this second entry into the Elodie Fontaine Mysteries. I had the chance to read the first book before this one, which made for some nice continuity of character and story-line. The narrative voice in this book is smooth and lyrical, the style engaging, and the pacing and incorporation of the main plot and the side plots is organic and managed well. The focus rests squarely on the mysteries of the hour rather than the romances, with just enough of a nod in the other direction to weave it all together into a fun mystery with a little romance in the Big Easy. I very much enjoyed the setting, the old house especially, and the introduction of Elodie’s grandparents, who aren’t as bad as she fears they will be. A pleasant and heartwarming story about different kinds of families!"

"I really enjoyed this story and hearing about all of their lives, even about the people from the past. It is definitely a series I think I’ll have to go back and read book 1, and then buy the rest of the series… "

The second book in the Elodie Fontaine Mystery Series finds Elodie visiting her Creole grandparents in New Orleans, where the last thing she expects to find is a mystery. It is Mardi Gras week, and Elodie, along with her friends Kelli and Margo, are enjoying the food, the sights, and the architecture of the wonderful city. And the music! In fact, Elodie has just found out that her great grandfather was a famous composer, although his scores have been lost for almost a century. But the good times stop rolling when a voodoo doll of Elodie is nailed to the front door of her grandparents’ home. When one of her friends narrowly escapes a masked attacker in a nearby park, Elodie knows she has to act. Who is doing these things, and why? And are they connected to the long-lost compositions of her eccentric ancestor? To find out, Elodie must decode a century-old message with the ghosts of both her great-grandfather and her mother looking severely over her shoulder.

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It's Not a Date

" I had already read this one and went to refresh myself with the story and ended up rereading the whole book again. Totally enjoyed it. Loved the 2 MC’s Kade and Jen and both of their vulnerabilities. Also loved the relationship between Holly and Kade. Interesting story arc. "

"This book hit a little close to home for me… my mother suffers with dementia. The story itself was pretty good."

Falling in love is the hardest business of all.

Entrepreneur and innovator Kadrienne Davenport gets results. A demanding executive and stickler for punctuality, Kade throws herself into work to avoid hurting anyone, convinced she only causes pain to those she loves.

When Jennifer Spencer meets an incognito Kade at a conference, sparks fly. But when Kade unexpectedly becomes her boss, Jen's problems multiply. The company she founded is going broke, her grandmother's dementia is worsening, and her attraction to Kade -- her difficult, brilliant, charismatic mentor -- is growing.

Kade's desire to keep things professional between them is in Jen's best interest. Yet what's in Kade's best interest...is Jen.

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Escape and Freedom

"Great story. 2 damaged woman finding love. Loved the relationships that were formed by all especially Storm and Lucy. Easy flowing storyline."

"A very good story. I enjoyed ready about Lucy and Nicole. I loved how they helped each other work through their pasts and problems."

Two women escaping their own demons. One stuck in the past, the other a very real present.

Lucy Owens' life was irrevocably changed in a matter of seconds. Life as she knew it was over in the blink of an eye. Moving away from all that she knew, Lucy now lives a solitary life in her cabin on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Filled with guilt and pain, she keeps herself to herself, and for years she manages to avoid immersing back into society.

Nicole Granger has three small children to worry about. Always looking over her shoulder, they arrive at the lake with very little to call their own. Haunted by years of physical abuse, she longs to belong again, to bring normality to her girls' lives for the first time.

Both women are pulled towards one another in an attraction that could bring both of them their freedom.

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Mystic Man (States of Love Book 40)

"Mystic Man is part of a publisher's collection emphasising geographical location, and the setting of this story is beautifully depicted - the author offers lots of great detail taking the reader on a virtual tour (Cody's an awesome tour guide). I appreciated the emphasis on friendship for the first part of the book, with the dual point-of-view narration providing insights into Aaron and Cody's mutual attraction. I really liked the characters, although I have to say, Kaya's telling of Amelia Earhart's accomplishments totally stole the story."

"The love story between Aaron and Cody evolved organically in a way that made me long to move, like Aaron did, somewhere that no one knew me just to see what sort of magic would happen.  The adventure wasn't just believable, the author made it desirable.  All the bits and details came together haphazardly, never seeming contrived.  I was a bit sad when the story ended because I wanted to see the guys evolve into full married bliss."

When a series of personal crises prompt risk-averse research librarian Aaron Templeton to apply for a job on the other side of the country, nobody is more surprised than he is. He nearly runs home before the final interview except for one little problem: he has no home anymore. He put his condo on the market before he left California and it’s already sold. Only an encounter with free-spirited Connecticut native Cody Brown at the Mystic Seaport Museum staves off Aaron’s incipient panic attack.

Cody loves nothing better than introducing newcomers to the great features of his beloved home state, and when the newbie in question is a rumpled professorial type with the saddest blue eyes on the planet? Score! The attraction between the two men deepens as they explore Cody’s favorite spots, but when difficulties arise and Aaron’s insecurities threaten to overwhelm him, will Cody’s love be enough to keep him in Mystic?

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

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Smoke Signals

"This totally charming and captivating take on St. George and the Dragon stole my heart from the outset. Enchanting!"

Mike St. George's average life as tech support for a game distribution company becomes unexpectedly eventful when he's sent to the home of an aristocratic, self-centered dragon and left in charge of installing and protecting the digital side of the dragon's hoard of games.

But a job's a job. And while the blue-blooded Zali'thurg might be egotistical and prideful, Mike's wrangled worse customers. At least this one's pretty cute, even if it's in an apex predator sort of way…

An M/M urban fantasy romance. Classes and personalities clash when a customer service agent ends up helping a sexy billionaire shapeshifting dragon. Geeky, cute, and featuring kittens, knitting, and learning to navigate boundaries.

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Love’s Portrait

"This story was absolutely wonderful. The characters were dynamic and engaging, the flashbacks moved the story forward instead of dragging it down, the romance was sweet and awesome and perfectly paced. Just all around a great book, I enjoyed every second of it."

Newly appointed art curator Molly Goode is committed to diversifying her museum’s collection. When Georgina Wright, the museum’s aloof benefactor, asks for Molly’s help in identifying the provenance of a 19th century portrait of social activist Josephine Brancaster, Molly welcomes the opportunity, even if it means spending time with the standoffish financier. But passions soon flare as the women uncover the heartbreaking story of doomed lesbian love behind the watercolor painted by Josephine’s lover, Edith Hewitt.

As their love blossoms, Molly is determined to display Edith’s portrait of Josephine and to tell their story in the museum, but she needs the influential Georgina to help convince the board. When an unforeseen twist in the painting’s provenance forces Georgina to confront her own painful past, will history repeat itself, or can Molly and Georgina’s love prevail?

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The Dragon's Rebel

"I really enjoyed this book, and I don't usually gravitate towards fantasy. I found the storyline intriguing without being overly complicated. It had good movement with twists and turns that kept me from turning off the reader. Very creative setting without being so fantastical that I couldn't relate to it. Multidimensional and flawed characters in just the right places. The connection between the 2 protagonists built in a realistic fashion. Good use of show vs tell. Writing appropriate to setting."

Cheron, former rebel leader and newly crowned king, comes to Wren Gardens on a holy mission to free his goddess from exile and bring peace to his kingdom, but he’s distracted by an unholy and very beautiful concubine, Ekos.Ekos may be more than a simple love slave, though. The King of Wren Gardens seems afraid of the strange and often blasphemous concubine and swears the man is cursed. Cheron agrees, especially when Ekos mocks and taunts Cheron’s sense of honor. But the urge to distance himself from Ekos can’t compete with the desire to remain close. Nor is it as strong as the urges in his body—urges he hasn’t felt in years.As Cheron tries to refocus on his mission, Ekos throws him off again—this time by offering to help him in his holy quest. Cheron knows he shouldn’t trust a man who’s in the employ of a rival king, particularly not one who seems to know all Cheron’s deepest secrets. But he can’t ignore the signs from the goddess telling him to entwine his fate with this tricky, captivating man.He prays the signs aren’t simply wishful thinking, manifestations of his very unholy desires. Time is running out, and Cheron is falling deeper for Ekos—and deeper into danger of another betrayal. One that could cost him his life.

