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Bus Stop by Pepper Espinoza

This is a sweet and nice romantic novella, something this author make me accustomed to expect. Lealdo and Patrick are probably not the most handsome men you can find around but they are for each other; Lealdo noticed Patrick, the American man who wait the bus at the stop near the coffee place Lealdo goes each morning, but he has never had the courage to talk to him: even if handsome, Lealdo is also shy, he is not really your typical Italian man (who have the reputation to be more straightforward). Then one day Lealdo notices that Patrick is waiting for the bus under the rain, without an umbrella, and that is the perfect haunch for him. Offering shelter to the man under his umbrella is little step to invite him to dinner and from that moment on the story smoothly flows towards a nice and happy romance.

Patrick is new to Rome and Italy, and he is, like Lealdo, a bit shy. He is fascinated by Italian men, but he has never had the courage to do a move. Truth be told, he has not noticed Lealdo before, and he is not exactly the classical darkhaired and intense Italian man that usually make Patrick’s heart flutters, but nevertheless, Lealdo is handsome, and to Patrick, he seems also straightforward, or at least more than Patrick’s himself. It’s probably love at first sight, and Lealdo kind and gentle courtship will conquer Patrick in less than one day.

I like both Patrick than Lealdo, they are probably average guys in an average situation, but they are really nice. It was a delight to read about their first meeting, the awkardness of two people who don’t know each other, but that they would really like to. Strange enough, there was not awkardness in understanding that both of them were gays, and that indead Lealdo was doing a pass on Patrick, a gentle and gallant one, but nevertheless it was clear that Lealdo was interested in Patrick not only in the sake of being gentle towards a stranger.


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