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Fallon’s Jewel by Sedonia Guillone

Kenji is a young beautiful man without memory living in a post apocalypse out of Earth planet. He has no memory of his past but one thing he is sure of, he is waiting for Mr Right: world can crash down, millenniums can pass, but Mr Right is still the strongest force to motivate the people with a pure and innocent heart.

Even if Kenji is working as bartender in a lap dance bar and bordello, he seems detached from what happens around him; he is kind and gentle with everyone, but, even if he has desires, like any other young man, he can’t bring himself to satisfy them, at least not until Fallon enters the bar. Kenji is always dreaming of an handsome fellow who is saving him, and Fallon seems to perfectly play the role. An Intergalactic Space Patrol officer, Fallon has just arrived in Terran A during his usual lap; recent widower, his partner has died in an accident two years before, Fallon is not really searching for solace, but Kenji is sweet and tempting, like a forbidden fruit. After only one night together, Fallon knows he will do everything to protect his “jewel”, his beautiful and precious Kenji.

This is your classical adventurous romance, with the protective hero, Fallon, who has to play his role with the damsel in distress, Kenji. Fallon is not exactly an Alpha man, he is not so stubborn and callous, and actually sometime he is more Han Solo than Luke Skywalker, but in the end he is able to do the job. The story has also its funny moments, especially when we “meet” Fallon’s parents, a Manchester housewife with the body of a quarterback and her “couch potato” husband: Fallon has not exactly aristocratic origins, all the opposite of his refined and gentle lover, Kenji, that even when has no memory of who he is, is able to behave, and even dress, like royalty.

The author has for sure a fascination with everything from the East, culture, religion, fashion; it’s clear in her description of Kenji and Kenji’s people custom: she put it in contraposition with Fallon’s culture, highlighting how Kenji represents peace and balance, but Fallon is strength and passion. A mix of both of them, represented by their relationship, is the perfect solution. Fallon has to protect Kenji, and what Kenji represents, even at the expenses of his own happiness.

Even if this should be an adventurous romance, with the crash-bum-bang of intergalactic fights, sometime it seemed more a video game, with the easy safety exits if you play the bonus; I haven’t really had the feeling that Fallon and Kenji were really in danger, it always seemed like they were able to find a way to escape. And then, both of them seemed more interested in what they could share in bed, then what actually was happening outside. In any case, even if the sex was plenty and good, the romance was always more, and romance “kisses”, with the damsel running into his hero arms, were plenty available all along.


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