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Lokas (2008) directed by Gonzalo Justiniano

Charly is a homophobic man who discovers that Mario, his own father, is gay. Against his will, Charly have to deal with the tender relationship that Mario develops with his grandson Pedro.

Director: Gonzalo Justiniano

Writer: Rodrigo Bastidas (screenplay and idea)
Gonzalo Justiniano (co-writer)
Julio Rojas (storyline consultant)

Release Date: 7 March 2008 (Miami International Film Festival, USA)
3 April 2008 (Chile)

Genres: Comedy

Taglines: My padre es homofóbico, mi abuelo es gay. Yo soy Pedro. (My father is homophobic, my grandpa is gay. I'm Pedro)

Storyline: Charlie (Rodrigo Bastidas) harbors a deep prejudice against homosexuals. But he learns a valuable lesson when he reconnects with his estranged father. In a bind, he and his 9-year-old son move in with his dad, who, as it turns out is living with a man. In fact, the two are in love. Charlie is at a crossroads: rage on and continue hating, or, in deference to his open-hearted son, finally discover the beauty of tolerance.

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Cast (in credits order)
Rodrigo Bastidas ... Charly
Coco Legrand ... Mario
Raimundo Bastidas ... Pedro
Fabiola Campomanes ... Liliana
Rodrigo Murray ... Flavio
Juan Pablo Sáez ... Julián
Eliana Vidiella ... Sra. Lucy
Gabriel Prieto ... Mireya
Elena Muñoz ... Profesora
Magdalena Max-Neef ... Amiga de Liliana Bar Lokas
Claudio Valenzuela ... Gonzalo
Francisca Merino ... Mujer Sueño
Alvaro Pacull ... Supervisor Automotora
Renato Munster ... Ex Novio de Liliana
Matías González ... Mario Joven
Rodrigo Muñoz ... Rodrigo
Cristián Sánchez ... Talalo
Claudio Olate ... Coreógrafo
Paula Jullian ... Madre de Pedro
Diego López ... Amigo de Pedro
Paula López ... Enamorada de Pedro
Fernando Cociña ... Subsecretario
Ignacio Santa Cruz ... Peluquero
Alejandro Cid ... Preso Gay
Fernando Acuña ... Empleado Tienda de Mascotas
Antonio Díaz Vera ... Peluquero 2
Marcos Alejandro Araya ... Tipo del Quiosco
Cristian Mendoza ... Hombre Bar 1
Gonzalo Hevia ... Hombre Bar 2
Eduardo Cristi ... Hombre Bar 3
Bernardo Martínez ... Piloto Aeropuerto
Daniel Figueroa ... Joven Lokas
Gabriel Adúnate ... Barman
Aline Blanc ... Novia Galería de Arte
Jorge Díaz ... Tipo del Quiosco 2
Rodolfo Cepeda ... Calvo
Cristian Temer ... Fisicoculturista
Christian Michelsen ... Novio del Piloto
Juan Harrington ... Policía Mexicano 1
Ricardo Harrington ... Policía Mexicano 2
Paulina González Climent ... Enfermera
Nicolás Moreno ... Bailarín Lokas
Guillermo Cáceres ... Bailarín Lokas
Anita Soledad Rodríguez ... Nana Casa de Lucy

Charly & Mario

Tags: gay romance movie

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