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Gay Since Today (G-A-Y 6) by Kim Dare

Kim Dare is an expert in telling stories of young boys about to become adults; college boys whose life is changing, but they are still so young that any change will be faced with an open mind and a whole lot of prospects for the future.

Tyler is in love with James, but James is straight, or so he thinks. When a friend of him runs telling that he has seen James in their local gay bar and that he is alone, Tyler rushes there to not having the man snatched away from someone else. But sincerely James is there all alone, right waiting for him to come save him from a life in the closet.

That is probably the nicest side of the novel: Tyler is a submissive, or at least he likes to play the role during sex, and he pinpointed James as a Dominant, but truth be told, James is a novice to all gay things and Tyler has to play training ship with him. And sincerely, I didn’t have the feeling that James was really a Dominant, but to me it seemed he didn’t want to disappoint Tyler, a guy he was mooning over for months; if Tyler wants a Dominant, then James will do everything to please him.

James and Tyler are really young and cute, and their D/s relationship is fresh and light; nothing really serious, James and Tyler are playing at being Dom and sub, like they would with a new toy, with all the thoughtlessness of their college years, without really thinking to a future (not that I don’t see a future for them, on the contrary, I can imagine them 10 years from now remembering how happy they were in college together).

There is neither drama, James’s coming out is done wih an easiness that is not so common, but that probably it would be the best way to approach things; James is not exactly the “gay” type, he is more the boy next door, the man every girl would like, and by the way also any guy. Maybe the little fact that he was way more of a gentleman with the girls had to ring a bell in someone mind, but one way or the other, when Tyler put his hand on him, James is prime for the taste and eager to learn more on the gay life. And of course Tyler is more than willing to teach; Tyler is also willing to play according James’s rules, and to follow his pace: if James wants time to come out, Tyler will give it to him. But once James had a taste of Tyler, there is no way back in the closet.


Amazon Kindle: Gay Since Today (G-A-Y)
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (February 1, 2010)

Series: G-A-Y
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6) Gay Since Today

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Tags: author: kim dare, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: college, theme: virgins

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