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LGBT Ebook and Print Releases November, 2010

A Passionate Engagement by Ken Harvey

AMBER ALLURE (http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/)
(Boys Of The Zodiac) Scorpio: The Heart To Help by Jamie Craig
Tough Guy by Bryl R. Tyne
Island Heat by A. J. Llewellyn & D. J. Manly
Manfred's Curse by Shawn Lane
Tensaw Blues by T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis
Once Upon A Secret by Christiane France
Out On The Net by Rick R. Reed
Pioneers by Lynn Lorenz
Runes Of Revelation by Deirdre O'Dare
What You Don't Confess by KC Kendricks
Caught Looking by Gabrina Garza
Out Of The Rut by Helen Louise Caroll
Beyond Reckless by Ava March
(Boys Of The Zodiac) Sagitarrius: Mr. November by Pepper Espinoza
A Different Breed by Angel Martinez

ASPEN MOUNTAIN PRESS (http://www.aspenmountainpress.com/)
But I Never Said I Didn't Love You! By Andy Dunn

BELLA BOOKS (http://www.bellabooks.com/)
Blind Bet by Tracey Richardson
The Oaks Of McCord by Mary Eaddy
Heart on Fire by Diana Simmonds
Jukebox by Gina Daggett
Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings by Karin Kallmaker
Mother Load: Book Four of the Shaken Series by KG MacGregor
A Far Better Rest by Susanne Alleyn
Aspects of the Heart by Claire McNab
Keeping Up Appearances by Ann Roberts

BOLD STROKES BOOKS (http://www.boldstrokesbooks.com/)
Blood Sacraments by Todd Gregory
Desire by Starlight by Radclyffe
Head Trip by D.L. Line
Mesmerized by David-Matthew Barnes
River Walker by Cate Culpepper
Midnight Whispers: The Blake Danzig Chronicles by Curtis Christopher Comer

BREATHLESS PRESS (http://www.breathlesspress.com/)
Cowboy Crush by Eve Cassidy
Bloodlines by Jessica Lee

BRISK PRESS (http://www.briskpress.com/)
Doublecrossed by Susan X Meagher

BYWATER BOOKS (http://www.bywaterbooks.com/)
Parallel Lies by Stella Duffy

CARINA PRESS (http://ebooks.carinapress.com/)
Island of Icarus by Christine Danse

CHANGELING PRESS (http://www.changelingpress.com/)
Last Call Europe: Black Wolf by Belinda McBride
Marooned by Sharon Maria Bidwell
Hidden Depths by Kira Stone

CHELSEA STATION EDITIONS (http://www.chelseastationeditions.com/)
Circuit, poems by Walter Holland

CIRCLET PRESS (http://www.circlet.com/)
The Bachelor Machine by M. Christian

CLEIS PRESS (http://www.cleispress.com/)
Beautiful Boys: Gay Erotic Stories by Rob Wolfsham
Passion: Erotic Romance for Women by Rachel Kramer Bussel
The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus: How to Go Down on a Women and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure by Violet Blue and Margaret Cho
Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women by Clancy Nacht
Best Women's Erotica 2011 by Violet Blue

COBBLESTONE PRESS (http://www.cobblestone-press.com/)
Inferno: The Game by Anna Leigh Keaton

DREAMSPINNER PRESS (http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/)
An Earlier Heaven by D.W. Marchwell
'Til Darkness Falls by Pearl Love
Not Alone by Sonja Spencer
Transit by Raev Gray & Aleksandr Voinov
username: 7mark8 by Nick Hanson
Taste of Love by Andrew Grey
No Limits by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna
Two Hearts Two Spirits by Michael Halfhill
Path to Forever by Etienne
Sahara Blue by Jan Irving
Hammer & Air by Amy Lane
Unspeakable Words by Sarah Madison
Final Encore by Scotty Cade
Acts of Redemption by Wolf Phoenix
Tooth & Nail by Mary Calmes
Idaho Battlegrounds by Sarah Black
Dress Up by Joel Skelton
Promises and Lies by Rowena Sudbury

Lovestruck by James Servin

EXTASY BOOKS (http://www.extasybooks.net/)
Bound by Blood and Fire by Marianne Guenon
Blood and Alchemy by Stephani Hecht
Banpaia by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly
Centaur's Awakening by Mark Alders
A Tempting Distraction by Stephani Hecht
Fin de Siècle by A. J. Llewellyn
Jake or Jack by D. J. Manly
Cum and Go by Zenina Masters
Country Boy by JC Raefael
Devotion 2 by Blak Rayne
Visionquest by Laura Tolomei

