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Oracle by R.J. Scott

Oracle is a good adventure romance; both side of the story, adventure and romance, are well balanced, and so I think this is a book that can appeal a wider target. Plus, even if there is a main romance in center stage, the supporting characters have some romance of their own, and so, the romantic reader is plenty satisfied. Maybe my only concern is that the author introduces us to some characters that will have not an happily ever after, and that is a shame, since they are nice characters, and I liked them.

When the story starts, Alex, our hero, is in a nice and comfortable relationship with Edward. Edward is the perfect prince charming, and he is also an aristocrat, a modern time viscount, with the money and the look to play the part. Edward knows that Alex doesn’t love him, at least not with the same intensity Edward loves Alex, but that is fine with him: like many other before him, Edward has self-appointed him as Alex’s guardian and protector, and if this role means for him to be there at night to chase away Alex’s nightmare, even with sex, he is fine with that. Edward knows that Alex is not for him, that he has only borrowed him for a little while.

Alex and Edward are modern Bonny & Clyde, but they steal only from who will not be damaged by their theft; they work on commission, stealing ancient artifacts for people with enough money to allow them to live in comfort. Even if without art or role, they live in a social status that is above the average. Not only Edward, that with his aristocratic origins should be allowed to, also Alex, an American in English territory, comes from money. He is damaged, in body and soul, but he has the physic du role, and the aurea around him, that distinguish him as someone important, or at least with an important role in his future.

Luke is another piece of the puzzle; an History professor specialized in ancient languages, he is enlisted to unveal an ancient secret. The quest is to find the Oracle of Delphi, an no one knows if it’s a place, an object or a man. The clues Luke needs for his enigma are tattooed on Alex’s skin, and it’s destiny for them to meet and be together.

At first their relationship is not sexual; not only Alex is faithful to Edward, he is also unable to let people touch him, but there will be a sign for both of them that their connection is unavoidable. Despite Alex’s guilty, he feels as he is betraying Edward, there is nothing he can do, Luke is his destiny.

As I said the romance plot is well balanced with the adventurous side of the story, and so there is no guarantee that the happily ever after is there for them to enjoy; but don’t worry, in the end, the romance will win, for all the important couples in the story.


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Cover Art by Reese Dante
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