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A Realistic Romance by Andi Anderson

Actually, this is not really a “realistic” romance, but that is not a bad thing: this novel by Andi Anderson is pretty much a show business themed story about an unlikely love story between a rock star and a librarian, and as always with unlikely romance, the happily ever after is even more romantic.

Merrick is a rock star on the sunset boulevard, even if he is only 32 years old; he needs publicity, and he needs it pretty soon, and the faster way is to join a reality show: he signs to live 24/7 in an isolated cabin with a complete stranger. Of course, since Merrick is a playboy rock star, always with some bimbo beside him, the right choice is to put him together with a gay librarian, that is at the opposite of him. Only that the show hasn’t realized that Merrick is deeply in the closet, and the gay librarian is a pretty little thing that will tempt Merrick from that moment on.

There is really no question that they will have a relationship, neither 1 week and Merrick has already kissed Sammy, and after that is pretty much a short step to a full sexual relationship consumed in the bathroom, the only place where there are no camera and they can take off the microphone… it would be interesting to be on the other side of the television screen, on the mind of the people who are seeing Merrick and Sammy disappear more than one time per day together in the bathroom…

Even if Merrick and Sammy should be at the opposite, actually they are not so much different: they are both young and romantic, and Merrick is not at all the sex, drugs and rock and roll type; true, he smokes and he plays rock and roll, and indead he does also sex, plenty of that, but he has this aurea of lost soul who invites people to cuddle him; he is not able to be mean, and basically he let it go every possible chance of fight; even when he is attacked, he doesn’t react, but he cashes the blow and hurts in silence.

For the above reason, Sammy, that is basically an happy-to-go guy, always with a smile on his face and a very caring attitude, is the perfect partner for Merrick; Sammy is the classical type who is the perfect house-husband, hot dinner always ready, warm body also, and cuddling before, in the middle and after. I didn’t detach in him a mean bone, and neither selfishness or greediness; by the way, both of men will gain a million dollar each from this experience, but no one mentions the money as a reason for doing it, even if, sincerely, it’s an interesting amount that can change the life.

For some reader who thinks the feminine man doesn’t exist, A Realistic Romance maybe is too much: Sammy not only is feminine in body, he has without doubt also a feminine predisposition in his day-to-day life (of the old-fashioned feminine type, the house-wife type) and in bed (he is always the one to receive, in any meaning of the word, sometime it was like, hey Merrick, do you part as a man, I will lie here waiting and enjoying); but as I always say to the detractors of the feminine man, people, believe me, they exist, and are also wonderful men.


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