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Frank’s Place by Terry O’Reilly

This is only a short story but really romantic, even if in a mainly way (the way that says boys don’t cry and so on). Danny is a nice young man searching for Mr Right but not against the idea to spend time with Mr Right Now in the meantime; he frequents a nice gay club, Frank’s Place, a nightclub with rooms to rent if you want to play, nice, classy and clean. When Danny goes to Frank’s he is not always searching for sex, he has also always the hope that maybe that is the right night, the night that is changing his life. But this night maybe is not the one, the only available man is at the opposite of Danny usual hook-ups and of the imagine Danny has of his Mr Right; Danny is more for an executive white collar, Al is more an hunky blue collar. But for a one-night stand he is more than perfect.

But when Danny approaches Al, the result is totally unexpected: Al is a tormented soul, he is almost afraid of his desires, if he wasn’t so good in bed someone could think he is a virgin to man on man sex. With a lot of patience and a little of persuasion, Danny manages to bring Al in one of the upstair rooms, and the following encounter is good for both of them. Al is as caring and gentle in bed as he was sitting and chatting, he makes Danny feeling good, and even if it’s only for one night, loved. The morning after Danny is unable to forget Al, but apparently also Al is unable to forget something or someone, that is preventing him to have a long-term relationship.

This is a seasonal romance, even if the author didn’t push to much on this point: maybe Al’s loneliness was more acute due to the approaching festivities, maybe Danny himself was more open to possibilities; but even if the ace was not played, in any case there is a bit of seasonal magic in the story, and it was a nice contrast with the type of story. Frank, the owner of the gay club, is a really nice character, a man who owns a cruising bar, with adjoning rooms by the hour, but who is basically playing the role of the fairy matchmaker.


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