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Blue Skye by Viki Lyn

The story of Skye and Drew is like the one of the moth with the flame, you know that you will get hurt, but nevertheless you search your own pain, maybe since at least pain is a feeling, the proof that you have something.

Skye and Drew were bestfriend in high school: Drew liked Skye and Skye’s family since they were happy and free, something he didn’t have with his own family, and Skye liked Drew… well since he liked Drew. Skye was gay, a big word in the mouth of a teenager, but he was so sure, and thanks to the support of his family he didn’t have any issue in claiming it. And he was in love with Drew, and even if Drew was not declaring his love back, Skye, with the security that only a teenager can have, was sure that sooner or later his love would have been paid. But as a teenager he was also eager, and one night he pushed too much: he got Drew drunk and then they made love. He was so sure the morning after Drew would leave the small town with him to pursue their dream in the big city, but he was disappointed. Not only Drew didn’t leave with him, he got married and remained even more in the closet than before.

Now years later Skye is in town again and again, like a moth with a flame, he is sniffing around Drew, wanting for him to admit that he is gay, and above all that he is love with Skye. They are grown, but Skye’s security is the same. But also Drew is the same and he is firmly in the closet. I don’t know if I like both Skye and Drew for their starcrossed love or if I hate both of them for their stubborness. Skye seems unable to understand that is not pushing Drew that he will obtain his love, and Drew behaves more like a teenager, scared of his parents’ opinion, that a grown adult.

Both of them do mistakes, maybe those of Skye are a little more on the face of everyone, but sincerely Drew’s reaction is a bit exaggerated: he spent the last months “playing” with Skye, letting him glimpse happiness, to then deny him even the little comfort, and then he is pissed since the man did one big mistake? By the way, even if it’s only told by a third point of view, apparently Drew had other same sex relationships, and he was not only in love with Skye, but he was also married, so it’s not that he has a model behavior; at least Skye, with his stubborn love (no matter what people is telling him, he is in love with Drew), is more honest and true to himself.

I did like the setting, a small Cape Cod town, it was really both peaceful than a bit desperate housewife.


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