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Nemo propheta in patria

that, if you don't know latin, means: "Nobody is a prophet in [their] homeland". Or at least it's true if you don't have a friend like Ryan Field (ryan_field). He told me sometime ago he was asked for an interview from an Italian reporter, a woman; when he told me her name, I went searching and found she worked for L'Espresso. Probably if you are not Italian you don't know it, but this is one of the most important news magazine in Italy, more or less like Time magazine in the US. It's a mix of politics, economics and also actuality.

So it's with a great pleasure that today I found the online version and tomorrow I will rush to buy the paper one. For once they even spelled my name correctly.

I'd like to be in the reporter's mind: she went on the other side of the ocean to interview an author on a new "trendy" genre, the Gay Romance, and the author told her that he daily read an Italian blogger! And the reporter probably is wondering who this blogger is, since most of the time, despite my very bad English, people don't understand that I'm actually Italian and living in Italy.

If you want the link to the article it's here:


But it's in Italian. I will try to translate the last second question, the one where Ryan Field told the Italian reporter about me:

What are your references for Erotica?
"I honestly have none. I try not to read other authors so as not to be influenced. But I'm a fan of Anais Nin. She is wonderful: a classic. I also read many blogs about love stories between men. I love the Italian reviewer Elisa Rolle, whose blog I read every day."
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