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Don’t Tell by Eve Cassidy

If not for how the author decided to develop this story, Don’t Tell would have been only another nice erotica novella whose main target was good sex.

Jeff is a Marine and he abides the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy; being also very, very careful, in the 18 months he was in the new base in Florida, he has never had a lover, and now the urge is so big he really needs to find a way to relieve it. In a pub far from the base he meets Finn, a former Marine who is now making his living with music: for Jeff he is the perfect man, since Finn understands Jeff’s desire to be discreet, but maybe Jeff is not the right man for Finn, since he was forced to leave the Corps after the betrayal of his former Marine lover.

The story is short so there are many points that are hinted but not developed: why Jeff is in the Corps and so firmly in his desire to remain a Marine, despite the necessity to be in the closet; how Finn was betrayed and why he has apparently no monetary issue. What instead makes this an original story is how both men approached the affair and how the author decided to close, or momentarily end, this encounter, probably the only possible way if you consider that Jeff and Finn are nothing else than two men meeting one night and without any chance to have an immediate future together, not unless they didn’t change all their life, and sincerely, for a man you have just met, you would be a fool to do that. Both Jeff than Finn want this night, but both of them fear the other is reading too much in this encounter; but the desire is so strong that they are able to forget fears and caution.

I liked the story, it was easy and nice; my only doubts are that everything seemed a bit too easy, and something really stupid, and not really important, but I think that Finn’s friend Dave became a Jim.


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