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Rainbow Awards: Current Submissions 201 to 210

201. Charlie Cochrane - Lessons in Trust (Samhain Publishing)
Gay, Historical

He thought he knew who he was. Now he’s a stranger to himself. Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 7. When Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith witness the suspicious death of a young man at the White City exhibition in London, they’re keen to investigate—especially after the cause of death proves to be murder. But police Inspector Redknapp refuses to let them help, even after they stumble onto clues to the dead man’s identity. Orlando’s own identity becomes the subject for speculation when, while mourning the death of his beloved grandmother, he learns that she kept secrets about her past. Desperate to discover the truth about his family, Orlando departs suddenly on a solo quest to track down his roots, leaving Jonty distraught. While Jonty frantically tries to locate his lover, Orlando wonders if he’ll be able to find his real family before he goes mad. After uncovering more leads to the White City case, they must decide whether to risk further involvement. Because if either of them dares try to solve the murder, Inspector Redknapp could expose their illicit—and illegal—love affair.

202. Becca Abbott - Cethe (SL Publishing Group)
Gay, Fantasy

Human-like, but not human, the nara ruled Tanyrin for centuries.  The most feared among them were their naragi, sorcerers whose power was all but invincible.  Not until the coming of Arami Lothlain, King of Tanyrin and Blessed of Loth, did the rein of the nara come to a bloody end.   For four hundred years afterwards, the land was at peace. Stefn Eldering was the youngest son of the Earl of Shia, the last in a long, proud line of demon hunters.  He was also a sin-catcher, living proof of God's displeasure, the shame of his existence atonement for the sins of his ancestors.  Michael Arranz was the son of a duke and one of the despised h'naran, half-bloods cursed with the blood of the nara running through their veins.  Of all the h'nara, his family alone was immune from the persecution of the powerful Church of Loth, protected by an ancient covenant. In ordinary times, the paths of Michael and Stefn would never have crossed. Alas, times were no longer ordinary.  The latest of the Lothlain kings was a weakling, unable to curb the ambitions of an increasingly powerful, corrupt clergy.  Famine stalked the land.  Fear of the h'nara, fanned by the Church, spread tentacles everywhere. Tanyrin teetered on the edge of chaos. A loyal and devoted friend to Tanyrin's crown prince, Michael could refuse Severyn Lothlain nothing, not even when Severyn asked the unspeakable of him.   Determined to wrest the throne from his brother, Severyn intended nothing less than the resurrection of the ancient naragi.  Michael, whose naran blood was the purest in Tanyrin, was the logical choice.  But for Michael become what mankind feared most, he needed a conduit through which to take the powerful, dangerous magic of the Dark Stream.  He needed a man who carried the ancient blood of the cethera. He needed Stefn Eldering.

203. Derekica Snake - Cake (SL Publishing Group)
Gay, Paranormal / Horror

To be loved by a vampire… I've been called many names in my day.  Most of them weren't flattering but they were true.  I was a right unholy bastard.  Eighteen months ago, I was a fat, nasty, legally blind, computer programmer who decided to try his chubby hand at industrial espionage.  I wasn't good at it.  I caught the attention of a Vampire Assassin, Marcus. He was just supposed to kill me; but he wanted me instead.  I became his toy for a year.  During which time he reshaped my body; fixed my vision and broke me psychologically into three pieces.  On the anniversary of my kidnapping, he gave me the choice to become an equal or remain a toy.  Little did we know that he would never be my equal. It turns out that I was the last of the lost Blue Bloodline of the Royal House.  A genetic hybrid hidden within the human race -- Xavier Von Drachenfeld, Lord Emperor of the Vampire Nation. Then we start to find out why there are no Blue bloods left in the Vampire world.

204. Adam Fitzroy - Dear Mister President (Manifold Press)
Gay, Contemporary Romance

When USAF Colonel Chad Ryan accepts a new job on the White House staff he is soon making friends with the First Family - and with charismatic and troubled President Douglas Ford Kearney himself.  They have scarcely begun to explore their feelings for one another, however, when it becomes apparent that their relationship is under threat from enemies both within and without.  As world events look certain to drive them apart, can Chad and Doug find a way of holding on to their happiness - and can there be any chance of a future for them together?

