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Rainbow Awards: Current Submissions 211 to 220

211. Isabella - Always Faithful (Sapphire Books)
Lesbian, Contemporary

Major Nichol "Nic" Caldwell is the only survivor of her helicopter crash in Iraq. She is left alone to wonder why she and she alone. Survivor's guilt has nothing on the young Major as she is forced to deal with the scars, both physical and mental, left from her ordeal overseas. Before the accident, she couldn't think of doing anything else in her life. In fact, she even had sacrificed love for service, but now she questions the very ideals she once believed in. Was it worth it? Sent Stateside to recover, she finds herself at the Marine Corps base in California where her new job is to inform families of a loved one's death. One of the "informs" will change her life forever. Claire Monroe is your average military wife, with a loving husband and a little girl. She is used to the time apart from her husband. In fact, it was one of the reasons she married him. Then, one day, her life is turned upside down when she gets a visit from the Marine Corps. She finds herself losing a husband but awakening a long-gone side of herself she never thought she would see again. Is she being disrespectful to the memory of her recently dead husband or is she finally being true to who she really is? Can these two women come to terms with the past and finally find happiness, or will their shared sense of honor keep them apart?

212. Kris Jacen - I Do 2 (MLR Press)
Gay, Contemporary Romance

Love is at the heart of all we want for ourselves so why shouldn't any human being be able to say I Do to a life of commitment and sharing with that special person? We hope that marriage will soon be a dream that everyone can share. That's why some of the leading authors of GLBT fiction have donated their talent -- and their heart warming, thought provoking, life affirming stories -- to this anthology, in aid of Lambda Legal Fund's fight for marriage equality.

Ruth Sims; Alex Beecroft; Lee Rowan; Gillian Palmer; Brian Holliday; Rob Rosen; Sophia Deri-Bowen; Nigel Puerasch; Rick R. Reed; Nexis Pas; Michael Gouda; "Nathan Burgoine, Jamie Freeman, Bruin Fisher, D.C. Juris, James Buchanan, L-J Baker, Charlie Cochrane, Neil S. Plakcy, Julia Rios, J.L. Merrow, Lenore Black

All profits from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the Lambda Legal Defense to fight Prop 8 in support of marriage equality for all.

213. Alex Mykals - Nigredo (P.D. Publishing)
Lesbian, Fantasy

Following the unsuccessful invasion of the Realm of Atlantis by mercenaries, the Heir to the Throne, Princess Evelynne deMolay, and her Consort, Lady Dame Alleandre Tretiak, flee to America in an attempt to hide in the last place their still-unknown enemies might look. While hiding in a small town in Pennsylvania, they discover new friendships, but also new dangers which are no less damaging for being mundane. Meanwhile, back in the Realm, the search for the masterminds behind the Invasion comes to the frightening suggestion that the persons in charge must be very highly placed within Atlantean society.

214. C.L. Hart - From a Distance (P.D. Publishing)
Lesbian, Mystery / Thriller

Kenzie is an assassin for the US Government, and she is sent to kill a young student, Cori, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Questioning her orders, she kidnaps Cori instead, and they take off on the run together. They are soon pursued all the way up the coast to Seattle, where they try to find the answers to who wants Cori dead and why.

215. Geonn Cannon - Tilting at Windmills (P.D. Publishing)
Lesbian, Contemporary

Claire Lance is on the run. For the past year, she has kept on the move, keeping her head down, keeping out of trouble. Until she reaches a tiny town in Texas and trouble finally corners her. Forced to take action to save another woman’s life, she suddenly finds herself over her head. Blood on her hands, forced to go on the run with the woman she was protecting or end up in prison, Lance finds herself forced to revisit the life she thought she had left behind and reopen painful old wounds.

216. Kim Pritikel - 1049 Club (P.D. Publishing)
Lesbian, Contemporary

Flight 1049 from New York to Milan, Italy goes down, killing all but nine passengers. Three are rescued the next day, the other six, who will become the Island Six, must survive an island, the elements, and each other, for more than a year. Their families back home must reconcile their lives, now void of husband, father, mother, wife and friend. After a heartwarming rescue, the Island Six have to find their places in their old lives once more.

217. Lara Zielinsky - Turn for Home (P.D. Publishing)
Lesbian, Contemporary

At last, the sequel to the best selling Turning Point is here! Falling in love wasn’t easy. Staying together may be impossible. With her divorce proceeding, Brenna Lanigan is upset by her sons’ cold shoulders and opposition to her intimate relationship with Cassidy Hyland. Cassidy’s son Ryan eagerly accepts their relationship, which makes Thomas and James’ lack of support even more upsetting. When the women return from holiday hiatus to Time Trails, they sneak precious moments of intimacy in shadows and trailers. With many of the cast and crew showing support, Cassidy and Brenna try to date in hopes of being seen simply as friends. The paparazzi give chase, however, very interested in the attitude change from cold shoulder to coziness between them. When their romance is suspected, the “lesbian” label sets off Mitch Hyland, Cassidy’s ex-husband, who plans to remove his son from being raised by a lesbian – By force if necessary.

218. Lynn Kear - Murder in a Buckhead Garden (P.D. Publishing)
Lesbian, Mystery / Thriller

Nicole Westlake, a high-end gardener in Atlanta, is witness to a client’s murder. Jedidiah Thigpen III is shot to death in his garden by a mysterious, veiled woman. Nicole, the murder's only witness, is intimately drawn into the Thigpen world and becomes dangerously involved when Stephanie Grace, a detective working the case, informs Nicole that the police received a call the day of the murder implicating Nicole and Abbie, his estranged wife. Nicole, her partner Nora, and Stephanie soon realize that there is more to Mr. Thigpen than meets the eye as they try to solve the mystery...

219. Moondancer Drake - Natural Order (P.D. Publishing)
Lesbian, Paranormal / Horror

An evening at the movies turns into a living nightmare for Elizabeth Crew as her lover Dusty battles for their lives and the unborn baby Elizabeth is carrying. Dusty’s dying request is that Elizabeth go live with Dusty’s family, where she and the baby will be safe. Dusty’s family takes Elizabeth into their home with open arms and a bit of concern. What will happen if Elizabeth learns that her new family includes shape-shifters? For Elizabeth, the family secrets are not all that awaits her in the darkness...

220. Nene Adams - Curse of the Jade Dragon (P.D. Publishing)
Lesbian, Historical

December 1889 - While attending a performance by a famous Chinese magician, Lady Evangeline St. Claire and her partner, Rhiannon Moore, can only watch in horror as Wu Wang’s bullet-catch illusion goes terribly wrong, resulting in his very public death in front of hundreds of witnesses. However, an investigation raises more questions than answers, prompting Evangeline and Rhiannon to enter the sometimes dangerous world of the variety theatre. Here they find performers and promoters who may be involved in the Great Game of international espionage, and they themselves are recruited by Her Majesty’s government to uncover the truth. As the women seek to unravel the mysteries behind the magician, they find the backstage can be fatal to those pit themselves against...THE CURSE OF THE JADE DRAGON.

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