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Give and Take by Anne Brooke

Anne Brooke has the ability to tell you an entire life in a short story. David is a 45 years old man; he is handsome and wealthy, but he is lonely; his long-lasting life partner, 13 years of life together, has died 2 years before and David has spent this time mourning. But now David realizes that Patrick is dead, but he himself is still alive, and he needs the human touch. With strong determination, David plans a night out, and he also plans to come back home with someone, not the first man he will meet, but at least someone that could be a good bedroom companion for one night.

Problem is that David, even if almost middle age and successful, gave me the idea of not being a leader. From bit pieces of memories here and there, we understand that Patrick was the leader in their relationship, and David related to him for the most important decisions, but also for their everyday routine. Now David is unbalanced: he is not a desperate middle age man without any chance to find a lover, but David has not the inner strength to be the initiator of a sexual innuendo. And if he thinks to find a partner in a night club where most of the patrons are 20 something boys, he is on for a big delusion.

But David is lucky, since he connects with Jeff, the barman, that even if younger, appreciates the union of a handsome older man who likes to be ordered around; probably Jeff finds strength in being the top of someone so obviously above him, in so many level, age, wealth, culture…

Nor David or Jeff are searching for a long-term relationship, and maybe that is not what they will find, but in the end, David’s age and experience will make their appearance, letting the reader knows that, even if David likes to be on the bottom, he is clever enough to understand that it’s a tricky game of illusion when your partner is so younger than you.


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Tags: author: anne brooke, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: may december, theme: silver romance
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