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On Call: Dancing by P.D. Singer

The second short story about Dante, the vet, and Keith, the doc, is again a mix of naughtiness and commitment to their relationship and their professions.

They are still new to their relationship, and one night Dante comes out with the proposal to go dancing; this is something that surprise Keith, since he is not exactly the type to frequent night club. This is probably the nicer thing of this short story, the proof that this is a real relationship based on love more than convenience: when they met Keith and Dante didn’t have in mind to start a long term relationship, but the relationship catches them, it’s love at first sight, and they can’t fight it. Now, some weeks later, reality starts to enter the relationship, and they start to know each other like men and professionals other than like lovers.

In this short story enters also the issue of the interracial relationship: Keith falls in a stereotype sentence, and Dante is a bit taken aback from that, but it’s something that they can manage to overcome without too much sweat. But again, it’s a nice touch, another proof that they are indeed real characters and not only romance lovers.

The On Calls short stories are both really nice, and I would suggest to read them together, or at least at short distance.


Series: On Call
1) On Call: Afternoon: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/977660.html
2) On Call: Dancing

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Tags: author: p.d. singer, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: medical, theme: multicultural
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