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The Promise

"Excellent story. All around well written in all aspects. Couldn’t put this one down. All the emotions touched on in this one."

Ali and Susan Jenkins have it all. Their life together is mapped out on a one-way path to happiness, that is until Susan is diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Ali refuses to accept it - her world is shattered.

Susan's last act of love is to make her wife promise that one day she will open her heart again and let somebody else love her.
But will Ali keep her promise?

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Dog Tagged

"At first, I thought this would be a short piece of army erotica. I was wrong. This is a love story that endures through time and hardships; both main characters just happen to be soldiers. The author clearly knows his military, as the details are vivid and tough. The plot is simple: boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy faces danger, boy reunites with boy. The main character comes through loud and clear, the other main character less so. His good looks and positive traits are focused on, but we never get to see inside his head. A part of the story tension comes from that lack of knowledge but towards the end the story could have used a second perspective. Beyond that, for such a short tale, this packs a punch. I teared up toward the end, and that is how I judge a good book, by how much it makes me feel."

Incidents in Dog Tagged are based on true events.
Drill Instructor Clay Norris has his hands full. Between new recruits and a Senior Drill Sergeant with an attitude, the last thing the young soldier needs is to develop a crush on one of his trainees.
But Private Chevy Banks is an Adonis and sweet as southern bee honey. Young Banks is a natural leader and draws Clay in with his easy manner and warm as the sun smile. A combination that melts the trying-to-be-tough as nails Drill Sergeant.Clay thinks he has kept his feelings toward the young troop reigned in but finds he has not when the Senior Drill tears the men apart before the desire in their longing glances can be fulfilled. Clay tries to move on, hoping to forget Chevrolet Banks by throwing himself into his career.
Fate (and the U.S. Army) bring the two together for a brief, joyous reunion and the same forces cruelly rip them apart again, each now facing a trauma alone.
Dog Tagged is set post DADT and pre the policy end.
This story offers a glimpse of the life of gay men serving their country who were not afforded the same rights as their heterosexual brothers in arms, with whom they fought side by side.

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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards Submissions

Rainbow Awards Submissions closed yesterday with a boom, 15 book submissions in one day. That means the final submissions count is 450 and the raised amount to charity is $12.314.

The final list of submissions is as follows:

