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Driftwood by Harper Fox

Harper Fox is a new name in the M/M romance field, but I think she is heading towards a bigger playfield, limiting her stories to the “romance” genre is probably doing her a bad thing. True, and don’t worry romance readers, there is a love story, and more traditional than what the blurb could let you imagine, but there is also a psychological work around the main characters that is deeper than most romance novel.

Both Tom than Flynn are scarred and fallen hero: Tom is mourning the loss of David that basically was not even his lover; David was the one in love and Tom was the one running away from the feeling; on the same squad in Afghanistan, for the fourth shift, Tom finally surrendered to David’s courtship, only to let him go and die the morning after. Talking about lost chances, how many months, years they could have if only Tom had more courage?

Flynn instead is an abusive and double binding relationship with Rob: on the same army helicopter, Flynn as a pilot and Rob as his second, they are the only survivors of a crash; Rob is the one who defended and supported Flynn through all of it, the crash, the recovery, the investigation and the change in his life. And now Flynn is not able to get free of this relationship that probably is eating him alive. Flynn is in a suicidal mood, but I’m not sure if the suicide is a way to forget what happened or the easiest way to get free of Rob.

Sincerely Tom and Flynn should probably stay away from each other, they are not in the emotional condition to support each other, but in a moment when everyone wants to help them, they apparently only want the company of who cannot help them. I also want to reassure the readers, since I had the same concern, this is not a menages a trois.

The setting was carefully chosen to match the mood of both characters. Cornwall is not exactly a lost place, easily reachable from London in few hours, in any case it preserves a primitive mood that agrees with the story. The wind, the rain but sometime also the sudden burst of the sun is exactly what the characters are feeling, a mourning and empty shell that seems impossible to warm but then the sun does the unthinkable. So is the watch tower where Tom is living, so hard to heat, so difficult to reach, it is also a safe place where both men feel safe and comfortable; it will be the place for them where to rebuild their defense and it will play an important role in the story, right until the end.


Amazon: Driftwood
Amazon Kindle: Driftwood
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (July 5, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 160928173X
ISBN-13: 978-1609281731

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Tags: author: harper fox, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: medical, theme: military

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