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Puppy Love 2: Building a Family by Jeff Erno

I had a strange fascination with the first book in the Puppy Love series even if I found some of its part a bit too much “strong” for me (all the watersports sex scenes were just too much); the strange thing of that book is that I want to recommend it, but I have always to warn people, and sincerely, I’m not sure of the feedback I will receive. In the end Puppy Love 1 still surprise me, since, all in all, even the most “conservative” people like it (and with conservative of course I meant traditional romance reader, who usually doesn’t like BDMS themed story).

I think that Jeff Erno has a very strong and original voice, something that it’s not easy to find around, and above all, he is not afraid to write the characters as he felt them; this is both an his own merit, but I think also of his publisher who basically doesn’t “edit out” the most controversial side of those characters. Puppy Love is not a restyled series to make it “accessible” and “comfortable” for the wide audience, it’s a full-fledged D/s story and it has not to make amend for being like that.

Another original aspect of this series is that Matt and Petey are in a deep D/s relationship without using the usual tinsels other stories and authors used to prove the point; right there is a collar, and there is a lovemaking that is for sure not “ordinary”, but Matt and Petey are a Dom and a sub because they chose to be, not since they dress the role. This is probably even more unsettling for the reader who is newby to the D/s world, since Matt and Petey are really living 24/7 their relationship, and for them it’s essential not only for their relationship but for their own well-being. Matt is not a Dom since he likes to be or he chooses between a role or another, he is a Dom since he was born like that; Petey is not a sub since he wants to please Matt or since he likes to be a cherished pet, he is a sub since he feels it deeply inside himself. Petey has really a concept of caste and social level, and he doesn’t really feel bad when Matt orders him around since for Petey it’s right, and normal, and good, Matt is a superior and like a superior he has the right to be on top. Even when Matt is wrong, or better when he is wrong for the common opinion of who is outside their relationship, Petey still thinks he is right, since Matt has never hidden who he is and what he thinks. Sincerely if you are an a**hole in plain light, for me this doesn’t mean you are not, but again, this is me and I’m not into that relationship.

A proof that Matt and Petey are born like that, Dom and sub, and that is not a choice but a need for them, is that they are really young. No one has taught them what to do or the boundaries of their relationship, they are learning together, from field experience. They have friends and some of them can give them advice, but in the end, they are building their own family, their own relationship, their own balance. Can be good, can be wrong, but it’s their choice.

I’m not sure I can say that I like Matt; I still cannot comprehend him and his choice. Since I have always had a soft spot for who, apparently, is the weaker man, I think I like better Petey, but still sometime I would like to shake him up. Probably I’m a bit like his sister, who loves him deeply, but cannot comprehend his brother’s choice; nevertheless the love is there.


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