Contemporary, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance & Romantic Comedy
  1. Ann Gallagher - Three Stupid Weddings
  2. Ava Kelly - Havesskadi
  3. Caitlin Ricci - Ace of Hearts
  4. E.J. Russell - Bad Boy’s Bard (Fae Out of Water #3)
  5. Evelyn Benvie - Something To Celebrate
  6. Jae - Perfect Rhythm
  7. R.A. Steffan - The Complete Lion Mistress Collection
  8. Sam Burns - Strike Up the Band
  1. Angel Martinez and Freddy MacKay - Fireworks and Stolen Kisses (Lijun #1)
  2. Angel Martinez and Freddy MacKay - Trysts and Burning Embers (Lijun #2)
  3. Ariana Nash - Silk & Steel
  4. Jeanne G’Fellers - Cleaning House
  5. Jeanne G’Fellers - Keeping House
  6. Megan Derr - Dragon Magic
Contemporary General Fiction, Humor, Mystery / Thriller & Sci-Fi / Futuristic
  1. Archer Kay Leah - Of Kindred and Stardust
  2. Debbie McGowan - The Great Village Bun Fight
  3. Isabelle Adler - Ashore (Staying Afloat #2)
  4. Kevin Klehr - Social Media Central
  5. Lori A. Witt - Incel
  6. Mia Kerick - The Weekend Bucket List
  7. Vicki Clifford - Deception is the Old Black: A Viv Fraser Mystery
Fantasy Romance
  1. Aldrea Alien - In Pain and Blood
  2. Archer Kay Leah - Soulbound
  3. Casey Wolfe - A Mage's Power
  4. E.J. Russell - Nudging Fate
  5. Freddy MacKay - Waiting on the Rain
  6. Kasia Bacon - Twenty-One Arrow Salute
  7. Megan Derr - The Mercenaries of the Stolen Moon
  8. Meredith Katz - How Saeter Robbed the Underworld
  9. Rebecca Langham - Finding Aurora
Historical & Paranormal Romance
  1. Angel Martinez - Jackalopes and Woofen-poofs (Offbeat Crimes #5)
  2. E.J. Russell - Demon on the Down-Low (Supernatural Selection #3)
  3. Jude Lucens - Behind These Doors (Radical Proposals #1)
  4. Lexi Ander - Caledonia Destiny
  5. Nicole Field - Changing Loyalties
Contemporary and Erotic Romance & Romantic Suspence
  1. A.M. Leibowitz - Minuet
  2. Cari Z. & L.A. Witt - Reckless Behavior
  3. CJane Elliott - The Wild and Precious Collection
  4. Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid - Cats & Doges
  5. Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid - Line in the Shadow
  6. Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid - The Billionaire's Son
  7. Daniela Jeffries - Dragon's Lair
  8. E. Davies - Adore
  9. E. Davies - Live Wire
  10. E. Davies - Miracle
  11. E. Davies - Shelter
  12. E. Davies - Trace
  13. E. Davies - Tremble
  14. Freddy MacKay - Watermelon Kisses
  15. H.J. Perry - The Prince and the Bodyguard
  16. J.L. Merrow - One Under
  17. Johnny Miles - Café y Chocolate
  18. K. Evan Coles and Brigham Vaughn - Behind the Stick (The Speakeasy #3)
  19. K. Evan Coles and Brigham Vaughn - Extra Dirty (The Speakeasy #2)
  20. Kara Ripley - Riding the Track
  21. Kelly Jensen - Building Forever
  22. Kyell Gold - Ty Game
  23. L.A. Witt - Blood & Bitcoin
  24. L.A. Witt - It Was Always You
  25. L.A. Witt - Once Burned
  26. L.A. Witt - Rank & File
  27. L.A. Witt - The Torches We Carry
  28. Lara Zielinsky - We Three
  29. Louisa Masters - The Athlete and the Aristocrat
  30. Mel Gough - A World Apart
  31. Sarah L. Young - Plus One
  32. Tia Fielding - Ten
Contemporary General Fiction
  1. A.M. Leibowitz - Keeping the Faith
  2. Brandon Bagwell - American Dragon
  3. Bryan T. Clark - Escaping Camp Roosevelt
  4. Dan Ackerman - That Doesn't Belong Here
  5. Dan Ackerman - The Things That Come
  6. Etienne - Apocalypse—Not
  7. Etienne - Raleigh's Folly
  8. J. Scott Coatsworth - The River City Chronicles
  9. Jendi Reiter - An Incomplete List of My Wishes
  10. Ki Brightly and M.D. Gregory - King’s Killer (Kings of Men MC #1)
  1. Angel Martinez - The Mage on the Hill
  2. Dan Ackerman - For A Glance
  3. Lisa Henry - Anhaga
  4. S.J. Himes - A History of Trouble: A Beacon Hill Sorcerer Collection
  5. S.J. Himes - The Necromancer's Reckoning (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3)
  6. Xia Xia Lake - Shinigami
  1. Barry Brennessel - Ánh Sáng
  2. Carlos T. Mock - The Corner Queen--La Loca de La Esquina: A Romance and A Revolution
  3. Daniel M. Jaffe - Yeled Tov
  4. Elin Gregory - Midnight Flit
  5. Glenn Quigley - The Lion Lies Waiting
  6. J.P. Kenwood - Blood Before Wine (Dominus #3)
  7. Leo D'Lance - One Night With Finnbar
  8. Stephan Knox - Anáil Dhragain (Dragon's Breath)
  9. Tanya Chris - Predestination Unknown
  10. Tinnean - Two for Home (Home Before Sundown #2)
  1. Damian Serbu - Santa Is a Vampire
  2. David Nora - Slasher Crasher
  3. Joe Cosentino - Drama Dance (Nicky and Noah mystery #8)
  4. Joe Cosentino - Drama Detective (Nicky and Noah mystery #5)
  5. Michael Scott Garvin - Aunt Sookie & Me: The Sordid Tale of a Scandalous Southern Belle
Mystery / Thriller
  1. Amy Tasukada - The Yakuza Path: One Thousand Cranes
  2. Amy Tasukada - The Yakuza Path: The Deafening Silence
  3. C.S. Poe - Southernmost Murder
  4. C.S. Poe - The Mystery of the Moving Image (Snow & Winter #3)
  5. Clancy Nacht - For Immediate Release
  6. Dianne Hartsock - Birthday Presents
  7. J.L. Merrow - Lock Nut
  8. Joe Cosentino - Drama Castle (Nicky and Noah mystery #7)
  9. Joe Cosentino - Drama Fraternity (Nicky and Noah mystery #6)
Young Adult
  1. Eli Easton - Boy Shattered
  2. Laura Lascarso - Hiroku
  3. Laura Lascarso - When Everything Is Blue
  4. Mia Kerick - Torn
  5. S.M. James - In Case You Missed It
Alternative Universe/Reality & Sci-Fi / Futuristic
  1. Arshad Ahsanuddin - Ascension
  2. Arshad Ahsanuddin - Interscission Project: Prodigal Son
  3. Arshad Ahsanuddin - Mercury
  4. Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus - The Demon of Hagermarsh (Virasana Empire: Sir Yaden #1)
  5. C.C. Bridges - Angels Rising
  6. Dusk Peterson - Hell's Messenger (Life Prison #2)
  7. J. Scott Coatsworth - The Stark Divide
  8. J.P. Jackson - Magic or Die
  9. Kayleigh Sky - Jesus Kid
  10. Kelly Jensen - To See the Sun
  11. Lexi Ander - Sunder
  12. M.D. Neu - Contact (A New World #1)
  13. M.D. Neu - Conviction (A New World #2)
  14. Pelaam - Strawberry Fields
  15. R.A. Steffan - Anthelion (Love and War #4)
  16. Rob Rosen - And God Belched
  17. T. Strange - Rook
  18. Tinnean - Pandemic (Surviving the Apocalypse #1)
Erotic Romance
  1. Amy Lane - Bobby Green
  2. CJane Elliott - The Player's Protégé
  3. Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid - The Congressman's Whore: A Marriage of Convenience
  4. L.A. Witt - Sink or Swim
  5. L.M. Somerton - Owned by the Sea
  6. L.M. Somerton - Serving Him
  7. L.M. Somerton - Testing Lysander
  8. L.M. Somerton - Trusting Him
  9. Lane Hayes - Leaning Into Forever
  10. Lane Hayes - Leaning Into the Look
  11. Lane Hayes - Out in the Offense
  12. Lane Hayes - Starting From Zero
  13. Morticia Knight - In the Name of the Father
Fantasy Romance
  1. Alex Whitehall - Magic Runs Deep
  2. Amy Lane - Familiar Demon
  3. E.J. Russell - Devouring Flame
  4. G.R. Lyons - Heavens Aground (Treble and the Lost Boys #2)
  5. Isobel Starling - Apple Boy (The Quiet Work #1)
  6. J. Scott Coatsworth - Ithani
  7. J. Scott Coatsworth - Lander
  8. Jackie Keswick - Healing Glass (A Gifted Guilds Novel)
  9. Jacqueline Rohrbach - The Dragon's Rebel
  10. Jamie Sullivan - Heart of the Dragon
  11. Joe Cosentino - Tales from Fairyland
  12. Kevin Klehr - Midnight Angel
  13. Kim Fielding - Blyd and Pearce
  14. Kirby Crow - The Temple Road (Scarlet and the White Wolf #5)
  15. Lou Sylvre - The Holiday Home Hotel
  16. Meghan Maslow - Be Fairy Game
  17. Meghan Maslow - By Fairy Means or Foul
  18. Meredith Katz - Smoke Signals
  19. S.J. Himes - Knight's Fire
  20. S.J. Himes - The Solstice Prince
Historical Romance
  1. Alex Jane - The Arrangement
  2. Anna Butler - The Jackal's House (Lancaster's Luck #2)
  3. Eli Easton - Robby Riverton: Mail Order Bride
  4. Elvira Bell - Entertaining the Sombrevilles
  5. Julie Swift - Rara Avis
  6. Lillian Francis - Under the Radar
  7. Morticia Knight - A New Beginning for Angelo
  8. Morticia Knight - Finding Sanctuary (The Hampton Road Club #6)
  9. Rebecca Cohen - Anthony, Earl of Crofton
  10. Rebecca Cohen - Captain Merric
Paranormal Romance
  1. Angel Martinez - All The World's An Undead Stage (Offbeat Crimes #6)
  2. Casey Wolfe - A Vampire's Redemption (The Inquisition Trilogy #2)
  3. E.J. Russell - Art Medium: The Complete Collection
  4. E.J. Russell - Single White Incubus (Supernatural Selection #1)
  5. E.J. Russell - Vampire with Benefits (Supernatural Selection #2)
  6. G.R. Lyons - Illumined Shadows (Treble and the Lost Boys #3)
  7. Jackie North - Heroes for Ghosts
  8. Jackie North - Honey From the Lion
  9. Jackie North - Wild as the West Texas Wind
  10. Kayla Jameth - Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy
  11. Kayleigh Sky - A Vampire's Heart
  12. Lissa Kasey - Absolution
  13. Lissa Kasey - Witchblood
  14. M. Raiya - Winter
  15. Maz Maddox - Heartache & Hoofbeats
  16. MD Neu - The Calling
  17. Meredith Katz - Empty Vessels
  18. Sam Burns - Blackbird in the Reeds
  19. Sara Dobie Bauer - Escaping Exile
  20. Susan Laine - Gremlins Are Malfunctioning
  21. Tanya Chris - Omega Revealed
  22. Tara Lain - Hidden Powers
  23. Terry Poole - Rudy
  24. Tinnean - The Most Loved of All (Strange, Strange World #2)
  25. Toni Griffin - Pyro's Accidental Shooting
Romantic Suspence
  1. Amy Lane - A Few Good Fish
  2. Anne Barwell - One Word
  3. Cari Z. & L.A. Witt - Double or Nothing
  4. Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid - False Flag (The Phisher King #2)
  5. Eden Winters - Suspicion (Diversion #7)
  6. Jack L. Pyke - Fractured (Don't... #6)
  7. Kim Fielding - The Spy's Love Song
  8. Lou Watton - Hot Property
  9. Tara Lain - The Case of the Sexy Shakespearean
  10. Tinnean - Complications (The Continuing Adventures of Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann #5)
  11. Tinnean - You Were Made for Me (The Continuing Adventures of Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann #4)
Contemporary Romance & Romantic Comedy
  1. A.M. Leibowitz - Drumbeat
  2. Alex Whitehall - Hard Truths
  3. Amy Lane - A Fool and His Manny
  4. Amy Lane - Crocus
  5. Amy Lane - Homebird
