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Excerpt: On Call: Dancing by P.D. Singer

On Call: Dancing by P.D. Singer
Release Date: 03/2009
Publisher: Torquere Books
Publisher Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=96&products_id=2584

Blurb: “It’s all a prelude to the horizontal tango,” Dante tells Keith, and drags him to the dance club, two left feet or no. Work has a way of chasing this doctor and vet couple down. The victims of a car crash need their help more than they need a night out. But a night in, tending an injured dog, can be filled with landmines… and music.


Dante followed me into the apartment and lounged on the bed, watching me change clothes. "You clean up nice, too, you know," he said as I pulled on the tight jeans. "It might be me getting into fights over you."

"Yeah, right." I made a face at him and dove into the black silk T-shirt he'd brought along.

That brought a throaty chuckle. He stood up in order to help me tuck the tails in. I wanted him to pull them out again -- his hands on my hips and his mouth on mine fueled my desire. "Look at yourself." He turned me toward the mirror and stood behind me, his dark face visible over my shoulder. "Better haircut, looks good." He trailed a hand over my cheek. "Getting a lot of loving: happy face. All that gym time shows, lots of definition here, and this nice tight shirt to show it off..." He ran his hands down my torso to my hips. "Don't you dare start sending signals like you might head to the back room with anyone, or there will be fights."

"Clinging like a barnacle to your hand won't send that sort of signal." That was another thing that concerned me: what kind of gaffe would I commit? I put my hands over his where they rested near my groin. "Hey, are you going to want to dance with anybody besides me?" I met his eyes in the mirror.

"Maybe an old friend or two." He turned to study my neck briefly before nipping it. "I won't leave you stranded -- those vultures would pick you off before the song ended." He thought. "What about you?"

"Just you." I didn't even want to dance with Dante, but he wanted to dance, so I'd dance. Unless I distracted him first...
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