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Rainbow Awards: Best Lesbian Contemporary

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1) Kim Pritikel - 1049 Club (P.D. Publishing)

Beautifully written. The characters and setting coming to life on the page. Well done! Kim gets top score! --Julie

I must say, up front, that I absolutely loved this book. This was easily the best overall piece of fiction out of all the books I've read. --Heathyr

Flight 1049 from New York to Milan, Italy goes down, killing all but nine passengers. Three are rescued the next day, the other six, who will become the Island Six, must survive an island, the elements, and each other, for more than a year. Their families back home must reconcile their lives, now void of husband, father, mother, wife and friend. After a heartwarming rescue, the Island Six have to find their places in their old lives once more.

2) V.K. Powell - Fever (Bold Strokes Books)

My interest was caught from the first sentence-the author has a strong, immediate style and has created a powerful, fascinating character with Zak, a secret agent/spy sent to act as bodyguard to a `do-gooder´ in Africa. A really great read with a taut thriller aspect to it that I very much enjoyed. --Kate C

The author paints the African landscape and culture beautifully and the writing is a pleasure to read. My one complaint, I couldn't tie in the title of the book. --Julie

Gets better and better with each book. Can really see VK's growth as an author. --Tammy

Hired gun Zak Chambers expects to provide a simple escort service to philanthropist Sara Ambrosini, but nothing is as simple as it seems, especially love. Zak Chambers is a disillusioned hired gun who longs for a connection with life beyond her sat-phone and assignments she can’t share with anyone. Her boss lines up a cushy escort job to Africa to give her time to refocus. But the country she loved as a child holds memories she isn’t ready to face. Adding to her ambivalence about returning is the immensely attractive Sara Ambrosini, head of Ambrosini Philanthropic, who sees everything through the rose-colored glasses of wealth and privilege. Zak’s task is to provide security for Sara until they reach the future site of her primary school for tribal children in the bush country. But Zak soon discovers that Sara’s stubbornness and independence aren’t the only obstacles to the success of her assignment.

3) Geonn Cannon - Tilting at Windmills (P.D. Publishing)

Very solid story. --Julie

I liked this book a lot. It was intense and kept me wanting to read more when I should have been putting it down. However, I found that there was a shift in the main characters. This made me feel like I was left hanging at the end. I felt like the actual main characters life was unresolved and I wanted to see her life develop in a more positive way. --Mitzie

Claire Lance is on the run. For the past year, she has kept on the move, keeping her head down, keeping out of trouble. Until she reaches a tiny town in Texas and trouble finally corners her. Forced to take action to save another woman’s life, she suddenly finds herself over her head. Blood on her hands, forced to go on the run with the woman she was protecting or end up in prison, Lance finds herself forced to revisit the life she thought she had left behind and reopen painful old wounds.

Honorable Mention:

4-tie) Lara Zielinsky -
Turn for Home (P.D. Publishing)
Lisa Girolami -
The Pleasure Set (Bold Strokes Books
Radclyffe -
Trauma Alert (Bold Strokes Books)
7) Glenda Poulter -
Welcome Home (P.D. Publishing)
8) P.J. Trebelhorn -
From This Moment On (Bold Strokes Books)
9) Isabella -
Always Faithful (Sapphire Books)
10) Larkin Rose -
Vapor (Bold Strokes Books)

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