  6. Anne Barwell - Prelude to Love
  7. Bryan T. Clark - Diego's Secret
  8. C.C. Dado - A Series of Fates
  9. C.S. Poe - Color of You
  10. CJane Elliott - In Over Our Heads
  11. CJane Elliott - The Kinsey Scale
  12. Daniel Elijah Sanderfer - The Outdoorsman's Son
  13. E. Davies - Boiling Point
  14. E. Davies - Clutch
  15. E. Davies - Electric Sunshine
  16. E. Davies - Hard Hart
  17. E. Davies - Slick
  18. E.J. Russell - Mystic Man
  19. Elaine White - The Bright Side Brigade
  20. Eli Easton - Family Camp
  21. G.R. Lyons - Ice on Fire (Treble and the Lost Boys #1)
  22. H.J. Perry - Rescued from Paradise
  23. Helena Stone - Double Dutch Courage
  24. Ian Schlechter - We Need Space
  25. Isobel Starling - Sweet Thing
  26. J.L. Merrow - Love at First Hate
  27. James Brock - Dog Tagged
  28. James Brock - Mucklucked
  29. Jay Hogan - Crossing the Touchline
  30. Jay Hogan - Digging Deep
  31. Jodi Payne & B.A. Tortuga - Wrecked
  32. Joe Cosentino - Cozzi Cove: Happy Endings (Cozzi Cove #5)
  33. Joe Cosentino - The Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories
  34. K. Evan Coles - Third Time's the Charm (Boston Seasons #1)
  35. K. Evan Coles and Brigham Vaughn - With A Twist (The Speakeasy #1)
  36. Kate Hawthorne - A Taste of Sin
  37. Kelly Jensen - Chasing Forever
  38. Kelly Jensen - Renewing Forever
  39. Kelly Wyre - Fight
  40. Kelly Wyre - Hearts Under Fire
  41. Ki Brightly and Meg Bawden - Brodie's Million Dollar Omega (Cherry Hollow Series #2)
  42. Ki Brightly and Meg Bawden - Law’s Stubborn Omega
  43. Kim Fielding - A Full Plate
  44. Kim Fielding - Redesigning Landry Bishop
  45. Kim Fielding - The Little Library
  46. L.A. Witt - Bouncing Back
  47. L.A. Witt - Going Overboard
  48. L.A. Witt - Is It Over Yet?
  49. L.A. Witt - New Hand
  50. L.A. Witt - Rabi and Matthew
  51. L.A. Witt - Rebound
  52. L.A. Witt - The Husband Gambit
  53. L.A. Witt - To My Future Number 1 Fan
  54. L.A. Witt - Wash Out
  55. Lissa Kasey - Range of Emotion
  56. Lou Watton - Isola di Fiore
  57. Marguerite Labbe - A Beautiful Disaster (Geek Life #3)
  58. Marguerite Labbe - A Little Side of Geek (Geek Life #1)
  59. Marguerite Labbe - A Whole Latte Sass (Geek Life #2)
  60. Mel Bossa - No River Wide Enough
  61. Morningstar Ashley - Risking It All
  62. Pat Henshaw - Short Order
  63. Pat Henshaw - Waking the Behr
  64. Rob Rosen - Mary, Queen of Scotch
  65. Samantha Wayland - Poetry in Motion
  66. Sarah L. Young - Nice Jewish Boys
  67. Susan Laine - Femme Faux Fatale
  68. Tanya Chris - High Lonesome
  69. Tara Lain - High Balls
  70. Tara Lain - Home Improvement — A Love Story
  71. Tara Lain - Love You So Special
  72. Taylor Fitzpatrick - Thrown Off the Ice
  73. Tia Fielding - Like Breathing
  74. Z. Allora - Rocking Thin Ice
  75. Z. Allora - The Librarian’s Rake
  76. Z. Allora - The Temple of Heaven
  1. Alex Pyott - The Amber Necklace
  2. Benny Lawrence - Beggar’s Flip
  3. Caren J. Werlinger - A Bittersweet Garden
  4. Geonn Cannon - Trafalgar & Boone and the Children of the Burnt Empire
  5. Geonn Cannon - Trafalgar and Boone and the Books of Breathing
  6. Kellie Doherty - Sunkissed Feather and Severed Ties
  7. S.L. Kassidy - Warrior Class – Sky Cutter
  1. Elena Graf - Acts of Contrition
  2. Elena Graf - Lies of Omission
  3. Jane Alden - Across A Crowded Room
  4. K’Anne Meinel - An Island Between Us
  5. Kim Finney - Under The Microscope
Mystery / Thriller
  1. Cari Hunter - Alias
  2. Charlotte Mills - Payback
  3. Claire Highton-Stevenson - The Doll Maker
  4. Geonn Cannon - Kennel Club
  5. Geonn Cannon - Raised by Wolves
  6. Glenys Wilson - Harbour View
  7. Jody Klaire - Black Ridge Falls
  8. Jody Klaire - Noble Heart
  9. K’Anne Meinel - Flight
  10. Nat Burns - The Rustle of Leaves
Young Adult
  1. A. Zukowski - Courting Light
  2. Alicia Joseph - A Penny on the Track
  3. Dolores Maggiore - Love and Lechery at Albert Academy
  4. Iza Moreau - Ghost in the Piano
  5. Iza Moreau - Horses Wild
  6. Iza Moreau - Swamp Girl
  7. Iza Moreau - Tank Baby
  8. Jacqueline Rohrbach - The Soulstealers
  9. Jessica Yeh - Bend for Me
  10. Jessica Yeh - Something Tragic
  11. Nina Packebush - Girls Like Me
Alternative Universe/Reality & Sci-Fi / Futuristic
  1. Angel Martinez - Safety Protocols for Human Holidays
  2. K. Aten - The Sovereign of Psiere (Mystery of the Makes #1)
  3. K. Aten - Waking the Dreamer
  4. K’Anne Meinel - Recombinant Love
  5. K’Anne Meinel - Survivors
  6. Matt Doyle - LV48 (The Cassie Tam Files #3)
  7. Matt Doyle - The Fox, The Dog, and The King (The Cassie Tam Files #2)
  8. Rae D. Magdon - Lucky 7
  9. Rebecca Langham - Beneath the Surface
  10. Tinnean - Long Leggity Beasties (Surviving the Apocalypse #2)
Contemporary General Fiction & Erotica
  1. Caren J. Werlinger - When the Stars Sang
  2. Cheryl Espinosa-Jones - An Ocean Between Them
  3. I.L. Green - Redemption Story
  4. Rae D. Magdon - Fur and Fangs (Vol 1-10)
  5. Susan Stocker - Kiss Your Elbow (An Embellished Memoire of Growing Up in the 50's and 60's)
  6. Suzanne Falter - Committed
  7. Suzanne Falter - Driven
Historical Romance
  1. Edale Lane - Heart of Sherwood
  2. Jane Alden - Jobyna’s Blues
  3. K’Anne Meinel - Cavalcade
  4. K’Anne Meinel - Pioneering
  5. K’Anne Meinel - Sayyida
  6. T.T. Thomas - House of Bliss
  7. Yoshiyuki Ly - Anathema
Romantic Comedy
  1. A.J. Adaire - Match Me
  2. Jean Copeland - Summer Fling
  3. K. Aten - Rules of the Road
  4. Lisa Moreau - Lovebirds
  5. Lynn Ames - Great Bones
Contemporary and Erotic Romance & Romantic Suspence
  1. A.L. Brooks - Write Your Own Script
  2. Anna Larner - Love's Portrait
  3. Anna Stone - Being Hers
  4. B.J. Phillips - Changing Season
  5. C.J. Murphy - Frame by fame
  6. C.J. Murphy - Gold Star Chance
  7. C.J. Murphy - The Bucket List
  8. Chris Paynter - Just a Touch Away
  9. Chris Zett - Irregular Heartbeat
  10. Claire Highton-Stevenson - Escape & Freedom
  11. Claire Highton-Stevenson - The Promise
  12. Clare Ashton - The Goodmans
  13. Dena Blake - A Country Girl’s Heart
  14. Dena Blake - Friends Without Benefits
  15. Dena Blake - Racing Hearts
  16. Diane Marina - After the Glitter Fades
  17. Emily L. Byrne - Medusa’s Touch
  18. G. Benson - Who'd Have Thought
  19. Gail Newman - Sunlight in the Shadows
  20. Geonn Cannon - Can You Hear Me
  21. Heather Blackmore - It's Not a Date
  22. Helen Jayne - Hestia: sapphic soulmates
  23. Jae - Just for Show
  24. Jae - Not the Marrying Kind
  25. Jae - Paper Love
  26. Jazzy Mitchell - You Matter
  27. Jean Copeland - The Ashford Place
  28. Jeannie Levig - A Heart to Call Home
  29. Jeannie Levig - A Wish Upon a Star
  30. K. Aten - Burn It Down
  31. K’Anne Meinel - Inn the Dog House
  32. K’Anne Meinel - Vetted Further
  33. Laney Webber - A Chapter on Love
  34. Lynn Ames - Chain Reactions
  35. McGee Mathews - Moving Violations
  36. Roslyn Bane - Time for Terri
  37. S.L. Kassidy - Learning to Walk Again
  38. Suzie Carr - The Curvy Side of Life
  39. Suzie Carr - The Pet Boutique
  40. Wendy Hudson - Meant to be Me
  41. Wendy Hudson - Mine to Keep
Fantasy & Paranormal Romance
  1. Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus - Orc Haven
  2. Helen Jayne - Aegle: sapphic Soulmates
  3. Helen Jayne - Corby: Sapphic Soulmates
  4. Jazzy Mitchell - Musings of a Madwoman
  5. K. Aten - The Sagittarius (Arrow of Artemis #3)
  6. Veronica Watts - Her of the Wood
Contemporary, Erotic, Historical & Paranormal Romance
  1. Brooklyn Ray - Darkling
  2. E. Davies - Forever
  3. J. Scott Coatsworth - Slow Thaw
  4. Jayne Lockwood - New Beginnings
  5. Katherine Wyvern - A Muse to Live For
  6. Katherine Wyvern - Spice & Vanilla
  7. Katherine Wyvern - Woman as a Foreign Language
  8. L.A. Witt - Adrift
  9. L.A. Witt - Ashore
  10. Tia Fielding - Four
Anthology / Collection
  1. Angel Martinez - Brandywine Investigations: Family Matters
  2. Dusk Peterson - Danger (Dark Light #3)
  3. Fiza Pathan - The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Short Stories
  4. J. Scott Coatsworth - Migration
  5. Johnny Townsend - Who Invited You to the Orgy?
  6. Kira Harp - Rainbow Briefs volume 2
  7. Nicole Field - Happiness in Numbers
Young Adult
  1. A.M. Leibowitz - Year of the Guilty Soul
  2. Amy Klobuchar; Edited by In This Together Media - Nevertheless, We Persisted
  3. Chad Sell - The Cardboard Kingdom
  4. Chris Tebbetts - Me Myself & Him
  5. David Levithan - Someday
  6. Emily Skrutskie - Hullmetal Girls
  7. Lillian Clarke - Immoral Code
  8. M. Rose Flores - The End
  9. Mia Kerick - All Boy
  10. Mia Kerick - My Crunchy Life
  11. Mia Kerick - The Princess of Baker Street
  12. Nic Stone - Odd One Out
  13. R. Zamora Linmark - The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart
  14. Rachel Cohn and David Levithan - Sam & Ilsa's Last Hurrah
  15. Rory Power - Wilded Girls
  16. S.M. James - Not Gonna Lie
  17. Stefani Deoul - Zero Sum Game
Contemporary General Fiction, Fantasy & Sci-Fi / Futuristic
  1. Anna Butler - Day of Wrath (Taking Shield #5)
  2. Catherine Ryan Hyde - Have You Seen Luis Velez?
  3. Dorian Graves - Bones and Bourbon
  4. Dusk Peterson - Breached Boundaries (The Three Lands)
  5. E.J. Runyon - Good People
  6. Geneva Vand - Granola Bars and Spaceships
  7. Kail Muse - Homeplanet
  8. Kimberly Dark - The Daddies
Non Fiction
Biography / Memoir
  1. Carla Grant - Uncommon Girls
  2. Cherie Battista - Secrecy and Synchronicity
  3. Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade - The Unrhymables: Collaborations in Prose
  4. Diana Wright and Bernie DeCoke - Too Damn Dumb to Think
  5. Judith Branzburg - The Liberation of Ivy Bottini
  6. Ruth Simkin - Dear Sophie
  7. Sallyanne Monti - Light at the End of the Tunnel, A Memoir
  8. Todd Allen Smith - Murder, Romance and Two Shootings
  9. Widdershins - Prelude: The Gaining of Shamanic Wisdom
  1. Jan Steckel - Like Flesh Covers Bone
  2. Julie Marie Wade - Same-Sexy Marriage: A Novella in Poems
  3. Lisa Dordal - Mosaic of the Dark
  4. Renée Vivien (translator Samantha Pious) - A Crown of Violets
  5. Sandra de Helen - Desire Returns for a Visit