HARPER COLLINS (http://www.harpercollins.com/)
The Sixties, Diaries: 1960-1969, by Christopher Isherwood
Mary Ann in Autumn, A Tales of the City Novel, by Armistead Maupin

INTAGLIO (http://www.intagliopub.com/)
Jaded by Jocelyn Powers

LETHE PRESS (http://www.lethepressbooks.com/)
Housecleaning by Dan Boyle
Binding the god : ursine essays from the mountain south (Bear Bones Books) by Jeff Mann
Best Gay Stories 2010 by Jameson Currier, Jeff Mann, D. Travers Scott, and Jay Michaelson
The Limits of Pleasure by Daniel M. Jaffe
My Name Is Rand by Wayne Courtois
ouver Nights by Hank Edwards

LOOSE ID (http://www.loose-id.com/)
By Your Side by Willa Okati
The Nobleman and the Spy by Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon
A Midwinter Prince by Harper Fox
Friday Night Jamie by Bren Christopher
Breathe by Sloan Parker
Hidden Heart by Thom Lane
Beguiled by Paisley Smith
Black Gold by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid
Where the Heart Is by Elizabeth Silver & Jenny Urban

LOVEYOUDIVINE (http://www.loveyoudivine.com/)
The Gravy Train, Third Course: Whores d'Oeuvres - Barry Lowe
Down the Basement II: Santa Saturday - Ryan Field
Jibóia - Barry Lowe
Christmas On The Rocks - Barry Lowe
Wildfire - Sarah Masters
Help Wanted Clitoris Missing In Action - Cheri Crystal
The Major and The Miners 4: Emerald City - Barry Lowe
The Gravy Train, Second Course: Salad Days by Barry Lowe

LULU PRESS (http://www.lulu.com/)
In This Land The Purple Book - Volume Two By Matthew Haldeman-Time

M&V TAILZ (http://www.allromanceebooks.com/)
Let Them Try Harder by MacLeod and Valentine

MACMILLIAN (http://us.macmillan.com/)
Hate: A Romance by Tristan Garcia

MANIFOLD PRESS (http://manifoldpress.co.uk/)
FOOL'S ERRAND by Chris Quinton
HOMOSAPIEN by Julie Bozza
THRACE by Penelope Friday

MLR PRESS (http://www.mlrbooks.com/)
Honorable Silence, Dont' Ask, Don't Tell Anthology, by Maura Anderson, William Maltese, George Seaton & Lex Valentine
The Tomcat Line Series, Book Two, by Stevie Woods
Sense & Sensuality by J.P. Bowie

NOBLE ROMANCE PUBLISHING (http://www.nobleromance.com/)
Omarati By D.C. Juris
Becoming Men By Martin Delacroix

NU PRESS (http://www.nupress.northwestern.edu/)
Ivan and Misha by Michael Alenyikov

A Dish Served Cold by Andrew Ashling

PENGUIN BOOKS (http://us.penguingroup.com/)
Me by Ricky Martin
The Petting Zoo by Jim Carroll

PHAZE BOOKS (http://www.phaze.com/)
Lichess by Kev Henley
Healing The Beast Within by Jaxx Steele
Love Thy Neighbor by Jack Greene
Dark Leopard Magic by Sapphire Phelan

PINK PETAL BOOKS (http://pinkpetalbooks.com/)
Goodbye Scrooge by Jaime Samms

POWERHOUSE BOOKS (http://www.powerhousearena.com/)
The Night is Still Young by Tomoaki Hata
Letters To Ryan by Edward Steinhardt

PURPLE SWORD PUBLICATIONS (http://purplesword.com/)
First Christmas by Diana DeRicci

QUOTE EDITIONS (http://quoteeditions.com/)
Toss and Whirl and Pass by Shawn Stewart Ruff

RANDOM HOUSE (http://www.randomhouse.com/)
Sal Mineo by Michael Gregg Michaud
Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan & Rachel Cohn
Hide/Seek, Difference and Desire in American Portraiture, by Jonathan D. Katz

RAVENOUS ROMANCE (http://www.ravenousromance.com/)
Ricky's Business by Ryan Field
The Prince's Groom by KT Grant
Nightbodies by Eric Del Carlo

REBEL SATORI PRESS (http://www.rebelsatoripress.com/)
PLAYING BY THE RULES by Justin Crockett Elzie

RESPLENDENCE PUBLISHING (http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/)
Handcuffs and Trouble by Kim Dare
Clandestine by Dakota Rebel

SAMHAIN PUBLISHING (http://www.samhainpublishing.com/)
Second Helpings by Scarlet Blackwell

