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Taurus: All That You Do by Jamie Craig

All That You Do is a very nice “virgin” romance, above all since the virgin is not so shy and clueless as he seems at first.

Gage is new in town, he comes from Salt Lake City and away from a Mormon mission; being gay was not exactly easy there, and in any case his passion for rock and country music was a push more to go away. 22 years old and still virgin when he arrives in Los Angeles he is more lonely than ever, and he thinks that casual sex can help him in chasing away loneliness. He goes in a gay leather club, but everything, and everyone is too much for him, until he doesn’t see Christopher.

Not a leather club guy, Christopher is there to help a friend, and he is exactly what Gage is searching: a slightly older, 31 years old, and with a safe aurea around him, he is exactly the type Gage feels safe to cruise. Only that Christopher is a good guy all around, and when he finds out that Gage has no experience at all, instead of taking advantage of him, he decides to play the role of a good friend. Christopher’s attitude is also a consequence of a bad experience he himself had when he was too young to decide, and I think his idea was to give Gage a chance to have a look around, while being always near and ready to help him, and when it was time, to be the one to escort him in his next adventure.

This is the point where I sincerely didn’t like so much Gage; he is a nice and friendly guy, honest and naïve, and all in all I like him, but he also proved to be very young. When Christopher refused to have sex with him that first night, he didn’t exactly rejected him; he gave Gage all the contacts he needed as a new guy in town, he was there for him as soon as he called him, he was supporting and caring. And Gage? First chance he had to be with another guy he took that without thinking twice. All right, Gage is young and probably horny, but I think he should have given more credits to Christopher and wait a bit for him. The wait was worth the prize.

In any case, Christopher again proves to be a good guy, and he doesn’t weight on Gage his mistake; true, he is hurt, but he is also able to understand that Gage is sincere in his actions, and that basically he is only too young and inexperienced. Christopher’s attitude is probably the only reason why this romance has an happily ever after.


Amazon: (Boys Of The Zodiac) Taurus: All That You Do

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