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LGBT Ebook and Print Releases October, 2010

AMBER ALLURE (http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/)  
The Beach House by Shawn Lane
Troy's Surrender by K. M. Mahoney
Between A Rock And A Hard Place by Clare London
The Club At Cool Harbor by Christiane France
Inhabiting The Night by Carolina Valdez
Trust Your Tutor by Lilith Grey
The Wild Bunch: Stace by Deirdre O'Dare
Xu by A. J. Llewellyn
Camp by G. R. Richards
One-Eyed Jacks by India Harper
(Boys Of The Zodiac) Scorpio: The Heart To Help by Jamie Craig
Tough Guy by Bryl R. Tyne

ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS (http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/)  
Dudleytown by L.B. Gregg

AWE-STRUCK PUBLISHING (http://www.awe-struck.net/)  
Perfect Score by Susan Roebuck

BELLA BOOKS (http://www.bellabooks.com/)  
Sharpshooter by David Healey

BOLD STROKES BOOKS (http://www.boldstrokesbooks.com/)  
nevermore by Trinity Tam and Nell Stark
Playing the Player (Amigas Y Amor Series) by Lea Santos
Whatever Gods May Be by Sophia Kell Hagin

BOLDEN BOOKS (http://www.agatepublishing.com/bolden/)  
Straight from your gay best friend by Terrance Dean

CHANGELING PRESS (http://www.changelingpress.com/)  
Big Balls and Trouble by Sarah Black
Bloody or Nothing: Villain Tamed by by Kate Hill
Dark Reign: Found by by Mychael Black
Wolfman: Apocalypse by Brannan Black

CHEYENNE PUBLISHING (http://www.cheyennepublishing.com/)
Prove a Villain by K.C. Warwick
A Dangerous Man by Anne Brooke

CLEIS PRESS (http://www.cleispress.com/)  
Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women by Clancy Nacht
The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus 2e by Margaret Cho and Violet Blue
Beautiful Boys by Richard Labonte
Passion by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Best Women's Erotica 2011 by Violet Blue

COBBLESTONE PRESS (http://www.cobblestone-press.com/)  
Bound in Stone by Jay Di Meo
Outcasts 3: Unleashing Ciaran by Cassandra Gold
The Other: Book Two, Invoking Darkness by Jamieson Wolf

DREAMSPINNER PRESS (http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/)  
Get What You Need by Janey Chapel
Trust Me by Jeff Erno
Vamp Camp by Wynn Wagner
Rain by L.A. Witt
Wolf's Head Inn by John Simpson
Perilous Partnership by Ariel Tachna
Last Snow of Winter by Ian Muise
Guarding the Vampire's Ghost by Amy Lane
Model Student by Shae Connor
Branded by Clare London
Myths and Magic: Legends of Love
Well Traveled by Margaret Mills & Tedy Ward
Core Training by Andrew Grey
Kindling Fire with Snow by Kate McMurray
Irreversible Error by Wolf Phoenix
Lost Treasure by Kate Sherwood
Howl by Lacey-Anne Frye
Shadowlands by Charlie David
Back to the Dream by Felicitas Ivey

EXCESSICA (http://excessica.com/)  
Starting Over by Kenn Dahll
Devilment by Habu
Samhain by Kenn Dahl
One Night in December by Terry O'Reilly

EXTASY BOOKS (http://www.extasybooks.net/)  
Unicorn's Peril by Mark Alders
Getting her Ladder in a Twist by Aleisha Brown
Code Blue by Stephani Hecht
Seduced by A. J. Llewellyn
Finding Passion by D. J. Manly
Cum And Get Me by Zenina Masters
Stud by Brigit Zahara
Hope of the Spirit by Mark Alders
Murder in Times Square by Mykola Dementiuk
The Third Floor by Stephani Hecht
The Dirty Dozen by Richard Higgins
LAID 3 by A. J. Llewellyn

FANNY PRESS (http://fannypress.com/)  
Finding Sanctuary by D.C. Juris

FEATHERWEIGHT PUBLISHING (http://www.featherweightpublishing.com/)  
Wrestling With Desire by D.H. Starr

JMS BOOKS (http://www.jms-books.com/)  
Susan Slutt, Girl Dick by Kate Emburg & Michael G. Cornelius
Rough Road to Happiness by Drew Hunt
A Hero Is Never Too Old by J.T. Marie
Ministry by Terry O'Reilly
Vince by J.M. Snyder
The Custodian and Mr. Chapel by Terry O'Reilly
Wanna Cyber? by J.M. Snyder

