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Inestimable Blessings by Amanda Young

As expected by a story with a baby in it, Inestimable Blessings can give you the baby cuties, so if you don’t like to ohh and ahh on toddler, you will probably not understand Lee Calder’s desire to be a father at any cost (and with the bills for a surrogate mother that is a saying).

Lee Calder is an average handsome, average wealthy, average old gay guy. An adopted child with the bad luck to loose his foster parents when he was still young, he developed a desire to be a father; due to his loose ends, the desires to be a biological father is even stronger and since Mr. Right is not around, Lee decides to use his mother’s inheritance to hire a surrogate mother. Of course as soon as he has done that, Mr Right pops up out right next door, in the guise of his new very handsome neighboor.

This is a romance, and of course it follows all the romance rules: Mr Hunk next door is of course gay and free and he is more than willing to start a long-term relationship with Lee. Problem is, Finn is also a muscle car mechanic, more the beer than milk type, and a new baby in arrive is probably not a good surprise for him. Lee enjoys some weeks of bliss, but then he has to find the courage to confess to Finn that Lee will be soon a single dad.

While Lee has his originality, and maybe weakness, in being a man that doesn’t accept to be lonely (it’s also probably an aftercome from his own experience), I liked also the contrast of Finn; apparently he is not a family man, but I think that he is exactly that: even if young and still in the age range to play the field, Finn prefers an exclusive relationship and a steady lifestyle; he has an home, family ties, even a puppy.

Yes, puppies, babies, sweet and romance… definitely this is a novel for the romantic heart; maybe not so realistic, with little contrast and contraposition, but nice.

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