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Life, Over Easy (Fragments 1) by K.A. Mitchell

Due to the matter and the blurb I was not expecting for this romance by K.A. Mitchell to be also a light comedy, but indeed it was; better it was a romantic comedy, with some funny moments, that is even better.

Both Mason than John, for a reason or the other, have lost everything and now they have to find a way to start again. Mason was a nice and simple guy, nothing special, but he got lucky and ended with the best boyfriend during his freshman year, the boy everyone wanted, but only Mason got. They were immensely happy but a car accident put a sudden stop to that happiness. Mason cannot neither have the consolation to not being the one who was driving since he was, and Alex is now dead and Mason is alive. I think it was good, and original, that Mason is yes mourning the loss of Alex, and maybe he is drinking too much, and maybe he doesn’t know how to come out of his depression, but he has not suicidal instinct. True, if he could choose, he wanted to be the one dead, and Alex alive, but this is not, and Mason is not thinking to kill himself, he only doesn’t know how to start again without Alex.

John was an Olympic diver, two time gold medallist and All-American boy, at least until the moment a accident during practive didn’t put a stop to his career; now he is simply a college student, a bit too old to be simply a freshman, but not enough experienced to be a senior. He doesn’t fit anywhere and he has no friend. Plus he is gay and virgin, and now that he has not to be in the closet due to the homophobic environment he was living until months ago, he wants to get lost of that virginity thing. At a party John meets Mason, and they seem perfect together: John wants to experience everything and Mason seems to know everything John wants to experience; but when they are right there to make John’s dream comes true, Mason passes away for too much drinking and John gets a serious case of blue ball.

That is the first time I smiled reading this novel, but it was not the last. Even if there is an angst undertheme, Alex’s ghost who wants to communicate with Mason, and John who seems to be the perfect carrier of the message, I didn’t really feel like that was the main theme of the story. Maybe it was since not Mason or John gave too much importance to it; maybe it was the setting, a college campus where everyone seems to have fun; maybe it was since Alex wasn’t an angry ghost: all of that and the humor helped in having the comedy feeling more than the drama. And maybe, or above all, it was since Mason and John are young and horny, and they were plenty enjoying these two characteristic: they can argue, they can have opposite idea, but in the end, they were good in bed, and both of them know it; why do they have the waste such good understanding of each other needs with futile details like a ghost or the meaning of life? They are young and they have plenty of time to decide what they want to do in life.

There is a nice group of supporting characters, all young gay guys wanting to love and have fun: Tyler is probably the most outrageous, the one who welcome you with sex to then become your best friend without any jelaousy at all; but also Simon and Drew and even Keith, they all seem nice guys and for all of them I can see a nice story.


Amazon: Life, Over Easy
Amazon Kindle: Life, Over Easy
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (July 5, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1609281764
ISBN-13: 978-1609281762

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Tags: author: k.a. mitchell, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: college, theme: ghosts, theme: virgins

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