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Necessary Madness by Lisabet Sarai

I’m glad to have read this romance, I like the may/december story, and I have always had a soft spot for the hustler/cop theme, but in Necessary Madness there was something that didn’t ring true to my ears; the description was “too much” in the erotic scenes, even if I like my sex scenes, I don’t like when there is an heavy use of strong/hard words, and so it was in Necessary Madness; even when we are reading what should have been the romantic sex scene (the first time Rob and Kyle are making love), I was taken aback by some words; in particular I didn’t like the use of the word “rod” for Rob’s penis, maybe it’s my fault, I’m Italian and sincerely even in my language there is always a problem to refer to the sex attribute with “romantic” words, but I’m used to find rod in not romantic contest, so maybe that is my problem.

That was my only issue, aside from that Necessary Madness was a strong paranormal romance, almost bordering on horror sometime (especially in the role of the villain). Kyle is a barely legal psychic guy who can foretell the future, but his visions are painful and more similar to a nightmare; for most of his life Kyle has fought them, and of course no one believes him. In the end, Kyle, an orphan, is wandering the streets trying to drow his pain with alcohol.

Rob is a cop but he is not exactly the hero type; he was married and he was cheating his wife that kicked him out; now he is divorced with two sons, but he doesn’t seem particularly depressed by the fact that he cannot see his sons daily, on the contrary, having them on the weekend feels like a chores rather than a pleasure; not a disdainful chores, but more like having to take the dog out, or something like that. Rob is also feeling a little guilt since his own sister was murdered, but her killer was never found; Rob thinks with himself that he wants to find the killer but it’s not like he is doing such a lot, he has the clues in his own home, in 2 small boxes, and he was not able to find anything, and instead Kyle, in only 1 afternoon will find the lead to resolve the mystery. Now, or Kyle is a very good detective, or Rob was not trying so hard.

Anyway, strange as it sounds, I did prefer Rob like that, he was more ordinary, and so, in a way, more realistic. He is not a super-cop, he is a simple man, and like that, he is open to temptation: when he brings Kyle at home with him, he is doing self-training to not being involved, he is too old for the boy, he is a cop and Kyle a drifter and possibly an hustler, he has to help the boy without letting him think he has reciprocate with sex… but as soon as Kyle shifts the cover that very first night inviting him in his bed, Rob is breaking the speed record in entering that bed.


Amazon Kindle: Necessary Madness
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (December 28, 2009)

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