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ALYSON BOOKS (http://www.alyson.com/)
Captain Harding's Six Day War: A Novel by Elliott Mackle
Spreadeagle: A Novel by Kevin Killian

AMBER ALLURE (http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/)
Apres Me by Chevon Gael
Skipping Stones by D. J. Manly
You And Me And The Moon by Pepper Espinoza
Fantasmic Tales: Poppy Rider And The Glass Shards by Adrianna Dane
Be The Air For You by T. A. Chase
Hot and Sticky by Keta Diablo
Love Is Snowblind by Deirdre O'Dare
Master Bear by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks
Allegro Vivace by Cat Grant
Only His Heart by Shawn Lane
The Back Stairs by KC Kendricks
(Boys Of The Zodiac) Gemini: The Wicked Things by Pepper Espinoza
The Cop And The Drifter by Christiane France

ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS (http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/)
Golden Boys by Amber Green
In and Out by L.B. Gregg
Dark Designs by Luisa Prieto

BELLA BOOKS (http://www.bellabooks.com/)
Above Temptation by Karin Kallmaker
Robber's Wine (Jane Lawless Mystery, A) by Ellen Hart
When Shadows Turned to Night: The Motor City Thriller Series Finale by Therese Szymanski
The Oaks Of McCord by Mary Eaddy
The Long Trail by Penny Hayes
Up, up and away by Catherine Ennis
In For A Penny (A Bay Tanner Mystery) by Kathryn R. Wall

BOLD STROKES BOOKS (http://www.boldstrokesbooks.com/)
Nightshade by Shea Godfrey
Vieux Carre Voodoo by Greg Herren
Wind and Bones by Kristin Marra

BREATHLESS PRESS (http://www.breathlesspress.com/)
Eternity by Christina Jade Loren

CHANGELING PRESS (http://www.changelingpress.com/)
Spirits of Abaddon: Sanctified by Mychael Black
Screen Scene: Surrender by Willa Okati
Live Action Hero (Collection) by Mary Winter
The Pridelands 6: Achan's Peace by Jade Buchanan
Troll's Blog (Collection) by Shelby Morgen
Man vs Wild by Lena Austin
Cookies by Sarah Black
Bedtime Stories: Raising Caine by Reneé George

CLEIS PRESS (http://www.cleispress.com/)
Best Sex Writing 2010 by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission by Rachel Kramer Bussel
A Sticky End: A Mitch Mitchell Mystery by James Lear

COBBLESTONE PRESS (http://www.cobblestone-press.com/)
To Have A Warrior by Marie Dees
Inferno: Triple Thrill by Anna Leigh Keaton

DREAMSPINNER PRESS (http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/)
Tainted Blood by Sam C. Leonhard
Touch by Clare London
And Is Never Shaken by Alexi Silversmith
Finding Zach by Rowan Speedwell
Necking Anthology edited by Julianne Bentley
Letter Z by Marie Sexton
Snared by JL Merrow
Memoirs of Colonel Gérard Vreilhac by Anel Viz
Hidden Treasure by V.B. Kildaire
Refining Limits by Nicki Bennett & Ariel Tachna
Everything Under the Sun by Rachel West
Condor and Falcon by John Simpson
Dragon Streets by Jeff Pearce
Joe and the Prince by P.A. Friday
In His Arms Again by Lisa Marie Davis
Risk Worth Taking by Carolyn LeVine Topol
Two Marked Men by Roland Graeme
Mortal Enemies by J.L. Farnsworth

ELLORA’S CAVE (http://www.jasminejade.com/)
Divine Redemption by Jory Strong

EXCESSICA (http://excessica.com/)
Blood Run Cold by Aleksandr Voinov and Raev Gray
Love is the Color of Blood by Tessa Buxton
Navigator's Log by J.M. Snyder
One of Us by J.M. Snyder
Star-Crossed by J.M. Snyder
Strapped Tight by habu
Subtropical Trilogy 1: South Seas Adventure by Kenn Dahll
Test of Faith by Aleksandr Voinov and Raev Gray
The Bard's Song by J.M. Snyder
Wrong Man by Sabb