SEAL PRESS (http://www.sealpress.com/)
Dear John, I Love Jane, Women Write About Leaving Men for Women, by Candace Walsh & Laura André, PhD

SHADOWFIRE PRESS (http://www.shadowfirepress.com/)
Will Work for Blood by Katica Locke
Through Neon Eyes 3: Promises 1 by Michael Barnette

SILVER PUBLISHING (http://silverpublishing.info/)
Silent Knights by Gail Stanley
Fallen by Pia Veleno
Love’s Denial by Joyee Flynn
My Girl by Stormy Glenn
Home Sweet Home by John Simpson
Moments by R.J. Scott

SIMON & SCHUSTER (http://books.simonandschuster.com/)
Kay Thompson, From Funny Face to Eloise, by Sam Irvin
Unbearable Lightness, A Story of Loss and Gain, by Portia de Rossi

SIREN PUBLISHING (http://www.sirenpublishing.com/)
CORRUPT CRAVINGS [The Soul Collector 2] by Jennifer Salaiz
FOR THE LOVE OF ANNA by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
BREAKFAST BY THE SEA by Destiny Blaine
STEFAN [The Marius Brothers 3] by Joyee Flynn
HEART SONG [True Blood Mate 1] by Stormy Glenn
ETERNITY [Sequel to Intensity and Complexity] by Berengaria Brown
CATNIP [CatTales] by Mynxe L. Silles
OVER THE EDGE [Kaldor Saga 2] by Scarlet Hyacinth
PASSION PROJECTED by Jennifer Salaiz
BUSY [Caveman Love 1] by Cherie Denis
ELYSIA'S PASSION by Robin Gideon
DIVINE GRACE: SEIZE THE DAY [Divine Creek Ranch Collection 1] by Heather Rainier

SPUYTEN DUYVIL (http://www.spuytenduyvil.net/)
White, Christian by Christopher Stoddard

TORQUERE BOOKS (http://www.torquerebooks.com/)
Dogged Pursuit by Berengaria Brown
Aquamarine by Sara Bell
Splash by KIL Kenny
Lady Caroline's Reward by Berengaria Brown
Better Late Than Never by Misa Izanaki
Dance of Seduction by Jamie Lowe
Between Us by AKM Miles
Faster Than the Speed of Light by Lucius Parhelion
Mother May I by Drew Zachary
Euphorbia by Glyn Soitino
Defining Moments by Giselle Renarde
Waiting in the Wings by Cassidy Ryan
The Lion's Share by Dianne Fox
The Silver Knight by Kate Cotoner
Vanilla: The Dominant Ingredient by Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde
Toy Box: Bondage Mitts edited by M. Rode with stories by LD Madison, Sean Michael and G.R. Richards
Dorian's Story by Stephanie Vaughan
The Thunder-Horse
Tipping the Balance by Rob Rosen
Licorice Whips by Sean Michael
A Change of Tune by JM Cartwright
Eternal Investigations by Nancy M. Griffis
Life or Something Scary Like That by TC Blue
Life Changes Everything by TC Blue

TOTAL-E-BOUND (http://www.total-e-bound.com/)
Contact Point by Gwendolyn Cease
Ethan's Freedom by Jade Archer
Liquid Crimson by Carol Lynne
Strength of a Gamma by Kim Dare
Rough Riders by Devon Rhodes
Quinn's Blessing by Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason
Wet Your Whistle by Devon Rhodes
Vagabond Heart by A.J. Llewellyn
Highland Gaymes by Carol Lynne
Good Cop, Bad Cop by Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason
Finding Elliot by Serena Yates
Blood Relations by J.P. Bowie
Stealing Rain by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly
House of Phineas by D.J. Manly
Cattle Valley: To Service and Protect by Carol Lynne

UNTREED READS PUBLISHING (http://www.untreedreads.com/)
NEVER USE A CHICKEN and Other Stories by Jim Newell
The Annex by Jesse S. Greever
The Secret Ingredient by Bryl R. Tyne
The Unleavened Truth by Darryl A. Forman
PUMPKIN LIE by Lorraine Sears
BLZ by K.G. McAbee
The Killer Wore Cranberry by J. Alan Harman
Discount Noir edited by Patricia Abbott & Steve Weddle

VANILLA HEART PUBLISHING (http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/)
Imperfect by L.E. Harvey

WAVE BOOKS (http://www.wavepoetry.com/)
The Book of Frank by CA Conrad

ZUMAYA BOUNDLESS (http://www.zumayapublications.com/)
Ceasar’s Fall by Dorien Grey

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For Authors: If you would like to post an excerpt, please contact me.
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