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Save Me From Myself by Cassie Stevens

Save Me From Myself is not a light novel as the setting could let you imagine. Even if Jackson Tate is a fashion designer and Reid Hansen a wealthy lawyer, their story is not made of satin and sequins, and the contrast makes the story both original than a little odd to understand.

Jackson Tate is a former marine (from Marine to fashion designer there is a long stretch…), but from what we can understand it was not a patriotic choice, but more a way to pay his student loans. When he was in the corps he befriended Stan, another young and not so reasoned marine; both Jackson and Stan were scared, but of them didn’t want to fight, and both of them were gay. There was nothing between them, Stan had a man at home, and sincerely he needed more a friend than a lover, but they were close. When Stan dies in action, Jackson is discharged for medical reason (he got injured in the same action) and apparenlty his life can start again. But Jackson’s insecurity and fear follow him at home, he seems always unbalance, always on the edge, always on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He starts to idolize Stan’s relationship with Reid, they had a budding D/s relationship, and Jackson identifies in Reid the only solution for his own trouble.

Problem is that Reid is unconsciously accusing Jackson of Stan’s death: why his lover is dead and another man is alive but not enjoying all he has achieved. Why Reid has to witness to Jackson’s weakness, when if Stan was still alive, he would have enjoyed his life at full? Of course Reid is irrational and as soon as he meets Jackson, on a social meeting, he realizes that the man has no fault, and that indead, he needs Reid in his life.

I think that both Jackson than Reid have some psychological problem that a doctor will probably pinpoint to some specific diagnosis: guilt, insecurity, low self-esteem, identification of your lost lover in the one more near to him… all of them are probably symptoms that a doctor will try to heal. Reid and Jackson instead decide to find a solution between them, entering in a relationship that will bound them with a double knot: it can be their salvation or their destruction, depending on how things will evolve, but for sure from this moment one they will not be able to continue with their previous life.


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