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Paul Richmond: Rainbow Cheesecake Boy

Hi everyone!! I wanted to don my gay apparel and drop by to wish you a super-happy holiday season! Of course you can't see me at the moment, but I promise the apparel is plenty gay. :)

I also wanted to unveil the official Rainbow Awards Cheesecake Boy, inspired by the amazing work Elisa does to support gay fiction authors and artists throughout the year. Ms. Rolle, you make everyday feel like Christmas and Pride all rolled into one! And what more could any of us hope for on either of those occasions than a hunky, rainbow-flag toting Cheesecake Boy in the midst of a revealing wardrobe malfunction? 

Here's the link for Rainbow Cheesecake Boy prints: http://www.etsy.com/listing/63055083/print-of-cheesecake-boy-pin-up-painting

Elisa will be using our hunky, multi-hued ambassador as a special, limited-edition greeting card for those who have assisted her with the Rainbow Awards. And even though his pants may be falling down, I know he is beaming with PRIDE to be involved with such a wonderful program. Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated and/or involved with this fantastic project -- especially, of course, Elisa, to whom we raise our flags (and drop our pants!) in gratitude! :)

This year, I am also grateful to have the opportunity to share all of my Cheesecake Boys with the masses in a brand-spanking new book "Cheesecake Boys: The Pin-Up Art of Paul Richmond." 

The book contains a foreword by actor Jesse Archer, an afterword by Jason Driskill, and an entire section of process pics - including reference photos of my gaylebrity subjects, sketches, and pics of the paintings in progress. If you'd like to stuff some stockings with pantsless hunks, you can order the book here (and preview the first 15 pages): http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1693486

We're planning a fabulous event on December 2 in Columbus to celebrate the book's release. If you're anywhere near my neck of the woods, you're invited to our Cheesecake Boy Extravaganza, which will feature a display of my original paintings, sexy fashion shows with male models, and a special performance by drag queen Nina West. Visit http://www.columbusisgreat.com for info and tickets. 

And of course I'm ecstatic to continue seeing my artwork grace the covers of your amazing novels!! I've been a busy boy this year, and let me wrap up this little post with some of the latest and greatest cover illustrations I've made for Dreamspinner Press: 


These great reads also make excellent stocking stuffers!

I can't wait to see what 2011 holds in store -- I have some really exciting projects in the works and I'm sure I'll be back here visiting my friend Elisa to tell you all about them! In the meantime, I invite you to stop by my website and pay me a visit any time: http://www.paulrichmondstudio.com.

Happy holidays!!

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