EXTASY BOOKS (http://www.extasybooks.net/)
Sessions by Annie Alvarez
Golden Fox and the Three Behrs by Jojo Brown
Out of Balance by Stephani Hecht
Deep Probe by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly
Down on the Farm by Stone Richards
Carnal Intentions by Stephani Hecht
Creed by A. J. Llewellyn
The Game by Laura Tolomei
Seduction in Paradise by Tianna Xander
The Training of Tanya by Bruce McLachlan
Miranda's Misconduct by Ali Atwood

FREYA’S BOWER (http://www.freyasbower.com/)
Life After by Jaime Samms

LETHE PRESS (http://www.lethepressbooks.com/)
Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories by Sandra McDonald
The Unborn Spouse Situation by Matt Rauscher
Bearotica: Hot & Hairy Fiction by R. Jackson
Tales My Body Told Me: A Novel by Wayne Courtois
Treasures of the Talmud: An Inspirational Introduction by Solomon Levy
Inheritance by Steven Reigns

LIQUID SILVER BOOKS (http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/)
Lap Dance by Veronica Wilde

LOOSE ID (http://www.loose-id.com/)
Fugitive Color by Z.A. Maxfield
Man and Wolf by Kate Roman
In the Company of Men: Silent Lodge by Lynn Lorenz
Casa Rodrigo by Johnny Miles
Dancing with Venus by Roscoe James
Mobry's Dick by K. Z. Snow
Havoc by Linda Gayle
Heartsong by S. W. Vaughn

LOVEYOUDIVINE (http://www.loveyoudivine.com/)
Let The Games Begin by Barry Lowe
Strawberries and Cream at the Plaza by Ryan Field
The Unusual 5: The Capture by Sarah Masters
Marine Biology by Barry Lowe
The Unusual 4: The Obsession by Sarah Masters
Carbon Dating by Barry Lowe
The Talisman - The Unusual, Part 3 by Sarah Masters
Twice in a Blue Moon by Arika Lee
Dreams Come True by Bryn Colvin
The Reporter - The Unusual, Part 2 by Sarah Masters
A Verdict for Love by Monica Conti
Imagined by Cheri Crystal
The First Kill - The Unusual, Part 1 by Sarah Masters
Blinded by Sarah Masters
Leslie Goosemoon Rides Again by Giselle Renarde
Murder at the Green Lantern by Alex Morgan

MANIFOLD PRESS (http://www.manifoldpress.co.uk/)
ALOES by Chris Quinton
END OF THE TRAIL by Jane Elliot
SEA CHANGE by Chris Quinton

MLR PRESS (http://www.mlrbooks.com/)
The Good Thief by James Buchanan
Dark Designs by Luisa Preito
Word on a Wing by Jamie Craig
The Temple of Skanda by Roland Graeme
The Code by David Juhren
Cheating Chance by James Buchanan

NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING (http://www.nobleromance.com/)
Dark Court: Monte's Marines by Stormy Glenn
Last Gasp Anthology by Erastes, Chris Smith, Charlie Cochrane and Jordan Taylor
Echoes of Possibilities by A.B. Gayle, DC Juris, Stevie Carroll and Jenna Byrnes
Elven Journals: Unseen Paths by Scarlet Hyacinth

P.D. PUBLISHING (http://www.pdpublishing.com/)
Nigredo by Alex Mykals
Turn For Home by Lara Zielinsky
Natural Order by Moondancer Drake

PHAZE BOOKS (http://www.phaze.com/)
Repertoire by Mychael Black
Willing and Able (Binary Stars Vol. 3) by Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason
Picture Perfect by Jack Greene
Crossroads: Shadowland by Keta Diablo