LETHE PRESS (http://www.lethepressbooks.com/)  
Best Gay Stories 2010 by Jameson Currier, Jeff Mann, D. Travers Scott, and Jay Michaelson
Cowboys Can Fly by Ken Smith
A Twist of Grimm by William Holden
If the Spirit Moves You: Ghostly Gay Erotica by Dale Chase

LIQUID SILVER BOOKS (http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/)  
Not Seeing Is Believing by T.A. Chase
Hallowed Bond by Eresse

LOOSE ID (http://www.loose-id.com/)  
Electric Melty Tingles by K.Z. Snow
Almost Heaven by Kimberly Gardner
Public Lives, Private Pleasures by Adrianna Dane
Back to Normal by Wren Boudreau
Out of Bounds by Viki Lyn
The Station by Keira Andrews
Blacque/Bleu by Belinda McBride
Jesse by Jan Irving
You're Invited by Roxy Harte
The Emperor's Wolf by J.C. Owens
Dangerous Ground 3: Blood Heat by Josh Lanyon
MIA Case Files: Blood Relations by K.C. Burn
Black Cat Ink by Nicole Kimberling

LOVEYOUDIVINE (http://www.loveyoudivine.com/)  
The Gravy Train, Second Course: Salad Days by Barry Lowe
The Timekeeper - Cain Berlinger
Sir, Yes Sir - Ryan Field
Memories - Cain Berlinger
Seeing Things - Barry Lowe
Cuff Divers - Giselle Renarde
Never Take Candy From Strangers - Barry Lowe
The Major and The Miners 3: Joshua's Story - Barry Lowe
The Gravy Train, First Course: In the Soup - Barry Lowe
Dead Sexy - Bryn Colvin
Twins By Birth, Not By Choice - Jennifer Wren
The Devil His Due - Barry Lowe
Desire and Deception - Dalia Craig
Just Call My Name - Cain Berlinger
Flashing Lace - Bryn Colvin
The Major and The Miners 2: Desperate Remedies - Barry Lowe
March Wyndam - Cain Berlinger
Missing Jackson's Hole - Ryan Field
Buck's Night - Barry Lowe
Heaven and Hell – Bryn Colvin
Kevin Loves Cowboys - Ryan Field
Virgin Skin - Bryn Colvin
Flesh for Fantasy - Barry Lowe

LYRICAL PRESS (http://www.lyricalpress.com/)  
Like Pizza and Beer, sequel to Like Coffee and Doughnuts, by Elle Parker

MLR PRESS (http://www.mlrbooks.com/)  
Shifting Sands, Anthology, by Jet Mykles, Kimberly Gardner, J.L. Langley, Willa Okati, Brenda Bryce & Ally Blue
Dear Parker, Boys Reformatory Series #1, by William Maltese
Pintor, Boys Reformatory Series #2, by William Maltese
Tony, Boys Reformatory Series #3, by William Maltese
The Final Curtain by Victor J. Banis
Foxe Tail, #1 in the Skyler Foxe Mysteries, by Haley Walsh
Between Darkness and Light by P.A. Brown
Cold Winters by AKM Miles
The Perils of Praline by Marshall Thornton
Vigil by ZA Maxfield
Tricks by Rick R. Reed
circuSEX, a one-handed read, by William Maltese
Sno Ho by Ethan Day
Bottoms Up by William Maltese
One Fire, One Ice by Jason Edding

NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING (http://www.nobleromance.com/)  
Merger By Lydia Nyx
Spoils of War By Kari Gregg
A Ghoul Like You By JL Merrow
Bite Here Too By Stormy Glenn and H.C. Brown
Trick and Treat By Martin Delacroix

P.D. PUBLISHING (http://www.pdpublishing.com/)  
Stanley Gets Stuck by Paul Drummond and Al Warner

PHAZE BOOKS (http://www.phaze.com/)  
Corruption by Jack Greene
The Consort by Misty Malone
Her Majesty's Maiden by Michelle Houston
A Guide To Magical Cant by Shayne Carmichael
Onikoroshi by Augusta Li and Eon de Beaumont
Use Your Illusion by Jade Falconer
Lichess by Kev Henley

PINK PETAL BOOKS (http://pinkpetalbooks.com/)  
Sunstroked, Tales of the Darkworld Book 6, by Lex Valentine
Grounded, Sequel to Spinning, by Jaime Samms
Sky Rat by Angelia Sparrow

RAVENOUS ROMANCE (http://www.ravenousromance.com/)  
Rapture in Rome (European Flings) by Adam Carpenter
Desperate Husbands by Adam Carpenter
The Virgin Billionaire's Wedding by Ryan Field
Barbarian by Chloe Stowe
Passion in Paris by Adam Carpenter
The Way We Almost Were by Ryan Field

