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Healing the Fox by Michelle Houston

I really like this series of short stories by Michelle Houston about M/M shapeshifter lovers. They are not particularly “strange” or original, on the contrary they are quite ordinary, but they feel good and nice. The lovers are extraordinary ordinary mem, and yes, I meant the contraposition in the words. They are extraordinary since they are shapeshifters, in this case fox-shifters, but they are nothing out of ordinary in their day-to-day life. Of course they have a connection with the animal world, in this case Scott is a vet, and thanks to this connection, they are able to recognize each other, but aside from that, they could be your neighboor, your colleague, your friend.

As soon as a wounded fox is brought to Scott’s practice, he knows he is in front of a scared fox-shifter who needs time to heal and a comfortable place where to stay. Scott takes the fox home with him, and both at the practice than at home, he does everything to let it know to the fox that he is safe, that he can shift without worry, that he is among friends.

When finally the fox turns into a handsome young man, a college student, Scott has another issue at hand: he is attracted by the young man, but he doesn’t want to take advantage of his position. Cris, the young man, is a quite guy, even quiter than he was in fox form; he is a mix of temptation and forbidden fruit, a bit submissive and a bit domineering, right the man Scott is dreaming to find as a mate. And when they have sex, Scott immediately understands that Cris is indead his mate, but he doesn’t know if the other man is making love to him out of a wrong sense of grattitude or since he really wants to be Scott’s partner.


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Tags: author: michelle houston, genre: paranormal, length: short story, review, theme: shapeshifters
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