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The Mark of an Alpha by Kim Dare

This was quite an original paranormal M/M romance, a comparison between the D/s relationships and the strict pack order of the traditional shapeshifter romance. In a Dom/sub relationship the roles are quite clear, the Master is the Dom and the pet is the sub, there is no blurry line; the same clear is the structure of a pack, the Alpha is the leaser, the beta and gamma are the enforcerers and the omega is the weaker member, the one who has to be cherished and protected, like a lucky mascotte. So the sub is the same of an omega? That is the dilemma.

Marsdon and Bennett met in a dungeon, two strangers seeking for pleasure, and they have never exchanged names. They both know the other is a werewolf, but that was not part of the agreement and no one asked for an explanation. Marsdon assumed Bennett was an omega, still without a pack; Marsdon was also engaged with the son of an Alpha of another pack, a young Alpha man who will mate with him and help in building a new pack. Marsdon cannot fall in love with Bennett, he is not his chosen mate, he is not an Alpha.

But both Marsdon than Bennett will have a surprise, when they will recognize each other during the mating ceremony: only that now Bennett cannot hide the fact that he is a submissive, that he craves the touch of a Master, and as submissive he is not the right mate for an Alpha.

That is what Bennett has to learn: being a submissive doesn’t mean being an omega, he can be a sub for his Master in the intimacy of their bedroom, and at the same time being part of an Alpha pair and helping his mate in the day-to-day management of the pack. Being a sub doesn’t mean being weaker, being a submissive is a choice, or a need to fulfill your inner desire; instead an omega is born like that, you cannot teach or pretend from him to be an Alpha, or to be strong as an Alpha.

I liked both Marsdon than Bennett, for different reason, even if I found Bennett a bit too much stubborn; Marsdon on the other hand was almost perfect, perfect Master, just the right level of dominance without being violent, and perfect Alpha, willing to sacrifice his happiness for the well-being of the pack but without doubt more than glad when he discovers that he is already in love with his promised mate.


Amazon Kindle: The Mark of an Alpha (Pack Discipline)
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (January 4, 2010)

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Tags: author: kim dare, genre: paranormal, length: novel, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: shapeshifters

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