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Chain-Male by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks

Chain-Male is a little kinky novella, but the kinkiness is all in the fantasy, nothing too much or too far from a nice and romantic story. Chad is 26 years old graduate student working as librarian on campus (yeah, the classic theme of the virgin librarian...); he is painfully shy and even if he has a strong libido (his sexual fantasies are: often, good and plenty) he has never had the courage to make a move on another guy; he is virgin and cute, ready to be picked by the right guy.

Jace is in the same course were Chad is auditing; ponytale and working men hands, but neat and precise, he stirs up Chad’s fantasies, and Chad doesn’t even know that Jace, with his secondary job as old-fashion and kinky jeweler, is a perfect hero for his historical re-enactment dreams.

Chad is quite obvious in his interest for Jace, and even if he is too shy to say something, Jace is more than willing to do the first move; with a kind and gentle touch, he will satisfy all Chad’s fantasies, and maybe even more.

I like that the kinkiness in the story was always light, even if Jace plays the role of the Master with his little sex slave Chad, clearly is only a game, and Jace is only another guy like Chad, only maybe with a little more sexual experience. Jace has his insecurities as well, and I think he is feeling also very lucky that a good and little morsel like Chad has fallen on his lap: Chad is unaware of how cute he is to other eyes, and his innocence is part of the appeal. But Jace is not interested in debauching the virgin and disappearing, he wants a relationship with Chad, and I think that he indead is fearing that, once Chad had his experience, he will leave for greener pastures.


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Tags: author: angelia sparrow, author: naomi brooks, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: college, theme: virgins

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