and the list of charities is as follows:
  • Abbey of the Brew City Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence $25,00
  • Accept $25,00
  • Aids Healthcare Foundation $25,00
  • Aids LifeCycle $150,00
  • AIDS Project LA $65,00
  • Albert Kennedy Trust $215,00
  • Ali Forney Center $350,00
  • All Out $50,00
  • Allsorts $75,00
  • Bay Area Bisexual Network $25,00
  • BeLonGTo $25,00
  • Bi Foundation $50,00
  • BiNet USA $125,00
  • Bisexual Resource Center $20,00
  • Callan-Lorde $100,00
  • CAMP Rehoboth $79,50
  • Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives $35,00
  • Central Valley Pride Center $25,00
  • Centrepoint $70,00
  • CliniQ $25,00
  • Covenant House $100,00
  • Diversity Role Models $5,00
  • Galfa $55,00
  • Galop $25,00
  • Gay and Lesbian Fund of Vermont $25,00
  • Gay and Lesbian Youth Services of Western New York $25,00
  • GCLS scholarship fund $410,00
  • Gender Centre $20,00
  • Gendered Intelligence $20,00
  • Gerber/Hart Library $25,00
  • GLAAD $100,00
  • GLBT Community Center of Colorado $75,00
  • GLBTQ legal Advocates &Defenders $20,00
  • Global Poverty Relief Foundation $107,00
  • GLSEN $175,00
  • GMFA $25,00
  • Hearts United For Animals $103,00
  • HRC $582,25
  • Indiana Youth Group $75,00
  • It Gets Better Project $100,00
  • Just like Us $25,00
  • Kaleidoscope Diversity Trust $20,00
  • Lambda Legal $1.505,00
  • Lavender Library Archives $25,00
  • LGBT Center Los Angeles $420,00
  • LGBT Center of NY $60,00
  • LGBT Community Center Greater Cleveland $10,00
  • LGBT Foundation $45,00
  • LGBT National Help Center $50,00
  • LGBT Youth Line $40,00
  • LGBT Youth Scotland $70,00
  • Lifelong $100,00
  • London Friend $25,00
  • Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center $75,00
  • Lost-n-Found $25,00
  • Lyric of San Francisco $25,00
  • Margays $50,00
  • Mercury Phoenix Trust $25,00
  • Mermaids UK $100,00
  • Metro Inclusive Health's LGBT Youth Group $75,00
  • Milwaukee LGBT Community Center $50,00
  • Moveable Feast $25,00
  • National Center for Transgender Equality $75,00
  • New Zealand Rainbow Youth $50,00
  • NOH8 $30,00
  • Odyssey Youth Movement $10,00
  • OKC Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence $40,00
  • Opening Doors UK $20,00
  • Out Saskatoon $34,00
  • Pete Buttigieg for President $75,00
  • PFLAG $220,00
  • Point Foundation $55,00
  • Pride Centre of Edmonton $30,00
  • Pride Community Center of North Central Florida $25,00
  • Pride Foundation Australia $70,00
  • Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC $25,00
  • Q Center of Portland $10,00
  • Qmunity $25,00
  • Quatrefoil Library $105,00
  • Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County $20,00
  • Rainbow Railroad $75,00
  • Rainbow Refugees Frankfurt $25,00
  • Rainbow Resource Centre $33,00
  • Rainbow Youth $83,00
  • Sacramento LGBT Center $225,87
  • Sage $375,00
  • Seattle Humane Society $26,00
  • Seta $50,00
  • Stonewall Alliance of Chico $25,00
  • Stonewall UK $245,00
  • Switchboard $25,00
  • Tampa Bay Metro Wellness $45,00
  • Tennessee Equality Project $75,00
  • Terrence Higgins Trust $85,00
  • The Audre Lord Project $50,00
  • The Diversity Center $500,00
  • The Frank Harr Foundation $500,00
  • The OUT Foundation $75,00
  • Time Out Youth $300,00
  • Trans Lifeline $175,00
  • Trans Media Watch $25,00
  • Trans United $3,00
  • Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund $300,00
  • Trevor Project $1.090,00
  • True Colors $122,30
  • UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group $20,00
  • Wanda Alston Foundation $175,00
  • William Way $100,00
  • WWTLC $25,00
  • You Can Play $40,00
  • Youth Project $25,00

