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A Prophecy of Destiny by Leiland Dale

A Prophecy of Destiny is a pretty classic shafeshifter paranormal romance, very much like the Silhouette Nocturne the author says was reading before discovering M/M romance. If you have a check list of “must have” factor, this novel will respect all of them: cute young man with a romantic heart? Checked. Strong werewolf in search of his mate? Checked. Strong mate binding between the two of them, so strong they cannot avoid to be over each other? Checked. Sexy lovemaking scene with just that touch of kinky (read the knot…) to make them a bit paranormal? Checked. That is probably the most distinctive sign of this novel, that even if it’s a paranormal story, and the events in the story are upturning Will’s life, he is in a way more interested in his love story with Eric, than the “little” detail that he is the answer to an ancient prophecy and that he has to same all the werewolves in the world, starting from Eric’s pack.

Will in a way is only a young man, not a strong and courageous man; or yes, he is stubborn, and he doesn’t like to be ordered around, but that is again part of the above check list, the chosen mate for your typical strong Alpha man is almost always a little brat, who enjoys being cherished and cuddled by his personal teddy… wolf.

Who probably is not exactly “in” the role is Eric, and that is a good novelty; he is not the Alpha of his pack, he is actually the brother of the Alpha, near enough. In any case, in comparison to Will, he is even more than an Alpha; that is, Eric, among his peers, is an average wolf, that more than once has to be saved by other wolves, but to the eyes of Will, he is the strongest ever. What probably make Eric special, and right for Will, is that he is a tender and caring man, and Will, being the precious jewel of the pack, needs a man like him. An Alpha would probably have other obligations in respect of the pack, Eric instead can devote himself to the care of Will and only him.

A Prophecy of Destiny is a nice first attempt to a paranormal romance; there is maybe something that can be improved in the writing, sometime I felt like the author was repeating to the reader unnecessary details (like in this case, a sentence says “(…) the key were still
laying on the ground” and in the next sentence a character says “The key’s laying on the ground there”), but sincerely that was not something that distracted me too much from the reading.


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