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Call Me Sir, Too by Stormy Glenn

Stormy Glenn likes to play with her spoiled brat and Daniel is another good example of this type of character. Call Me Sir Too is of course the sequel of Call Me Sir and actually it starts in a similar way: an accomplished Dom falls for a fresh and “innocent” sub and decides he will be “his” sub; but for a reason or the other, the moment when he’s claiming the boy is always delayed and a dramatic event will make it even difficult to happen. What probably I liked most of this sequel is that Daniel, for how much naïve and small, little sputtering brat is, he is the one who is deciding for his life; in any dangerous situation, or apparently dangerous, he is protecting himself, without the help of his big bad Dom.

For sure the novel is naïve, there are some point that I found difficult to believe, like when a fake police officer not only steals a police squad car, but his mistaken for one even by his supposed colleagues: now or he is really good, and from the story he is not, or the other police officers are not so clever, and again, from the story it’s not. Moreover, even if I really loved that Daniel was able to look out for himself, sometime he came out from some dangerous situation a little too easily.

But sincerely, I don’t think the author wanted to write a thriller story, I think she was more interested in making this a little emotional and a lot romantic and funny story: Dante is clearly in love with his little Daniel, so much that he is not even able to see that Daniel is not so helpless as everyone thinks. By the way, I think that neither Daniel is aware of his strength, above all since he likes to be helpless, he likes to be protected and cherished by big bad Dante. Sometime the little brats are aware of their power and they use it to top from the bottom their Dom; but I don’t think this is the case for Daniel: he is not intentionally walking around Dante, to bring him where he wants, but in the end, he is doing exactly that, and being him unaware of his own actions, makes the character even more cute.


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