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Blood Fruit edited by James EM Rasmussen

The Lure of Dangerous Women by Shanna Germain (F/F): Michelle and Beth are not exactly an happy couple, both of them probably wanting for something the other doesn’t. In New Orleans to follow Michelle’s job as reporter, Beth meets a dangerous woman, someone who can well be the destruction of her relationship with Michelle, but not for the most obvious reason. I questioned if Beth really loves Michelle, or if what happens is not something that, unconsciensly, Beth was asking; Beth is regretting to have to depend on Michelle, she wants something to inspire her to paint again, maybe even at the expense of her relationship.

A Different Kind of Monster by TA Moore (M/M): Sol and Peter are lovers, but none of them is with the other for a love reason; Peter craves Sol’s immortality as a vampire, Sol craves Peter’s beauty, but where Peter’s desire is totally selfish, I think Sol chose Peter also since the man is a beautiful exterior with little to save inside. In a way Sol is doing a favor to humanity, he is cleaning the world from trash, even if it’s a beautiful trash.

Just Past Winter by Nathan Sims (M/M): Marcus is Joshua’s prisoner, but he is not really an unwilling prisoner; if Joshua, as Alpha of his pack, tried to impose himself on Marcus, Marcus probably would accept him, since Marcus has the concept of hierarchy well imprinted in his mind, and a wolf has to always submit to his Alpha. On the other hand the Alpha has to protect his pack, and he has always to take the best decision for his pack, not for himself. That is the reason why Marcus will refuse Joshua when the Alpha will try seduction with him, and instead will surrender to a forceful approach. Not sure if I can really understand Marcus’s attitude, but it’s probably the law of nature.

Hemophobia by Trent Roman (M/M): actually this is not an M/M, since there is not relationship between Connor, a vampire with hemophobia, and any other character in this funny little story; and in a way, this is not really an horror story, since I found it more light than horror. For my personal taste, I think this was my favorite of the whole anthology, I really liked Connor, and I think he would be a wonderful character for a longer novel.

The Diarist by Mark Silcox (M/M): Leo and Mitchell are apparently a perfect couple, working together in a antique bookshop and living upstair. But then one day Mitchell buys the library of an old man and among the books they find the man’s diary, a diary that has a strange fascination on Leo, like if he was reading his same life.

After All by Laramie Dean (M/M): Danny is happy now with Gregory, more than he was with Joe, but even if he was the one to break up with him, he was regretting not having the chance to “close”: Joe is dead in a car accident, he didn’t give time to Danny to really forget him, he is gone so suddenly that everythink was bad in their relationship now seems not so important, and instead the regret is eating him alive. But is it really Joe’s ghost that Danny is seeing, or is it more his coscience wanting to find a way to pacify himself?

Happy Anniversary by Stephen Osborne (M/M): Perry and Max are a recently couple and Perry doesn’t know everything of his boyfriend’s past; for sure he doesn’t know that Max had a previous boyfriend that comminted suicide when Max left him. A year from the event, strange things start to happen, and while Perry is scared, Max seems to underestimate Neil’s wrath.

Tombstone by Raymond Yeo: Nicholas and Simon are centuries old and they have a partnership that seems unvincible, but even centuries old partners can have problem; Simon is tired, maybe he would like a more ordinary life, he would like for Nicholas to be less of an hero and more of a lover. Only that, even if Nicholas is not searching for challenges, challenges seem to reach him. Now Simon has to choose, since he will realize that they are strong since they are together. This is probably my second favorite story of the anthology, probably since, in its twisted way, it’s also an happily ever after of some sort.

Captive Magic by Garry McLaughlin (M/M): again this is crepy little tale but with an happily ever after. Brian and Scott are an happy couple if not for Mr Bannister, the old neighbor; Brian doesn’t like him but Scott thinks he is an harmless old man. More, when Brian refuses to help him, and the morning after they find out Bannister is dead, Scott is even a bit disappointed with Brian. But they haven’t realized how dangerous Bannister is, now that he is dead more than before when he was alive. Third favorite in the anthology.

Hollow by Jamie Freeman (M/M): Theo is apparently a quiet man, but he has hidden desires, desires that he cannot satisfy with a normal relationship, something that his colleague Elliott would be more than happy to offer him.

For Her Eyes by Quinn Smythwood (F/F): Angeline is poor and desperate, more or less at the same time she meets Dee, a simple waiter, and Elisabetta, a beautiful woman; the fascination for an easy life will lead Angeline to make the wrong choice, even if she could have had good, if not wealthy life with Dee.


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