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All Man by G.A. Hauser

I noticed that in her last works G.A. Hauser has tuned down a bit her bad heroes, making them probably less extreem, while in any case preserving that tad bit of selfishness that makes them unique.

Enter Chase, physical therapist from New York City who decided to move in farm country to try to save his practice. He is working now for the Army, as PT in a base in a small town in Ohio; from the bustle-hastle of New York City with all the “gay” opportunities to be “forced” again in the closet due to the small town mentality is a big step. Chase is really rethinking his decision, more out of frustration than anything else. Plus is not that Chase is willing to be less picky, as he himseld says, he not only wants a gay man, he wants him also handsome and fit (and here the G.A. Hauser’s trademark makes its appearance).

Gary is a Staff Sergeant in the same base where Chase works, but they meet out of it, in the park while Chase is jogging and Gary is playing with the only 8 other gay guys in the city. He is the first to spot Chase and so he is also the first to have the chance to make a move on him. Of course being both Chase than Gary, handsome, free and horny, it’s a match made in heaven.

I like Chase’s attitude towards Gary; Gary has to remain in the closet, with him being a soldier and just to be sent in Iraq, he cannot allow himself the freedom to be out. Chase doesn’t like it, but it’s not his decision to make. Chase and Gary’s relationship hits off from the first moment and they seems to have found a perfect balance; it’s not only a comfortable situation, even if it’s not that there are so many choices around. Looking more or less for a way to get off in a safe way, they have instead found love and the Mr. Right in each other.

Their main obstacle to happiness is not Gary’s need to stay in the closet, but the fact that he will be soon in Iraq; that is when Chase gets emotional, but not so much to make abrupt decision, like dumping Gary or something similar: like any good partner of a soldier, Chase makes clear to Gary that he loves him and that he will be missed, but he makes also clear that he will be there waiting for him, giving to Gary the needed stability of knowing that he has someone to come back to.

As often in a G.A. Hauser’s novel, there is a net that links more books together: Gary’s brother is Lyle Wilson from Secrets and Misdemeanors, Chase’s previous crush is Brock Hart from The Vampire and the Man-Eater, Chase's friend is Tyler from The Wedding Planner, Gary and Chase’s friends are Sam and Devlin from Leather Boys.


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1) Secrets and Misdemeanors: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/180102.html
2) The Vampire and the Man-Eater: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/401075.html
3) The Wedding Planner: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/934254.html
4) Leather Boys: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/388205.html
5) All Man

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