RAVENOUS ROMANCE (http://www.ravenousromance.com/)
Lawrence by Gregory Norris
All About Yves by Ryan Field

REBEL SATORI PRESS (www.rebelsatori.com)
If Jesus Were Gay & other poems by Emanuel Xavier
CONTRABAND, A novel by Charlie Vázquez

RESPLENDENCE PUBLISHING (http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/)
Hell on Wheels by Carol Lynne
Handcuffs and Leather by Kim Dare

SAMHAIN PUBLISHING (http://www.samhainpublishing.com/)
Lessons in Trust by Charlie Cochrane
Nine-tenths of the Law by L.A. Witt
Tatterdemalion by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

SHADOWFIRE PRESS (http://www.shadowfirepress.com/)
Angels & Demons 4: Inner Demons by Auburnimp
English as a Sexual Language by Kris Klein

SILVER PUBLISHING (http://silverpublishing.info/)
A Loving Hart by Leiland Dale
Brothers Without Borders by Leiland Dale

SIREN PUBLISHING (http://www.sirenpublishing.com/)
THREE MEN AND A BOUNTY [The ManLove Collection] by Gigi Moore
THE STAGERS by Louisa Neil
HIS SUB'S SUBMISSIVE [Club Esoteria 1] by Cooper McKenzie
SARASOTA STEAM [The LOST Collection] by Tessa Monroe
KANSAS HEAT [The Jenny Penn Collection] by Jenny Penn
CHAMELEON WOLF [Delta Wolf 1] by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn
COWBOY BOOTS AND UNFINISHED BUSINESS [Sequel to Cowboy Boots and Untamed Hearts] by Natalie Acres

SMASHWORDS (http://www.smashwords.com/)
Stay by Clancy Nacht

TORQUERE BOOKS (http://www.torquerebooks.com/)
The Last Paladin 4: The Rites of Spring by Vaughn R. Demont
Boy Under the Bridge by Eden Winters
No Strings Attached by Lisa Worrall
The One That Broke Free by TC Blue
The Second Season by Lee Pulaski
Brown: Grisaille in Sand and Sunset by Molly Brown
Pool Hall Green by Sara Bell
Patrimony by Glyn Soitino
Ex Games by Kate Roman
The Green Man by JL Merrow
Glitter and Dust by Camilla Bruce
Downed Fences by Kate Roman
Obsidian: What You Wish For 2 by Alex Jacobs
Smoke: Askari by Lee Benoit
Propositioning Pollyanna by Penelope Friday
Secret Skin by Sean Michael
Pomegranate by Vic Winter
Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters
Unleashing Angel by Mel Spenser
Pleasing Michael by Stormy Glenn
Devil's Eyes by GR Richards
Twice Blest (A Bonded Story) by Jay Lygon
Ring My Bell by BA Tortuga
Sage by J. Rocci
Toy Box: Submission by Sean Michael
Zimaya Heights by Stevie Woods
8 Seconds on the Mountain by PD Singer
Forces of Nature by Lily Grace
A Hidden Magic by Angela Benedetti
And Hell Itself Breathes Out by AR Moler

TOTAL-E-BOUND (http://www.total-e-bound.com/)
Retribution by Jambrea Jo Jones
Gay Pride by Kim Dare
Taming Black Dog Four by Carol Lynne
Forever Mine by Jude Mason
Practice Makes Perfect by Jenna Byrnes

UNTREED READS PUBLISHING (http://www.untreedreads.com/)
Of Sound and Silence by Casey Dyson
Bite This! By Wade J. McMahan
And Then There Were Two by Jude Mason
Clea’s Moon by Edward Wright
A Life Worth Living by Odette Pollar
The Zagzagel Diaries: Denial by Bryl R. Tyne
Roads Through Amelia: The Beast and The Forgotten Tribesman (Book 1) by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy
The Secret Thoughts Of Leaves by Anne Brooke

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