"Rainbow Pride Cheesecake" is the official pin-up boy of the Rainbow Awards especially created by Paul Richmond

"Air de Capri" is a 1923 painting by Gerda Wegener, with Gerda herself and her husband, transgender male to female, Lili Elbe

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In Case You Missed It: LGBTQ Second Shot Romance (The lovehim Series Book 5)

"S.M. James has written a young adult novel full of teenage emotion and angst. The first-person narration shifts from chapter to chapter as we delve into the minds and hearts of Brooks and Darien. They are likeable characters, and their dialogue and texts are clever and realistic. Gay teens will relate to these two thoughtful young men and their relationship."

Brooks is convinced his life is totally, one hundred percent happy.
Until Darien tracks him down.
Darien was supposed to be the guy he kissed once and remembered forever, but now he’s back in Brooks’s life, with easy smiles and big ideas.
The first of which … show the homeschooled Brooks everything he’s missed out on. But as the pair work through a spring of playing catch up on life, it becomes obvious to Darien that Brooks has a secret.
And as things heat up between them, Brooks’s secret might just be Darien’s worst fear.
Because Darien has always lived in the moment.
But Brooks has always lived for the future he knows is inevitable.
When life is set to tear them apart, will love be enough to keep them together?

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A Muse to Live For

"A beautifully written romance with characters you can't help loving. Nathaniel is a brilliant artist suffering from depression and unable to paint until one night he sees Gabrielle under a street lamp. The world sees her as a whore, Nathaniel considers her his muse and knows he not only must paint her, he must love her. Even when he discovers that Gabrielle is in fact, Gabriel, his love does not waver. Rescuing him from a life of poverty and abuse becomes Nathaniel's goal in life. Together, and with the help of an old friend of Nathaniel's, they escape to Europe. Nathaniel's paintings of only Gabrielle are a small sensation in the art world. Could it be that at last Gabriel has found a way to live his life as he wishes, or will the artist tire of his muse and return him to the seedy streets of London? As I said, beautifully written with prose and dialogue that will alternately chill and delight you. Excellent."

"A beautiful and unusual love story, with a character who is not so much trans as truly androgynous.  It seems as though it could be genuinely historical – though the 'historical footnote' and book/author quoted at the end turn up no internet search hits.  It's a credit to the author that I did try to find out if that book was real."

London, 1884

An artist lives to create. When Nathaniel’s urge to paint died, so did his will to live.

Until the night he meets Gabrielle.

Gabrielle may be just a poor prostitute, but she has the beauty of a Pre-Raphaelite stunner and the otherworldly aura of a fallen angel. She also has a secret. Gabrielle is Gabriel, and when Gabriel’s dark past comes knocking and Gabrielle must abandon her new career as an artist’s model, Nathaniel’s whole world comes crashing down again.

Better to die than living without her love, and the breathtaking creative drive she brought him. But it’s dead easy to die for a woman. Any fool can die for love. To live for it, that takes altogether more courage, doggedness, and imagination.

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Like Flesh Covers Bone

"This was an excellent collection of poetry. Each theme was explored through several kinds of styles and feelings. Emotions ranged from heartfelt to somber to angry, among others—and all of the poems thoughtful and invoked great imagery. The poems were witty and insightful. The collection was thoughtful and critical of the current dilemmas we face."

"Poetry is sometimes hard to judge—you either get it or you don’t. Some of these were very dark, but I can honestly say I liked them."

"Overall, I thought her poetry strong and dynamic. Her words build on current events and deep social issues. It wasn’t a fluffy read but felt very relevant to things happening now and made me think that this author is a warrior with words."

"Steckel is brilliant.  Not all the poems have the same power, but those that do really dazzle."

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Murder, Romance, and Two Shootings

"This is based on real events and although a little humor is injected with the writer's attitude to being shot twice on two separate occasions, the harrowing aspect of the aftermath and recovery is very real and uncomfortable. Mixed in are the dramas of failed romances, lack of compassion and the shock of losing his job as a reporter after the second shooting. My only quibble is the writing style which could have used better editing, but the story is real and I was glad it worked out for the best in the end."

"I thought the 'plotting' seemed a little awkward… then realized it was non-fiction.  A painful but inspiring survivor's tale."

The scent of his own blood shakes away the disbelief of the gunman entering the city council room. Todd remembers that smell and can’t deny that he is once more the target of a gunman’s bullet.

Healing from his physical wounds is the easy part, grounded in gratitude for his very survival. Rebuilding his life will be the hard part. But he is reminded he is luckier than others whenever he thinks of his friend Rick.

After the first time he was shot, Todd had to learn to walk again, but now he faces the bigger challenge of learning how to love.

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The Athlete and the Aristocrat (Dreamspun Desires Book 73)

"I really enjoyed this book. The plot had good movement and I felt engaged in the outcome throughout. The romance developed at a natural pace. I even had a couple years in my eyes at the end. I like how the author used different cities and maintained the atmosphere that makes them unique."

Sometimes love takes balls.

Newly retired championship footballer Simon Wood is taking on his next challenge. His plan for a charity to provide funding for underprivileged children to pursue football as a career has passed its first hurdle: he has backers and an executive consultant. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling.

Lucien Morel, heir to the multibillion-euro Morel Corporation, is shocked—and thrilled—to learn his father has volunteered him as consultant to a fledgling football charity. Better yet, the brains behind it all is heartthrob Simon Wood, his teenage idol and crush.

