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Cookies by Sarah Black

This is one of the best novella I have ever read, seriously, before anything else, click on the link at the bottom of the page and go and buy it, trust me, you will not be disappointed. It’s funny, sexy, naughty but with a serious undertone that makes everything just perfect.

Kenny Lee and Julio were at cooking school together, but admitedly, Julio was the better of the two; there is a bit of competition between the two of them, but sincerely Julio is too good a guy for Kenny Lee to be angry with him. Julio is tender, caring and a good friend and sometime lover, it’s impossible for Kenny Lee to not fall in love with him, above all since Julio is not even aware of all of that. Kenny Lee on the other hand has a self-esteem issue, he thinks he didn’t match his parents expectation, he is not the best in his field, the best is Julio, and he is not even able to hate him for that. When Julio admits he is depressed and under drugs therapy, the first selfish impulse of Kenny Lee is to be glad, at least Julio has a crack on his shining armour, but then Kenny Lee realizes that Julio is not only a buddy-friend, he is the love of his life and he has to do something to help him: suddenly it’s not more important to excel on Julio, but the purpose of his life will be to dissipate the shadows in Julio’s beautiful eyes.

By the way this novella it’s not only a joy for the heart and the mind but also for all the five senses: the little fights between Julio and Kenny Lee to find the right mix of ingredients for the perfect recipe, their eat, love and sex philosophy, and their ability to recognize their true feelings and what is important in life all of that make this novella a precious little jewel.


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Tags: author: sarah black, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: friends benefits

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