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Man Candy Day: Dominic Nel

Dear friend, here is the new set (first 3 pictures) of model Dominic that Dylan Rosser uploaded on his website (www.themaleform.net)

Dominic Nel, 26 years old, from London
Height: 1.75
Where were you born: Hong Kong
Where do you live: London
Occupation: Personal Stylist
Favourite TV shows: Married, Single, Other
Favourite music/band/artist: Death Cab for a Cutie/Dashboard Confessional
Favourite Food: Pasta
Interests/hobbies: Art, Dance
Goal in life: Perfection
How long have you been modelling: 4 Years
What you wear in bed: Nothing
Your best feature: Eyes

Other Credits: Dean Stocking, Lloyd Keys, Nick Baker, Sarah Waite, Jackie Paterson, Angela Levenson

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/dominicnel

Also, Dylan Rosser launched a new site, www.dylanrosserphotography.com, which is where you can find affordable prints or collectable limited editions of his work.
Tags: man candy
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