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Rainbow Awards: Best Lesbian Mystery / Thriller

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1) Ronica Black - The Seeker (Bold Strokes Books)

Wow. What a fantastic read. I was swept away from the first page. There´s taut thriller sequences mixed with heart-wrenching emotions set against a fabulous, slow-building romance. Incredible detail made this story seem so real. It asks important questions about the price of fame and the sacrifices ordinary people make when they get involved with famous partners. The different twists and turns in the case made me read the book in one sitting, and the unmasking of the would-be killer had me absolutely riveted. --Kate C.

FBI profiler Kennedy Scott battles ghosts from her past, deadly obsession, and the evil that haunts her. The Seeker. Famed Hollywood actress Veronica Ryan arrives at a red carpet event with her wife Shawn. They are the world's most famous gay couple—beautiful, wealthy, and by all appearances, the happiest couple in the world. But things aren't always as they appear. And someone is out to dampen the parade. A shot rings out and Veronica finds herself tackled to the ground by security, her wife lying next to her in a pool of blood. Kennedy Scott used to be the best behavioral profiler the FBI had, but she is haunted by a string of child murders no one can solve. A single quote—Seek and ye shall find—was all she had to go on. The case has eaten her alive, and after her own family is threatened by an armed intruder, Kennedy retreats to be with them. But one phone call brings her back into the game. Veronica Ryan needs her help and the path may lead to the one who haunts her. The Seeker.

2) Radclyffe - Returning Tides (Bold Strokes Books)

This was a fascinating book to read. The build up to the point of the crimes kept me on the edge of my seat with anticipation! I didn't want to put my IPod down! Great insight into the mind of psychopath. --Mitzie

A devastating hurricane brings insurance investigator Ashley Walker back to Provincetown, the last place she wants to be. Not only must she deal with the dangerous consequences of the natural disaster, she has to fight her soul-shattering need for the woman she left behind. While Reese Conlon and Tory King deal with the challenges of a community in turmoil, a new threat emerges that proves to be even more deadly than the ravaging storm. A silent killer stalks the night, drawing ever closer to the one woman he believes to be his. Soon, no woman is safe, including Tory. The sixth in the Lambda Literary Award-winning Provincetown Tales.

3) J.M. Redmann - Death of a Dying Man (Bold Strokes Books)

I read J.M. Redmann’s Death by the Riverside several years ago and was excited to read this new book. Lots of characters to develop over a wide area and in great turmoil. --Debra

This is an outstanding mystery with vibrant characters that jump off the page. --Jessica

New Orleans PI Micky Knight just had to get into a butch pissing contest with the journalist partner of a famous doctor working with her lover, Cordelia James. Micky’s insistence that the skills of a reporter are of no use to a PI backfires, and now she’s stuck with a drop-dead gorgeous assistant and the case of a dying gay man looking for a child he might have fathered. These chains of events—and an act of nature—will tear Micky’s life apart in ways that may never be put back together. Fifth in the Lambda Award-winning Micky Knight mystery series.

Honorable Mention:

4) Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou -
Missing Lynx (Bold Strokes Books)
5) Anne Laughlin -
Veritas (Bold Strokes Books)

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