elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Top 100 Gay Books List: 151-160

The Haunted Hillbilly by Derek McCormack (2004)
Amazon: The Haunted Hillbilly

Daytime Drama by Dave Benbow (2003)
Amazon: Daytime Drama

The Master of Seacliff by Max Pierce (2006)
Amazon: The Master of Seacliff

Suspension by Robert Westfield (2002)
Amazon: Suspension

Hot Sauce by Scott Pomfret & Scott Whittier (2005)
Amazon: Hot Sauce

The Night We Met by Rob Byrnes (2003)
Amazon: The Night We Met

Three Day Passes by Sean Michael (2003)
Amazon: Three Day Passes

What We Do Is Secret by Kief Hillsbery (2005)
Amazon: What We Do Is Secret

Mahu by Neil S. Plakcy (2005)
Amazon: Mahu
Tags: top 100 gay novels list
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