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Faerie Christmas by Katica Locke

This is not the fairy tale I was expecting to read, and for one of the characters this is an unlucky event.

Ezarali is a seddryn sidhe, a special breed of fairies raised to be a special sexual gift to important people. But unfortunately for Ezarali, the man who receives him as a gift is not interested in his new toy and Ezarali is passed from hand to hand until he falls into a nightmare: Ezarali that was yes taught how to please a man, but that was a virgin waiting to gift his Master with his innocence, is raped and taken in captivity, worst than an animal. After months of this life he manages to run away, only to be taken again and sold to another human Master, Nathan.

Nathan’s story is almost unbelievable, but this is a fairy tale, so nothing is impossible; Nathan was an ordinary man, living an ordinary life until the day he witnesses a car accident and the tragic death of another man. Nathan is struck by something unknown and he starts to have “feline” urges and to hear a voice inside his head; not long after that, special alien agents come to his house telling him that he has to be relocated, that his life on Earth has to end, that he will be taught to be the werecougar he is now. In the new facility where he is moved, Nathan is alone and loneliness is even worst when Christmas is coming, Nathan misses his family and friends. Another guest in the facility thinks to make him happy gifting him a special pet, Ezarali.

This is an allegory of how you have to be careful to give someone a special gift, like a living being, if the other one is not interested or not caring. Ezarali was a special gift, someone to take care of; he has no the core, or the strength to be alone, and he is imprinted with the idea that what his Master wants, his Master will have, that what his Master does his right, even if it hurts or Ezarali doesn’t like it. Moreover, if the Master is not happy, than it’s Ezarali’s fault. Ezarali is not a simple character, and the reader cannot pretend from him to be strong or independent, it’s not part of Ezarali’s culture to be like that. Ezarali is something of beautiful and fragile and he needs the right environment to shine.

Nathan probably is not the right Master for him, but at least he is kind and caring. He is not rich or powerful, and he is not a faerie, but he knows what it means to be alone, and he has a gentle heart, and I don’t think he will ever do something to hurt Ezarali’s feelings. Now having sex with him the same day, without neither waiting for Ezarali to settle in, well, that maybe was not so considerate, but maybe it was a problem of story’s length, this is only a novella, or maybe Nathan did the only think that would convince Ezarali that he is wanted.


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Tags: author: katica locke, genre: fantasy, length: novella, review, theme: elves, theme: seasonal romance, theme: shapeshifters
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