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Rainbow Awards: Cover Contest - Round 13

Round n°13, 2 rounds to the end, 20 covers still in contest to arrive to the last week with the 10 finalists.

You can vote as many covers as you want but please don't vote more than 15 covers otherwise the selection process will not work smoothly.

Other than the poll, there will be a special jury voting in the cover contest. It will be a jury made all by external guests (no authors, no cover artists, no publishers): they will be of course people with an interest in the art and communication field, but they will be impartial. Their vote will be added to the poll, it will have an higher weight but it will be an addition not in substitution, so the people voting in the cover contest will still have an huge influence in the final result.

First to accept my invite is Dylan Rosser, one of the most famous male model photographer out there: http://www.themaleform.net/

Another judge is Jesse Archer, actor and screenwriter, whose movie "Violet Tendencies" I adopted last year: http://jesseonthebrink.blogspot.com/

Last to join the jury is Jack Mackenroth, athlete and fashion designer, former contendant in Project Runaway: http://www.jackmackenroth.com/

Last week they voted: 16, 34, 83, 146, 148, 160, 162, 179, 379, 397, 426, 512, 513.

I saved all the covers in an external page, I suggest you to open it in another web page and tick the covers on the poll.

Moreover some publishers offered an ebook giveaway to be drawn among who will vote in the poll, so voting you will have a chance to win the ebook.

Last week winners are:

rimasworld  --> Chosen ebook: The Seduction of Moxie by Colette Moody, Bold Strokes Books

isilwath  --> Chosen ebook: Hero by Heidi Cullinan, Dreamspinner Press

joannhali  --> Chosen ebook: The Wish by Eden Winters, Torquere Press

liria [deadjournal] --> Chosen ebook: Sodomy! by Simon Sheppard, Lethe Press

And now please go to see all the amazing covers:

Covers: http://www.elisarolle.com/rainbowawards/2010CoverContest_1_13.htm

and vote in the poll:

Poll #1646956 Cover Contest - Round 13
This poll is closed.

Slot 1

1) A Brush of Wings - Cover Art by Dan Skinner
14) A Risk Worth Taking - Cover Art by Anne Cain
16) A Sticky End - Cover Art by Unknown
34) An Uncommon Whore - Cover Art by P.L. Nunn
83) Can't Help the Way That I Feel - Cover Art by Unknown
131) Dragon Streets - Cover Art by Anne Cain
146) Facade - Cover Art by Paul Richmond
148) Fall of a State - Cover Art by Anne Cain
160) Fugly - Cover Art by Christine M. Griffin
162) Gathering Storm - Cover Art by Catt Ford

Slot 2

179) Held Captive - Cover Art by Mara McKennen
263) Miles and the Magic Flute - Cover Art by Anne Cain
287) Oracle - Cover Art by Reese Dante
351) Sins of the Father - Cover Art by Anne Cain
379) Subtle Bodies - Cover Art by Unknown
397) The Angel of 13th Street - Cover Art by Alessia Brio
424) The Lion of Kent - Cover Art by Angela Waters
426) The Lost Library - Cover Art by Mel Odom
512) Cake - Cover Art by Feimo
513) Cethe - Cover Art by Feimo
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