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Never Say Never by Jenna Byrnes

As most of you know, I’m not really fond of full D/s story, the whole 24/7 lifestyle, the loosing yourself into another, even if in doing that you find your true self and happiness. So usually I prefer my D/s stories to be a little on the edge, more towards play than real life. Never Say Never, for the same words of the two men involved, is like that, Adam and Nick love to play submissive and Sir in bed, but also to maintain their independence in life.

Adam was a dormant: he had a good relationship with Mitch, 5 years long, but then suddenly, Mitch left. I think it was a consequence of mistakes from both side, Mitch was no alone in doing them. Adam is independent, a good guy, good job and education, he was probably better than Mitch in many things; if he was able to make Mitch believe he was needed and loved, maybe Mitch would have not left. But instead Mitch was almost scared by Adam’s perfection. And in fact, no later than one year after Mitch’s abandonment, Adam has another lover, Nick, and this time Nick is surer, stronger and more successful than Adam, and he doesn’t need from Adam reassurance on his own merit.

Nick is a Dominant, but also a switcher, he decided that the submissive role was no more for him, and now he is searching his own sub. Adam fits the role, and they start a good relationship, Nick satisfying all Adam’s needs, but maybe is not the same on the way around. Even if Nick doesn’t clearly state it, I think he still needs sometime to not being in control, and maybe, he also needs challenges that Adam, in his perfection, doesn’t give him. When Mitch enters again Adam’s life, he seems the solution: Mitch can have Adam, since Adam has another man in his life to make him feel good as submissive, something Mitch was not able to do; on the other hand, seeing Adam in a submissive role, helps Mitch to forget his lacks of dominance in their relationship; and finally, being Mitch a rebel, and not so easily dominated, it’s at the same time the challenge Nick needs, and the Dominant by the side that can top Nick, something Adam would be never able to do.

Again this is a case of a perfect ménages a trois, since none of the men paired together one by one would work, but in a triplet they fulfil each other needs.


Amazon Kindle: Never Say Never (Rose and Thorn Society)
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (November 30, 2009)

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Tags: author: jenna byrnes, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: menage

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