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Seeking Kokopelli by Shelley Munro

This was a particular novel that played with many themes without pushing too much any of them. First of all there is the contraposition between contemporary and paranormal romance: the story of recent widower Nate who falls in love for the young and hot musician he works for is a good hint for a contemporary romance, but the Adam is not exactly who appears at first; he descends from a long generation of Kokopelli men, basically semi-gods of fertility.

Then there is the little hint of gay for you theme, that was not quite fully developed; Nate was happily married with a woman, Rosa, but she died an year before of cancer; Nate still misses and mourns her, but he is also a man with his urges and he is deeply attracted by Adam. He admits to himself that, even if he was really in love with Rosa, it’s not the first time he is attracted by a man, only that, while he was with Rosa he didn’t need to search outside his marriage. But now that Rosa is gone, his body is ready to play again, even if his heart and mind are still a little scared. To Nate basically sex and love have no gender, you can love who your body, heart and mind make you love.

There is then the character of Adam’s brother, the villain of the story, the one who desperately wanted the Kokopelli’s power; from the beginning he is a bad guy without the core to be one; he commits a bad action and he feels guilty, even if most of the time they seemed crocodile’s tears. I’m not sure he fully played his role of villain, he didn’t seem so dangerous, and I felt like the author changed his mind with him and stopped his action in the momentum.

I think the author chose to not highlight too much the paranormal element of the story and so in the end, this is mostly a nice romance between two unlikely lovers; the scenes between Adam and Nate sharing an hot tube, or a bed, or flipping the coin to decide who is the man in the couple are what I liked the most. Nate suddenly changing of attitude, from reticent to attentive lover is understandable and good, and Adam was always true to their relationship and did everything in his power to lure Nate. The story worked just like that, the paranormal touch was something almost funny (the sprouting of the plants around Adam), not essential to the main plot, and indead the end was a closure for the love story between Adam and Nate, but the Kokopelli saga is still hanging: maybe the author was thinking to a sequel?


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