205. Chris Quinton - Aloes (Manifold Press)
Gay, Contemporary Romance

A fluke accident puts Perry in a coma.  When he awakes, his scrambled synapses have given him a talent; he can tell truth from lies simply by their flavour.  This, plus the new client who is far too attractive for Perry's peace of mind, the client's contentious family and the dilapidated old mansion Perry has to restore for him - not to mention anonymous threats which escalate to attempted murder - all ensure that Perry's life will never be the same again!

206. Erik Orrantia - Normal Miguel (Bristlecone Pine Press)
Gay, Contemporary Romance

Miguel Hernandez is a teacher who has left Mexico City to complete a one year student internship in the rural hills of Puebla. He came to the school intending to focus on his teaching and his students but quickly learns that it is impossible to keep his private and professional lives separate-particularly as his experience turns into a voyage of self-discovery. His students, the Directora of the school, the baker, and other people from the town all contribute to his growing awareness. But most important is Ruben, the owner of the candy store who progresses from merchant to friend to lover. He will be the man who has the most effect on Miguel-and who, in turn, is transformed by the impact of Miguel on his own life. This is a lyrical story that brings to life the countryside of rural Mexico, with its grinding poverty but care of the people for their native land; expressing prejudice and hate but at the same time affirming the power of love and acceptance in overcoming obstacles. As a slice of life in the year of Miguel, Normal Miguel will certainly capture the hearts and imaginations of those who join him on his journey in the pages of the book.

207. Jeffrey Essmann - Life on the List (Fanny Press)
Gay, Erotica Contemporary

Jeffrey Essmann was a fixture on the New York downtown performance scene in the 80s and early 90s. His one-man show “Artificial Reality” was nominated for a Drama Desk Award, and he was featured in the video, “New Wave Comedy.” His cult hit “Triplets in Uniform” at La MaMa marked his transition to playwriting. In the early 90s Essmann left New York for Chicago, where he became a featured performer in a performance series at Steppenwolf and a regular contributor to the Chicago NPR affiliate. In 2005 he returned to New York, where his short piece “Johannes, Pyotr & Marge” was produced at the Humana Festival. His one-man show “Skin Deep” was commissioned for the 2006 HOT! Festival. “Skin Deep,” along with “The Usual Freak Show” at La MaMa a year later, marked his successful return to the New York theatre scene. He is currently working on a new play, The Indifferent Narrator. Life on the List is his first book.

208. Marcy Harris - Like that Spark (Circlet Press)
Lesbian, Fantasy

Like That Spark is a collection of short stories that explore the sensuality and eroticism of the moment when two characters finally realize they are meant to be together. These are tales of relationships and the beginnings of romantic and sexual connections. The stories here will challenge you and your notions of what constitutes a relationship in the first place. You will not find the common tame romance tale here. Here erotic connections are represented by the science fiction and fantasy worlds; a realm of infinite possibilities. Nothing is ever as it seems. There are mythical kingdoms, distant planets, futuristic cities, surreal dreamscapes, sultry bedchambers, and even the furthest reaches of space to tempt and entice you.

Table of Contents:
Clear Sight in the Double Full Moon Night by Shawn Erin
A Balefire Chronicles Short Story: Poisonous Passions by Cynthia Gael
A Last Goodbye by Roxanne Rhoads
ToyGirls of the Personal Genome by Giselle Renarde
The Shock of the New by D Mark Alderton
Navigator by Kathleen Tudor
Passive Resistance by Josephine Myles

209. Jane Elliot - End of Trail (Manifold Press)
Gay, Historical

Will Connors is struggling to hold together a failing farm; his wife has died, his son has gone, he's not without enemies and he's dealing with the after-effects of a debilitating accident.  It's a life of toil which doesn't allow for very much pleasure, and he's in danger of becoming embittered until a chance acquaintance wanders back into his life and everything begins to change.  The problem, however, is that John Anderson has a price on his head - and, very soon, Will and John find themselves desperately concealing more than one dangerous secret.

210. Chris Quinton - Sea Change (Manifold Press)
Gay, Contemporary Romance

Injured on duty and no longer fit for active service, soon-to-be-ex-Coast Guard Bran Kaulana is drifting, filling his days helping out at the Wai Ola Rescue Center, one of Honolulu's wildlife charities. He's working with the new veterinary, Steve, a man drawn to O'ahu by his fascination with dolphins.  As their friendship slowly deepens into love, the two men are caught up in the mystery of injured seals and dolphins, a ruthless gang of smugglers and a not-so-dormant undersea lava vent.

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