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Hot-Blooded by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Hot-Blooded did something that it’s almost impossible to achieve in a 50 pages long novella, it made me change idea three time on the story, like it, don’t like it, like it again.

Adam is a young man in love, he craves Jack, and yes, craves is not too much to define Adam’s feelings for the hot club owner; Adam knows Jack is in a relationship, but nevertheless he is searching any breach in that relationship to infiltrate and making it even bigger. When he hears that Dash, Jack’s lover, is cheating him, Adam is there, ready to console him: he manages to have an hot encounter at the club and they partake with the promise of a surprise for Adam in a week time.

The surprise happens to be not for Adam, but for Dash: Adam will be the gift Jack is doing to Dash for his birthday, Jack and Dash will use Adam as a toy; not it’s not that Adam is complaining, Dash is as much as handsome as Jack, but after the sex what will remain to Adam? He wants Jack in his life permanently, not as a temporary f**k.

I will stop here with the blurb, otherwise you will be too much spoiled, enough to say that I liked at first Adam, I really like his eagerness to conquer Jack, even if Jack is in a long-term relationship, and I usually don’t like a cheating man; true is that apparently Jack was the first to be betrayed, and so he is only behaving as a consequences of what Dash has done to him.

I didn’t like so much the turn into a menages a trois, even if Adam was willing and Dash was handsome, I felt too much cold in the situation, like no one was really caring of what was happening. Adam was indead only an object, both Jack than Dash were using for their own private little game. Even if then Jack will do something to redeem a bit his actions, nevertheless it was a bit too much what he did before that.

Moreover, Jack is also a little too much forceful during sex, his only excuse is probably that Adam like it a bit rough; in a normal situation, if Adam had expressed some complaints, I would have probably not condoned Jack, but in this case it seems that Adam like him like that, or maybe he likes him exactly for that reason: Adam has never known his father, he has always had a penchant for older lover and autorative figure, and Jack fit the bill; Adam is not searching a kind and gentle lover, more Jack is rough, and more Adam loves him.


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Tags: author: lizzie lynn lee, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: menage

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