Although Simon and Lucien get off on the wrong foot, it’s not long before they’re getting along like a house on fire—sparks included. But with the charity under public scrutiny, can their romance thrive?

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Across A Crowded Room

"This story was engaging from the get-go with the vivid imagery of the opening sequence of events."

It's Christmastime, 1950, in the affluent Manhattan suburb of New Canaan, Connecticut. Bennie Grant leaves her life as a trophy wife of a successful man to follow her dream of being a director on Broadway. The rub is a custody battle over her young daughter. There are hurdles: Will's meddling mother, Bennie's confessed affair with her best friend, Alice, and Will's fight to keep Bennie at any cost.

What could make things more complicated? Bennie meets a charismatic woman, Laura, to whom she is irresistibly attracted.

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Twenty-One Arrow Salute: An Order Series Novella Book 2.5 (The Order)

"This adorable story with its gruff soldier protagonist who develops a massive crush on a nobleman’s son delivers all the awwwws that we expect as gay romance readers. Very nicely done."

Verhan Tŭrryés of Black Mountain is a handful.

Freshly enlisted in the Highland Regiment, he does all he can to steer clear of responsibility and commitment. Just not his cup of mead, that. Loose of tongue and even looser of morals, he rarely misses an opportunity to get into trouble—and into the other archers’ knickers, too.

In a unit composed almost entirely of Dark Elves, Hernan Seinnés, with his green eyes and auburn hair, is an outsider. When Verhan, up the creek again, is blackmailed into helping Hernan, he never expects to fall for him. But during the long hours spent training Hernan for the Honour Guard, feelings strike the Highlander right in the heart—and with the force of an arrow.

Unversed in relationships, Verhan finally plucks up enough courage to tell Hernan how he feels, only to drive the Asirhwӱnian away instead. If Verhan can swallow his pride, he might get one last chance to show Hernan what he means to him—and maybe this time he can hit the mark.

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Southernmost Murder

"The novel was a delight from the start. The main character is likable. While none of the other characters come to life quite as much as he does, they are all developed enough for the chemistry between all of them to work. There's lots of fun banter. The sexual tension and build-up between "Indy" and Jun is done well, and the sex scenes are both believable and original. I love the natural way details about narcolepsy are woven into the story, making this educational as well as entertaining. The story flows well. There's a nice balance of romance, work, and murder mystery. The novel is mostly fluff, but it's so enjoyable it doesn't feel at all like a guilty pleasure. It's just pleasure. Only near the end does the main character do something so stupid that I had to put the book down and walk away. I know authors are supposed to keep their main character in trouble to keep readers interested, but this particular bit of trouble was self-inflicted and extremely irritating, the only part of the novel that was legitimately unpleasant to read. (It's the part about Jun's gun. Jun forgives him too easily, and that didn't quite read true, either.) I understand authors want their characters to be imperfect, but this section of the novel was the only part that kept me from giving the plot a score of 10. Despite that, the novel gets back on track within ten pages or so, and the remainder of the novel is as entertaining as ever. I wasn't completely crazy about the identity of the mysterious caller, but I expect other readers will like it well enough. The novel was so entertaining that I'm definitely interested in reading more of the author's work."

Aubrey Grant lives in the tropical paradise of Old Town, Key West, has a cute cottage, a sweet moped, and a great job managing the historical property of a former sea captain. With his soon-to-be-boyfriend, hotshot FBI agent Jun Tanaka, visiting for a little R&R, not even Aubrey’s narcolepsy can put a damper on their vacation plans.

But a skeleton in a closet of the Smith Family Historical Home throws a wrench into the works. Despite Aubrey and Jun’s attempts to enjoy some time together, the skeleton’s identity drags them into a mystery with origins over a century in the past. They uncover a tale of long-lost treasure, the pirate king it belonged to, and a modern-day murderer who will stop at nothing to find the hidden riches. If a killer on the loose isn’t enough to keep Aubrey out of the mess, it seems even the restless spirit of Captain Smith is warning him away.

The unlikely partnership of a special agent and historian may be exactly what it takes to crack this mystery wide-open and finally put an old Key West tragedy to rest. But while Aubrey tracks down the X that marks the spot, one wrong move could be his last.

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Fur and Fangs: Volume 1-10

"This was a cute, fun, thoughtful read. The writing flows wonderfully, and the author does a marvelous job with representation and diversity. I enjoyed it immensely."

Riley is a werewolf from rural Georgia, trying to make a new home in the bustling Big Apple. Isabeau is a sexy, computer-savvy vampire dealing with depression and recovering from a bad relationship. When a chance meeting on the subway brings them together, their lives will never be the same.

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A Bittersweet Garden

"The interwoven threads of all the characters, both past and present, are just about pitch-perfect."

"This book drew me deeply into its world so much so that I felt I was having the dreams the protagonist was having and feeling the misty rain and sparkling sunshine as she walked and rode around this new-but-familiar bit of Ireland.  It even made me want to watch the movie that’s central to it to immerse myself further into this world.  The weaving of the generations-old Irish ancestry, the fae realms, the slow and natural evolution of romance, the deep family ties, the finding one’s true self, connecting to the earth, all those elements made for an amazing journey that will stay with me."

Nora McNeill has always dreamed of exploring her Irish roots. When she finally gets the opportunity to spend a summer in the village where her grandparents grew up, the experience promises to live up to her very high expectations. Except for the ghost that is haunting her rented cottage and is soon invading her dreams.

Briana Devlin has arranged her life the way she likes it: a good dog, good mates, and work with horses. There’s no room in her life for a relationship. Especially with an annoyingly clumsy—and attractive—American who is only going to be around for a few months.

The weeks fly by, and Nora’s ghost becomes more demanding, seeking her help in solving the mystery surrounding her death. Briana watches as Nora becomes more wrapped up in the past, seeming to fade away before her eyes.

Past and present are on a collision course, leaving Nora and Briana caught in a ghostly intrigue that could cost them not only their chance of a future together, but their very lives.

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Just a Touch Away

"Nice easy flowing romance with well written characters. Loved the lake setting. This author continues to delivery awesome romance to the genre."

When a family tragedy strikes, successful children’s book author Lindsey Marist withdraws from her world. Barely coping with day-to-day living, she isolates herself in her cabin. Her troubled mind seems unable to write another uplifting children’s story.

Artist Cloe Parsons struggles to sell her work. She supplements her income by helping out at her parents’ grocery store. Trips to deliver Lindsey’s groceries spark a friendship between the two women that evolves over the course of a summer. When the longtime illustrator of Lindsey’s books retires, the door opens for Cloe to step in and be hired to illustrate Lindsey’s next release.

As they work together on each page of the new book Cloe has urged Lindsey to try, Lindsey and Cloe grow closer. Will Lindsey be able to break free from her sadness and follow her heart? Will Cloe finally take a chance on love that is just a touch away? A relationship between the two seems ideal, but will it happen? Can it happen?

