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Surrender (Screen Scenes 1) by Willa Okati

The previous series, Screen Shots, finished, all the men paired, now Willa Okati has enough material to play, and so from a shot she moves to a scene ;-) The new spin off series starts using the same couple who was in the first book, college guys Cody and Aaron, former roommate, now lovers and also start of the 20SomethingTwinks, the online p**n website where sex is fun and good, more a thing of boys at play than real business.

Katherine, the owner of the company, wants to film on special locations… but no, don’t think she is ready to send her guys all around the world, it simply means that she redecorated the barn outside the farmhouse they are using as headquarter, and she wants to send Cody and Aaron out to play, like a mother would do with two unrequited boys.

Not only that, she will let them free to experiment, and so there would be no director or assistant, only them, two bodies and a camera. When Cody and Aaron arrives on the new location they are immediately ready to start, sex between them is still good even if they are doing it in and out the work field; but there is a little surprise: Guillermo, one of the new twink who is auditioning for the website, is there to see, and maybe pick up the courage to try something more than a solo in front of the camera. It’s a right choice for Willa Okati to choose Cody and Aaron as training ship for Guillermo, they are probably the more “ordinary” of all the 20Something Twinks, and above all they are also a couple in real life; Guillermo needs to be assured that what he will do in front of the camera is natural and good, something he would do anyway for his personal pleasure; it’s not a “real” job, it’s more playing and being happy while gaining some money doing it.

Right for this attitude of the guys, the strong feeling that they are happy and good, I don’t mind if there is not exclusivity between the different couple. It’s clear they are enjoying themselves, as it’s clear that, once they ends the “day” work, two, or three of them, will go home together, and continuing being happy. When they will be no more 20 something twinks, they will have someone beside them with whom they will share the rest of their life and choose what they will do, maybe franchising another p**n website!


Series: Screen Shots
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Series: Screen Scenes:
1) Surrender

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Tags: author: willa okati, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: menage, theme: show business

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