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Bending the Rules by Jack Greene

In this short story by Jack Greene I had two confirmation: he likes pretty boys and romance. By the plot, and some of his previous story, I was sure on the first, but the romance was more a surprise.

In less than 25 pages, if you want to fit into it a good sex scene, usually the romance is a bit neglected. And so, as soon as the two met, I was there waiting to see when they would move on the dirty part of the story. Since they met in a gym, I thought the showers was a good place; but the shower scene arrived and passed without them doing nothing. Then they planned a dinner, and the two of them inside the same car was another good place, but they arrived to the restaurant and nothing happened. Then the dance club and still nothing. I finally realized the author was writing a full romantic story, with an old style courtship, and sincerely the sex was not his main target. Now don’t get me wrong, there is sex, and it’s good, but it’s the icing on the cake, not the main course.

Of the two men, the pretty boy, Kieran, yoga instructor, in all his oddity made by eyeliner and lipstick, was in a way the most classical character for a M/M romance; who instead was more original was Zach, personal trainer: usually this type of character is not famous for being smart or courteous. Zach not only is smart enough to avoid unneccessary involvement with people he works with (both customers than colleagues), but also to understand when someone important crossed his path so to do an exception. Plus Zach is sure of himself so much that he has no problem to admit that he can be attract by a man, and when he is, to act upon that attraction.


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