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The Things That Come

"In the first couple of pages, when it turns out the main character is a murderer, I thought about not continuing on at all. But I did keep reading, and I read every word. The book is quite good. That first, horrible scene ended up quite moving. Granted, there were far too many typos and missing words throughout the book, but the writing style itself was so strong that I was willing to put up with it. The cast of characters was diverse—gay, bi, straight, men, women, white, black, and Persian. We had a Catholic, a Muslim, and others whose religion we didn’t know. Characters were stock boys, nurses, students, infants, and prostitutes. None of it felt forced. The diversity felt natural, with characters both happy and upset about the diversity. The most striking aspect of any of the characters was that of the main character, who was schizophrenic. I’m no expert, but I have a friend of thirty years who has schizophrenia, and the author created dialogue and behavior that seemed authentic. The main character is also a cutter, and I’ve known cutters, too. This behavior was also described in a realistic way. And I appreciated that these “faults” were not dealt with as negative, just problems to be dealt with. When strange or potentially sappy or cliché events happened, the author gave the characters realistic thoughts and dialogue that should keep most readers from groaning. I see from the list of other books by this author that they often write about paranormal characters. The relationship of two “investigators” who join up with the FBI to help the main character deal with regular assaults by “the things” is similar to the one in the TV series “Good Omens” (though it looks like this book was written before the series aired and does not seem to be an imitation). I personally would have preferred characters whose supernatural status wasn’t grounded in religion, but that’s just my own bias showing. We never do find out what “the things” are, but I do wish the author had come up with a more captivating title. It’s appropriate enough once you read the book, but I think the lackluster title might keep some readers from picking it up in the first place. The novel was interesting and entertaining, well worth my time. I think most other readers will enjoy it, too."

David never wanted to hurt anyone, but he didn't ever think he'd ever be made to choose between his own mutilation or someone else's life. With a threat like that hanging over his head, he returns to his hometown and reconnects with the one person who might believe that the things that come to visit him some nights aren't just another hallucination.

Between his current predicament, an active serial killer, the still-unsolved murders of his classmates in high school, and trying to make his life livable again, David isn't headed down an easy path. He'll need all the help he can get and with a past like his, it isn't easy to ask.

Lucky for him, an old friend and a new one join together to help David keep himself, and others, out of danger. Or, they do the best they can while trying to stay off the radar of the police, FBI, and whatever it is that's been making David's life a living hell.

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Desire Returns for a Visit: Intimate Poems about Lesbian Love

"The poetry in this book was a bit hit and miss for me but as I was judging it overall, I give it an outstanding rate."

"The author wrote with lyrical, beautiful sentences that painted pictures in my mind. Her choices in style and presentation were fabulous."

"[Sandra de Helen's] book of poems is a great way to read a truthful, witty, poignant memoir about lesbian love."
Judy Grahn, Ph.D., poet, writer, trailblazer

"I didn't need to read beyond the first line of the first poem in Sandra de Helen's collection Desire Returns to know I'd be loving this book: "Wearing makeup is as unnecessary as / painting crickets." What a fanciful imagination. What a cohesive, splendidly ordered body of work.

It's not often I find poems that speak so directly of and to my lesbian heart. Love poems all, even when love kicks and confuses, this poet portrays the lesbian core.

Nor does de Helen speak to lesbians only. The universality of love, erotic desire, heartbreak, romantic struggle, all are here. From the poem "Donations" comes this lovely metaphor: "My pail of dreams has been tipped out." She allows her gentle humor free reign, as in a poem about falling for cast-off lovers.

Sandra de Helen is a fine poet, by turns earthy, erotic, ethereal, funny, a lesbian herstorian, a lover, a beloved. Her poems will be loved as well."

Lee Lynch, novelist, essayist, short story writer, trailblazer

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Honey From the Lion: A Love Across Time Story

"This is my favorite type of story to read. Jackie North has, with her fabulous pen/keyboard, transported me to a wonderful world. I felt the chill Laurie felt, felt the frustrations John felt, and mostly, felt the love that slowly (although all within a week) grew between the two men. This was totally enjoyable and recommend it for anyone who loves reading about time travel. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the antics of these two precious beings. I will be checking out the rest of the series and will most definitely be reading this one again and again. Bravo, Jackie!"

"I stumbled with the first few chapters, having a hard time settling into the story, but then absolute magic happened. I could not put this book down. I was swept back in time to 1891 when life was far simpler and yet dangerously harsh. The arrogance of Laurie and gruffness of John made for realistically flawed characters. The 'ghost' story at the beginning set the stage incredibly well - you knew what was coming and it hooked me in with a desperate need to keep turning the pages to see how this would all end. PS - Not the way you think, but in every way you hope. Brilliant. Ms. North goes onto my 'auto-buy' list."

"I love the time travel aspect of this story.  The historical side of it felt very realistic, was wonderfully detailed, and very easy to visualise. I enjoyed the contrast between the reality of the past, and the way it was portrayed in the present. I loved both Laurie and John’s journey as they slowly opened up to each other, and Laurie’s shift from needing to get home to the present, to his realisation that his future was in the past with John.  The author’s writing style is very easy to read, flows well, and kept me turning pages to find out what happened next."

Soulmates across time. A love that was meant to be.

In present day, Laurie, tired of corporate life, takes a much-needed vacation at Farthingdale Dude Ranch.

The very first night a freak blizzard combined with a powerful meteor shower takes Laurie back to the year 1891. When he wakes up in a snowbank, his only refuge is an isolated cabin inhabited by the gruff, grouchy John Henton, who only wants to be left alone. His sense of duty prevails, however, and he takes Laurie under his care, teaching him how to survive on the wild frontier.

As winter approaches, Laurie's normal fun-loving manner makes it difficult for him to connect with John, but in spite of John's old-fashioned ways, the chemistry between them grows.

Sparks fly as the blizzard rages outside the cabin. Can two men from different worlds and different times find happiness together?

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A Crown of Violets

"I loved the fact that this book gave both the French and then the English translation for each poem—I found it very interesting. I liked the poems as well."

"Beautiful explorations of the complexities of a full spectrum female love — joyful, tortured, expectant, unrequited. Brave and unabashed. Also, the translation sparkles, bringing the verse dancing to life on the page. Absolutely wonderful."

Renée Vivien (née Pauline Mary Tarn, 1877-1909) was an English expatriate who made her home in Paris during the Belle Époque. In 1903, Vivien’s collection of translations and adaptations from the Ancient Greek poetry of Sappho became one of the first works of modern European lesbian literature to be published by a lesbian writer under her real name. This courageous act was the death-sentence of her literary career. Parisian critics who had praised the mysterious “R. Vivien” as a young man of poetic genius began to snub at first and then simply ignore the newly un-closeted woman poet. Even in the face of ridicule and disrespect, Vivien continued to write and publish poetry, short stories, translations, plays, epigrams, and a novel based on her real-life romances with Natalie Clifford Barney and the Baroness Hélène van Zuylen van Nyevelt van Haar (née Rothschild). Vivien’s poetry is now available in English translation by Samantha Pious: A Crown of Violets (Headmistress Press, 2015).

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Blood & Bitcoin: Organized Crime (Criminal Delights Book 4)

"I enjoyed this book. It was fun to read a story about an two heroes who live on the darker side of the moral compass, but are still very relatable and working for the greater good in their own way. The plot had movement, action, and some good old fashioned heat. The world felt very real."

Chris Emmett has a talent for screwing up and landing on his feet. As a SEAL, he managed to evade bullets and court-martials alike. As an FBI agent, he dodged danger and disciplinary action—right up until he didn’t.

With his career and freedom hanging in the balance, he’ll do whatever it takes to clean the slate… including an off-the-books deep cover solo mission.

The objective: infiltrate the Hive, a complex crime syndicate operating on the dark web, and find out who’s trying to kill Piker, the organization’s enigmatic and strangely alluring modern day Mob boss.

The moment he’s pulled into the Hive, Chris enters a world where no one is what they seem, including the man he’s there to protect. Lines blur between moral and wrong, legal and criminal, ally and foe, and—as Piker’s seductive magnetism draws Chris in—straight and queer.

Chris is running out of time to stop a killer. He has dangerous feelings for a dangerous man, and the deeper he moves into the realms of organized crime, the less he knows and the fewer people he can trust.

And that’s before he learns the truth about Piker’s assassin.

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