elisa_rolle (elisa_rolle) wrote,

Top 100 Gay Books List: 141-150

Faith for Beginners by Aaron Hamburger (2005)
Amazon: Faith for Beginners

Letters to Montgomery Clift by Noel Alumit (2002)
Amazon: Letters to Montgomery Clift

A Better Place by Mark A. Roeder (2001)
Amazon: A Better Place

Talking In The Dark by Billy Merrell (2001)
Amazon: Talking In The Dark

On Fire by Drew Zachary (2006)
Amazon: On Fire

Bad Case of Loving You by Laney Cairo (2007)
Amazon: Bad Case of Loving You

Bound In Blood by David Thomas Lord (2001)
Amazon: Bound In Blood

Any Kind Of Luck by William Jack Sibley (2001)
Amazon: Any Kind Of Luck

Love & Sex by Michael Cart (2001)
Amazon: Love & Sex

No Going Home by T. A. Chase (2006)
Amazon: No Going Home
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