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Roman Rebel, Vampire’s Lair, by A.J. Ryan

With this third episode in the Vampire’s Lair I finally understood there is a connection between these novells; problem was that episode 1 was almost an horror set in US, between Chigaco and New Orleans, the 2 more a boutade set in Cairo, Egypt, and aside for being about vampire, I didn’t find any other connection. When this third episode started, again I was perplexed: the love story between a Roman gladiator Tyberius and his lover Mateus had nothing in common with the previous two. Both Tyberius and Mateus are slaves and as such they have no right to love each other; Tyberius wants to find a way to escape slavery and take Mateus with him, and nothing will stop him. As romantic lover, Tyberius and Mateus swear to each other that if they will not manage to be together, they will die together.

Despite the previous episodes and the eyecatching cover, Roman Rebel is more complex than it appears. It’s more an epic story than a romance, and it’s probably the ignition point for a longer work: all the previous episodes were like appetizers to let the reader taste what the series will be. No one of them was the real thing, but more like those trailers were the main characters are introduced to the spectator and as such they give an insight on the past of all the characters but nothing on what will be their future. Now the presentation is done and the game can start: it will be interesting to see where A.J. Ryan (the e-book pseudo for in print author Geoffrey Knight) will lead the reader.


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Series: Vampire's Lair
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2) Cairo Catwalk: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/1062132.html
3) Roman Rebel

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