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Trey #3 by Bryl R. Tyne

Drew is in love with Trey but has an affair with Travon. Trey thinks to be in love with Drew but is unable to renounce to his f**k buddy Travon. Travon likes then both. And by the way, they don’t know they are having a menages a trois, since Drew doesn’t know about Trey and Travon, Trey doesn’t know about Drew and Travon, and Travon doesn’t know about Trey and Drew.

Coincidences want that Trey is also working on a pawnshop and since he is not exactly proud of his job he hasn’t told anything to Drew. Plus even if it’s months that they have an on/off relationship, and Trey is almost expecting for Drew to ask him to move in, he doesn’t know what Drew’s job is, but it has to be something good since the guy has plenty of money; telling him his wanna-be boyfriend is clerk in a pawnshop? No way.

So when Drew enters the shop one night they are both in for a surprise: Drew finds out about Trey, but above all Trey finds out about Drew being a thief; but the news doesn’t both Trey so much as finding out that Drew is having an on-site relationship with Travon, that is by the way the second man entering the pawnshop that night, armed and ready to robbing Trey naked.

They start an almost all in one night adventure, running away from the cops but also from their same accomplices who apparently don’t like that Travon is more interested in saving his relationship with Trey than in making money. And from my perspective Trey tags along, first since he didn’t like that Drew and Travon were having a relationship, they were both “his” and at least they should have asked his opinion, and second because a life in the run with Drew and Travon is more interesting that being an accountant for a pawnshop (the legality of his choice apparently is not something to balance the decision).

These are unlikely outlaws, and also a little lost; more than organized criminals, they are small thieves, and the game of this read is to see if they will manage to escape justice while bitchering among the three to decide who is with whom and if they can be all together.


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Tags: author: bryl tyne, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: menage, theme: multicultural

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