REBEL SATORI PRESS (http://www.rebelsatoripress.com/)  
THE MIKVAH QUEEN, The Award-Winning Novel By Jennifer Natalya Fink

RESPLENDENCE PUBLISHING (http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/)  
Handcuffs and Headlocks by Kim Dare
Ellery's Duty by Kim Dare
Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle

SAMHAIN PUBLISHING (http://www.samhainpublishing.com/)  
The Brass Box by K.M. Mahoney
The Trap by Indigo Wren

SHADOWFIRE PRESS (http://www.shadowfirepress.com/)  
Tricks N Treats: Bad Candy by Katica Locke

SILVER PUBLISHING (http://silverpublishing.info/)  
Spencer’s Secret by Joyee Flynn
Jaynell’s Wolf by Amber Kell
The Elevator Mechanic ( Workplace Encounters #1 ) by Serena Yates
To Kiss a Demon by J.L. Oiler
Moments by R.J. Scott
Fallen by Pia Veleno
Silent Knights by Galen Stanley
Home Sweet Home by John Simpson

SIREN PUBLISHING (http://www.sirenpublishing.com/)  
HOT WIRED by Betty Womack
BLOOD LUST [Delta Wolf 3] by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn
IN ALIEN ARMS by Ellen Starr
WINGS OF MOONLIGHT [Deadly Mates 2] by Scarlet Hyacinth
BIGHTMARES [Deep Space Mission Corps 2] by Tymber Dalton
THE MASTER'S PET by Stormy Glenn
LYNNE'S LOVE TRIANGLE [Twisted Sex Games] by Missy Lyons and Cherie Denis

STORM MOON PRESS (http://www.stormmoonpress.com/)  
Cast the Cards edited by S.L. Armstrong

TORQUERE BOOKS (http://www.torquerebooks.com/)  
Azul: Bailame by Lee Benoit
Lime Green: Margarita Mondays by TC Blue
Dream a Little Dream by Amylea Lyn
Now I Could Drink Hot Blood, A BBA Menage Novel by AR Moler
Youthful Gods, Book One: Pretty Pleasures by J. Rocci
And Hell Itself Breathes Out by AR Moler
Chile: Desert Lobo, a BBA Menage Story by BA Tortuga
Mr. Snowflake by Elana Hawk
Road Trip by Alyx Shaw
Where There's a Will by BA Tortuga
Dragonwalker by Lee Benoit
Copper Country Gold by Taylor Lochland
In Starlight by M. Raiya
Seducing Susannah, A BBA Menage Story by Berengaria Brown
A Jolly Good Idea by Syd McGinley
Flight by Amanda Steiger
Lemon Balm: Through the Woods by Misa Izanaki
Toy Box: Make-Up with stories by Sue Brown, Miza Izanaki, and Syd McGinley
Unbound: Bonded II by Jay Lygon
A Chance Meeting by Mara Ismine
Rude Mechanicals by Syd McGinley
First Blood, A Hunter's Compilation by Meg Leigh
Mine edited by SA Clements with stories by Sue Brown, Lauren P. Burka, JL Merrow, Josephine Myles, Lydia Nyx, M. Raiya, Kate Roman, Julia Talbot, Gabriel West, and Cari Z.
Taken edited by KIL Kenny with stories by ND Drake, JL Merrow, Josephine Myles, Giselle Renarde, and BA Tortuga
Burnt Orange: Sooner or Later by Dallas Coleman
Olive Green: The Imperial Cat by Kate Cotoner
Velvet Dragon by Sean Michael

TOTAL-E-BOUND (http://www.total-e-bound.com/)  
Gayish by Kim Dare
Capturing Perfection by Trina Lane
Cattle Valley: Making the Grade by Carol Lynne
House of Simeon by D.J. Manly
Crossed Hearts by Lisabet Sarai
Why Jay Ran Away by Jade Archer
Discovering the Actor by Serena Yates
Elliot's War by Kim Dare
Eat Me by Mia Watts
Pride and Joey by Devon Rhodes

UNTREED READS PUBLISHING (http://www.untreedreads.com/)  
Hostages at the Kitchen Table by Corie L. Calcutt
VENUS OF THE METRO by Rodolfo Peña
5 by Jesse S. Greever
Chasing Can Be Murder by June Whyte
That Little Piece of Fluff by Rich Jax

VARSITY PRINTS PUBLISHING (http://www.varsityprints.com/)  
All Gays Go to Heaven by Reece Wyman Manley

THE WILD ROSE PRESS (http://www.thewildrosepress.com/)  
All The Right Moves by Tory Richards

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For Authors: If you would like to post an excerpt, please contact me.
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